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    1. If possible, please add function to move the comments into the tab instead of in the bottom of the page. Need it to be on portfolio.
    2. Please discard the portfolio slug, and make it directly
    With both feature above, you’ll be perfect!


    First of all I have to say Enfold is the best theme I ever worked with. You do an awesome job!

    While working with the theme I came over two issues causing me some headaches and a serious amount of time to solve. I think this issues can arise for a lot of customers and a future update should take this into account.

    1. The form builder included in Enfold is great for some smaller contact or feedback forms. However if you need advanced features like file upload or special field conditions you need to use 3rd party plugins as recommended by the Kriesi Team. I tried a few but was not satisfied with the output. The main issue is the CSS declaration for any kind of form fields in Enfolds base.css. Finally i had to use a child theme, use a modified base.css which has to be loaded from a modified function.php. While this is possible it might be to difficult for many users. My suggestion: move the CSS definition for forms into a separate css file and introduce a checkbox in the theme options to disable loading of this css styles.

    2. The team member element included with Enfold is nice but due to the fact it is only page oriented (versus a custom post type available globally) forced me to use a 3rd party solution. All the plugins I tested have one thing in common: they makes use of single page settings (single vs. page). Because Enfold does not have global settings for single.php any plugin using it will display the site with header (breadcrumbs, title) and sidebar. If you dont want that you have to write your own single-xxx.php file and put it into a child theme. This might be to complicated for most users as you have to even write your own loop code depending what design you want. And getting the right CSS classes gives you a hard time. My suggestion: Introduce a single setting (for individual posts) that differ from the ‘single blog post’ settings. There are many plugins out there which use the single-xxx.php to display content.

    Keep on the fantastic work!




    As much as I love this theme I keep finding myself needs a few more options. These may have already been suggested.

    The biggest that I think would be a few more Header Options. Mainly, one with the logo centered and the navigation below the logo. I have seen some “hacks” to accomplish this, but they don’t seem to produce clean results.

    Also, maybe the ability to change the background on a per page basis or keep a default background.

    These are just a few things I have run into while developing sites for clients. Unfortunately, sometimes I am forced to use another theme because of these type of things, which I would rather not but sometimes I have no choice.



    “print-friendly css stylesheet”



    1) I (or someone else) may have already requested this, don’t remember, but I really need the option to make a dropdown list of the portfolio filters. Have too many filters atm (especially for mobile), so I need it more compact. A dropdown like here would be perfect:

    2) I’m sad there’s no non-fullwidth masonry option in the latest Enfold update.

    3) If I remember correctly, for the masonry element, there was the intention of adding an automatic “load more” instead of a button for the next Enfold update. Is this still planned?


    Woothemes Sensei plugin integration.


    I installed Gravity Forms, but it appears that the Avia Layout Builder doesn’t integrate with it. It’s completely missing the “Add Form” button on the text block editor. Yeah I know I can manually use shortcodes, but when I’m working with lots of forms, that form button sure comes in handy!


    Possibility to add classes to widget-areas and layout-elements


    1. I would like to offer to add one small, but useful function – “read more” tag. WP has it by default, but it does not seem to be working with Avia builder.
    2. Adding ability to zoom photo (lightbox element) on click in easy slider (and other sliders) would be very nice
    3. Global setting of padding between Avia elements would be useful
    4. Ability to use “color section’s” options on all Avia elements (1/5, 1/4, etc.) would be very good too, for example to add column without padding, with unique background without playing with CSS
    5. Think about nice effect on hovering on linked image (for example – small zoom, like masonry gallery) – this would be beautiful :) Maybe even adding CSS section in image’s placeholder, to be able to add CSS effect by hand, or choose from preloaded ones.
    6. Secondary menu styling is pretty raw for now, only customizing CSS is helping and even this is not helping 100%, it would be great to give every menu level it’s own class, or maybe even some preloaded CSS options, like gaps, backgrounds, font colors and sizes.
    That’s it for now. I have analyzed this skin pretty deeply and all these functions really would be great if implemented in some time :)
    Hoping that you will like at least some of my ideas.

