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    By Monsoon:

    – in theme option to have a fixed sidebar when scrolling down to avoid wasting a lot of white space on long posts/pages
    – Accordion slider from corona option. This is enormously helpfull for websites that run many events as a simple way to show what s coming

    – Our management has requested the same feature, fixed sidebars. It would help a lot to add call-to-action buttons etc.
    – Sounds interesting


    Enfold feature request – Gallery and Portfolio.

    1 – Gallery
    Ability to add captions/descriptions under (or over) the main/large preview image in the Gallery with Preview.
    Also to have these captions/descriptions appear under (or over) the pop-up slide show images

    2 – Portfolio
    To have the option of removing the grey keyline borders completely.
    To be able to introduce space between images







    I would agree with prowebseo that built in social sharing is a missing key component. More social sharing options are always good.

    – It would also be nice if the Icons in the icon box and icon lists were click able. Everyone tries to click on them instead of the text links.

    – Having the icon boxes lines up with each other on a page where there are several in a row would help.



    +1 for the social sharing. I do not like to use the built in sharethis code for Woocommerce, and would like to see social sharing built in the theme for Woocommerce, and for the blogs or pages too.

    Thank you.



    Dear Kriesi,
    Congratulations for the great WYSIWIG and fully intuitive Enfold Theme you have developed.
    For me is clearly the best ever WP Theme, inclusive better than the Avada Theme, and the one which I better like to work with. Have not any doubt of it.
    I appreciate your efforts to increase the number and quality of feature design Layouts, Content and Media Elements you provide in all your Theme upgrades.
    For this reason I wrote to kindly ask you to improve the general look and feature characteristics of the Accordion and Tabs Menus you are offering in Enfold, which I utilice a lot in my website developments.
    Accordion Menus – Ideas,…
    Tabs Menus – Ideas,…
    More Divider Styles – Ideas,…
    Tell me please what do you think about my suggestion. Many thanks and best regards from Madrid, Adolfo

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    Hi…I agree with ahauber’s assessment of things and would *also* greatly appreciate the style modifications he’s requesting with tabs etc…and yes…Avada’s are nice…but I prefer to work with Enfold.
    Thank you…jack, Bowie, MD, USA


    Hahaha, Many thanks Jackfd53 to agree with me. Now it’s the turn of Kriesi and his team to push up things.
    Best regards to all you people, Adolfo

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    it’s a awesome theme but I have 2 styling issues:

    1. If you change the font weight within an article to “bold” the color should stay the standard font color and should not change to the “main content – primary color” which you select in the styling options.

    2. It should be possible to to have different color options for links in the main content area. At the moment links have the color which you select in “main content – primary color”.

    Would be great if you could implement this in one of the future updates!



    Ability to choose either pagination or infinite load on same page would be great.

    Have tried and cannot get it to work.


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    Contact Form in Avia Content Elements does not have capatcha, can we please have that added so I don’t have to have an extra plugin.


    Feature Request: Navigation to Anchor Points


    As we’re building pretty long pages with different sections, a floating navigation to the various anchor points would be great! There is already a “back to top” button. Just like this, the page should scroll from anchor point to anchor point. You can find an example here:

    If you have any idea how to solve that ourselves, any help is very much appreciated!




    Navigation to Anchor Points

    Ajax load between different pages will be very nice! :) like you can do it with this plugin:


    Best regards


    Priority 1

    1. Advanced Layout Editor for Posts
    2. Multilingual WooCommerce top search <- only works with the main language
    3. Theme export/import function <- is a must have especially when dev. a sit on a localhost
    4. NESTING -Shortcode activation in the text section when working with the advanced layout editor
    5. Custom background selection for Text section


    1. Pie counters, Countdown, size and color selection
    2. History Counter
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    An import, Export option for settings and layout would be great!


    Think it would be great to have a like/view counter for portfolio items similar to what Behance utilizes.


    Advanced Layout Editor To Posts as default, why not?

    To be able to switch between the advanced layout editor and the standard editor and see the code you are working on, sometimes it is easier to code that way. :(

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    • Add cyrillic support for Google Fonts (Add fonts like Comfortaa, Lobster and other to the “Heading Font” in Styling tab). Last version doesn’t support russian fonts, but they exists at Google Fonts.
    • Add “Export/Import all settings” option – export all theme settings (especially color schemes and layout settings).
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    Hi Kriesi,

    My request would be better handling of the pricing grid module. More specifically the ability to drag & drop lines into place (or maybe even just a button to shift them up / down.

    At the moment if you want to add a line INBETWEEN existing lines, you need to delete all the content up to that point and start from scratch, which makes things rather user-unfriendly.

    For reference, here a link to a support thread I opened: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#post-188570

    Hope to hear from you soon,


    I really enjoy the Enfold theme. But I think it could be even greater with statistic shortcodes:
    like: the translation of 6 people over ten, when you got ten people on line and 6 of them in another color
    <iframe style="border: none;" src="//" height="286" width="451" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    could it also be possible to give the choice to see the percent or not on the progress bar?
    And also if you could build pies like that:
    <iframe style="border: none;" src="//" height="466" width="550" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>
    I could find anything upon it…. If you had the idea, sure it is not so complicated to make (choose an icon, total number and total colored) but it could be of great added value….
    I looked everywhere on the internet, and I couldn’t find a plugin with added value upon that. the only thing existing, that could be inspiring is .


    I would love to see the ability to add the individual author avatars to the multi-author masonry blog page. This would be great! Cheers!


    Hi Kriesi,
    I would love a extended version of add_theme_support(‘avia_conditionals_for_mega_menu’); for support of custom role because Enfold is not compatible with if-menu plugin and we cannot support that in child theme.


    Hi Team !

    – Social sharing made in Kriesi Team (with Likes if possible)

    – Social icons on the menu

    – Featured Posts and/or slider in Mega Menu

    – Support Portfolio Video (ajax)

    – Shortcode Counters as

    – Shortcode Tooltip

    Thanks !!!

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    Please, add some event calendar (as well as here: or some styles for The Events Calendar plugin. Thank you!


    Dear Kriesi

    I would like to have better CSS option so that styles for body & paragraphs like H1, H2 can be set directly in the Enfold backend… from my point this would complete the styling options in the enfold backend.

    other feature would be a full size animated portfolio (like the one from salient) with video runnin in background… that would look amazing

    Thanks a lot


    Kriesi I forgot…
    It would be amazing to have the template builder also for standard posts… I think this would be a killer features…

    and btw. is there any gallery option for standard posts?



    How about being able to create custom styling templates? That way I can create multiple color schemes for my site and just switch between them.

    Maybe that’s already possible but I have yet to see a way of doing it.

    Thanks! Loving this theme!



    i would like to have more control over the avia galleries, specifically being able to specify the sort order via shortcode and being able to edit the gallery once it is created much in the same way that the native wp gallery, so that slides can be added after creation and so that slides also can be resorted.



    Hi Kriesi !

    In portfolio for video put hover icons detail and lightbox. Please !

    Thank You !

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