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    Please consider adding some logic regarding the wpautop filter, so we can use plugins like showbizpro in the layout editor. Here is the reference issue for more info, (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -advance-editor. I have other premium plugins that I assume will have the same issue. Thanks!


    Any chance of adding a *closeable* notification/alert box type?

    I’ve seen quite a few themes recently where a notification box can have a little ‘X’ or button to close it once the notification has been read. It would be great to see this in Enfold without needing an extra plugin.


    Hi guys, in the next update could you make it so the images in sections can align flush to bottom? I had a support request on this which worked for one site and I tried the same on another site and it’s continuing to add padding under images in mobile devices.

    When you select “no padding” in the section settings it automatically adds about 30px below images. When you view on mobile devices it adds about 20 px to top and bottom of section even if no padding is selected. This is a major issue with theme as it’s the basis of how I need my clients sites to work with images so it’s a deal breaker at this point since it’s not working.

    Thanks much,

    Chris Omlor


    Could be possible to add an option for the option panel to allow to choose which categories to show in the front page? I’ve already done modifying the template, but it would be great to allow to choose dinamically.

    Thank you.


    A way to Export / Import Theme options… REASON… Would be awesome to do before updating theme… For instance… if you have a child theme and you change the style.css theme name or version number to coincide with the newest version number of the Enfold theme… then all gets reset… and you have to update everything… logos, favicon, quick css, pages… other…


    Sort feature requests from newest to oldest in forum….



    Can we PLEASE have options to add text or headings inside the contact form!


    Hi, I would like to have more options with the pricing tables. For example the ability to add an underline or a small (?) icon to the pricing table text which would bring up a tooltip for more details about the that specific box. See example here: (I’m not a fan of this style, just a good example). Maybe the tooltip could fly in from the top with an downfacing point arrow at the text.

    Also it would be great if we could add small icons like a green check mark or red “X” to individual boxes. Ex here:



    Custom Post Type grid:





    Would it possible to add in the "form element type" the choice of "uploading file".
    Would be great !!!


    Another vote to support the masonry grid style for galleries please!



    Support sorting by tags on portfolios instead of categories


    Another vote to support the masonry grid style for galleries please!


    For the gallery element, can we you add option to display caption under the image instead of on rollover.

    Also can you W3C validate the theme.


    <Nick: There is no standard yet (next year) so it's
    not possible to validate till everyone agrees to a standard.
    W3C changes their validator once in a while but nothing is set in stone yet.


    Make it easy to put pages into columns. Image, Title excerpt. That way you can do the three column highlighted pages thing. This functionality was in all the recent themes.

    Nick: There are 2 ways you can do this :

    1) with a post slider set to not slide; or
    2) with the blog set to grid>


    How about a shortcode for indented pull quotes as well as full-width blockquotes?

    <Nick: Can you paste a URL to a live site that demonstrates what you describe (no images please)


    Easier / better styling of pricing tables… and tables…. all colors and aspects…


    A deeplinking feature for the AJAX portfolio ;) I would love to link to specific portfolio items from any page of my website.

    It would be cool if we could link to a extended ajax portfolio item.


    Can you please consider adding an Author Block as a builder element. Would be nice to be able to add an Author Block to a Blog post or have it added to all posts. Hope the masonry layout will make it further up on the list for Blog and possibly Portfolio. Thanks.


    I too would like to see number icons or capital letters, eg, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or A, B, C, D, E


    Seems cheeky to ask for even more from such a great file! If anything:

    – Some kind of carousel slider for images/content (I may have seen that already mentioned)

    – Overlay style portfolio (like or )

    – Counters (like

    – Clients shortcode

    Could not be happier with it anyhow though!


    I got some ideas that i can use this them for all my Projects ;) I know its so much. But Enfold have the best Page builder i ever worked. :D

    1) for Pages, Posts and Also Archive Pages the option to change the header BG color and Image like colorShemer element. Is it possible for the next update? I dont wanna use another Theme… Like this examples

    2) Admin Option to set the layout for Portfolio Category Pages

    3) Admin Option to set Globally -> Related and latest Posts for Portfolio or Blog Single Sites

    3) Icons Box -> options for size, color, Background-color – squared or circle or transparent

    4 a) New Isotope Fullwidth Layout for Page Builder also for Archives Pages (Portfolio and Blog)

    for Example

    4 b) Isotope Gallery for Example

    5) Category Pages for Portfolio

    6) Pre Header with collapsble Responsive Menu like Main Menu -> like This

    Best Naci


    An option to sort the different toggles of an accordion by alphabet would be great. With that people would have an easy option to create a glossary function.


    Nice job on this theme. One of my favorite themes ever. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but an easy way to re-order (and re-name) custom widget areas would be great.


    And another one: An option to deactivate elements in the advanced layout editor to hide the elements but not delete their content. Similar to the “Inactive Widgets” pane in the widget section of WordPress.


    It would be lovely if the elements on the avia advanced layout editor could be names – or at least had numbers ! On a page with about 50 embedded galleries its a nightmare trying to work out which one is which !


    Thank you for all the great suggestions everyone! As far as I know Kriesi still wants to hear them so keep them coming :)


    A google map shortcode would be great. A custom widget area is OK for a contact page and sidebars, but if you need to include a map on 50+ portfolio items it gets a bit messy.

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