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    It would be nice to see in forms:
    – email templates for user and admin
    – Radio’s (for Mr, Mrs or yes/no etc.)
    – Download the results/mails into CSV format
    – Add fields that your form requires with just a single click of the mouse button
    – If fields (dont know the name: ex. when click one option in select, textfield gets visible)
    – Image captcha
    – indivdual error messages textfields
    – optional classes for textfields and buttons
    – reset button
    – spacer

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    icon and icon font is great but not very flexible … I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABBLE TO DEFINE AN ICON WITH AN IMAGE !!!! with the exact same interface as the testimonial one

    #203044 for social-profiles in header would be very nice..


    I would love to see Tabs in the Avia builder moved to Layout Elements.. so I could out different content blocks in Tabs (if possible even with columns inside of them)


    How about something as cool as what you have here?


    1) Toggle image overlay effect within theme settings.

    2) Checkbox for image library to indicate if image overlay effect is to be applied to that image

    3) Image overlay effect to include social linking icons.

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    @mgerenser – we’ll improve the Gravity Forms integration with the next update.



    pls delete

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    Ability to export Enfold “Styling” options.


    improve the bug on IE9 with BWP Minify plugins

    Mod Edit: Please include details when mentioning a specific “bug” or issue.

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    The addition of a right sidebar option on a woocommerce page. For visitor usability, this seems like it would be a no brainer. The ability to add the shopping cart widget into the right sidebar so visitors could view their cart as they are shopping would be an ideal scenario.



    Would be great to have more control over height of elements – realise you can always find fixes in CSS but to my fixes seem hard to get right with a responsive site.
    1) Be able to standardise height of tables and icon boxes which are lined up horizontally
    2) Fix element height of content slider / testimonial slider so that the page doesn’t jump up and down if the slide content is slightly different length between slides.

    And for documentation, I’d really appreciate a ‘how to adjust CSS code’ guide – i.e. so if I find a code on the forum which does what I want, I can see how to make it work on the appropriate pages for my site without needing someone to respond to my support ticket. (If something like this exists already, please let me know!)



    Options I’d like:
    • Deactivate Layslider from Theme Options
    • Ability to hide “Reset all options” button
    • Options backup (a template type of approach)
    • Transfer/mirror options to other languages when using WPML


    Need to be able to enter a custom CSS class field for all layout elements as we can for content elements.

    also, how about the ability to place a colour section inside another element, or better still have a content element which is a container with styling options such as colour / border / shadows

    More options for images, such as borders and captions:

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    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone and keep them coming! Still no gurantee on any one feature but this is the only place where Kriesi is actively looking for feature requests.

    Also a small note that any support issues should be made as their own new topics :)


    On December 14th comitzuu requested just using shortcodes, well you might want to check out the relatively new theme on Themeforest called “X” by Themeco. It looks like every element is a shortcode. Also, I’d like to see a feature the Elision theme calls “Infographics” integrated into the theme, if possible. To me their ‘Infographics’ element looks a lot like Google charts.

    Also, the “X” theme has some very intriguing photo handling features.

    Mod Edit: Shortcodes can be viewed in full by turning on debug mode: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

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    WooCommerce Product image slider option
    Ability to show product images in one of the great image sliders available in enfold or someting similar that the avada theme is doing.
    Current implementation is quite bulky and not usable on mobile devices due to the popup image for the additional product images.


    I would like to have in enfold fantastic contact form only two small features:

    1. in spam protect field, were the math is displayed and the customer shall enter the result, a simple border or a background should differ the math and the input. I had today a visitor, who was not able to put his result into input field, because he liked to replace the questionmark. It is not so clear, as it should be.

    2. In contact too, I like to able and put some description under a field. Sometimes a text below or on top of a form with declaring how to use it and how to put values into field are not recognized. If I may put a description beside or below a field, it will be much better.

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