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    Hi guys,

    it would be great if you could add some new features/elements

    – more options for custom fonts ( More light fonts like PTSans)
    – independent font style for menu
    – social media on footer
    – custom icon list (small list)
    – process builder with icons and text
    – more icon box versions (with mouse over effect and flip over to text)
    – charts, skill meters. infographics
    – content boxes
    – counters

    thanks a lot!


    Having more control of the Featured Image would be great

    At the moment you can not set a particular size for the Featured image so that on a post with fullwidth you are stuck with a giant image instead of being able to select one that could be less tall. The feature image works very well for thumbnails on other pages referencing the article/post but if lets say you want the featured image at the top of a fullwidth post to be a particular height for example you must remove the featured image and add an image manually and it will be below the meta infos meaning you have to modify the js to make ALL images on fullwidth to be a certain size.

    The best solution would be a featured image for thumbnails references on other page and a customizable featured image on the post/page itself so one could decide what should be the width and height or have the same options to pick the options from 80×80 to fullsize.

    At the moment the only solution I found was to remove the giant size image at the top of the fullwidth layout and reference a custom field that points to the image to be picked up. That gives way more control of what the size of the featured image should be for each post/page and it also leaves the Featured image to still be used on other pages.

    I hope this makes sense :)


    Menu descriptions for normal menu items and for the mega menu would be great!


    Option to build your own color scheme would be great.



    it would be great if I could choose to redirect to a page after I submit a contact form instead of showing the message. It would let us work with the user flow much better.



    Modularize Testimonials so that they are reusable as a widget or shortcode embed

    In the current testimonials setup they can be added to one page, but once they are on that page, there is no way to repurpose them.

    So for instance, I currently have a rotation of Testimonials on the homepage. But I also want to put up a page listing those same Testimonials in a list format. Right now I would have to enter all of the Testimonials twice in order to achieve that.

    Ideally, I would want to enter the Testimonials once, then be able to insert them into any page, or sidebar using a shortcode or widget.


    btw: This is one of the best themes that I’ve used and hope to use more of your themes in the future.


    Typekit fonts would be a great addition to Enfold! Since Typekit fonts integrate so well with Adobe CC products, they will eventually become more common as brand graphic profile elements. And the number of requests (such as this one) will increase… :-)


    Option to ♥︎like a suggested feature in the Support forum, so that the most liked options skim to the top.


    Hey Kriesi,
    the ability to use an image instead of a font icon in icon boxes would be nice.

    Cheers, Jan


    Full page scroll incl. bullets on the side would be awesome!


    jQuery script is free for download (see bottom right of the example page).


    Hi Enfold team,

    For a great number of sites, i don’t need a big SEO plugin like Yoast just to set pages titles and meta description. So, i use a custom header in my child theme. It would be really nice to have a section in theme options where i can set my site title, my meta description and a structure for page titles.

    And it could be very useful if i could inject some code in the header in another section of theme options. Like validations tags, for example. A function similar to the “Analytics code”, but for any code. It’s so quicker than using a ftp client …

    I’m using these kind of features on some other premium themes, and i would love Enfold to offer that …

    Thanks for this exciting theme.


    After working a bit with Enfold (a great WP theme and theme framework, btw) I think that you should focus on two new features:

    • Event calendar integration (like in Incarnation)
    • More post type in post format (e.g. “tutorial”)

    Thanks for your hard work, anyway! Enfold looks great!


    I think this may have already been requested and accepted with “Sortable rows in Table Builder”, but I would also would very much like to be able to insert a row within existing rows of a table without having to delete everything below it and and redoing it. Here’s a post by someone else asking the same thing: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / .

    Something else that would be really cool would be the option to use a stretched (full width) slider with a boxed layout.

    Thanks for keeping our theme working so well and looking so good, much appreciated!




    I don’t know if this have been suggested before, but I would like to have the Enfold template builder in the ajax preview section, so when creating my custom look for the ajax preview, I don’t have to use shortcodes.

    Best regards,


    You could remove debug CSS from front end and integrate in the theme as I wrote here (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -from-front-end/


    FEATURE REQUEST: Consider adding a checkboxes for “autoplay” & “hide related videos” on Youtube via Avia builder


    Bootstrap integration would be killer.


    Hi ! I would like to have a complete integration of the Sensei plugin ( Thanks !


    a push down menu like minimum (Qode) theme would be great.


    Just wanted to chime in that we are still reading over all feature requests and working on adding many of them in.

    Thank you for all of those so far and all of those to come!





    1. Will be great, if the contact-form match captcha will avaible for bb-press login widget, for comment form (blog/forums) and for registration/login/password-recovery input forms too. I use now the Math Captcha plugin, which works, but has the different style from integral enfold match captcha and also doesn’t work well for bb-press login widget.

    2. Unfortunately, I cannot use the short-codes for the enfold/forums page in order to create this page more attractive. Also I would like to have some short-codes elements for the BB-press too.




    I suggest that all my clients have a call to action on the top right of their website, yet because I have this them I dont even have one. I think it would be really cool if you could incorporate it alot of people would appreciate this feature.
    I was looking at one website and theirs were at the top of their sticky.
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-4.32.50-PM-copy.png” alt=”Call to action at top” />
    And when you scroll up and the sticky menu shrinks the call to action shrinks as well:
    (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-4.32.32-PM-copy.png” alt=”Scrolling Call to action” />


    I have those pictures backwords!


    I really hope you can add instant ajax search on sidebar


    Yes. Please do as Monsoon suggests for the Featured images! Nice also if you could define for each post type or set a global rule. If defining a size, but the uploaded image is different, then define also how to crop or resize the image.


    1th vote for additional blog views, like list view (example: )

    Nice addition to list view, but not necessary, option for grid vew to choose number of columns (2,3 or 4), and perhaps grid/list view switcher at frontend at the top of content area.

    2nd vote for Ajax search in sidebar, content, …

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    *print-friendly css stylesheet*


    Would love the ability to disable auto-zoom when the mouse pointer is over the map. If you use a fullwidth map ( is a great example), using the scroll wheel on the mouse becomes a UX pain…


    The ability to add more social media profiles to the “Enfold RSS Link and Twitter Account” widget – at least Facebook…


    Yesterday it was important for me to deactivate enfold for a short time, so I activated Twenty Fourteen and opened my Frontpage.

    It was very cool because I saw my complete Layout that I have builded inside Avia just in Shortcodes.

    It would be very nice to become the possibility to transform a page Layout just into Shortcodes in the Default Editor. Because on this way we have more flexibility to interact with some Plugins eg.

    Mod Edit: You can see the shortcodes by turning on the debug field: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

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