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    +1 enfold counter
    +1 Masonry


    Hey there,

    I see it’s already in the accepted requests: Newsletter Integration Element

    I would prefer MailChimp


    Based on a question by pcschool: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -click-and-show-submenu/#post-171122

    It would be really nice to make the mobile menu slide out only the top menu first, then when pressing a top menu item the submenu opens. This way the visitor has a nice overview of the main menu just like desktop visitors do. Imagine opening a site on your desktop with all submenus already open, how chaotic would that be? So if that would be chaotic, it’s even more chaotic on a small screen.


    This is by far my favorite WP template and I love it’s many different options. But I have to say I am very surprised that something simple like the font size cannot be changed without the Quick CSS box. This is one of the more important features on ANY WP site. I’d rather not go looking for that piece of code in the style sheet.


    +1 for DavyE’s mobile main menu suggestion. At least as an option. As in “view menu expanded” or “view top level only” for mobile mode.


    Hi there,

    Yigit told me to insert my wishes for testimonials here…

    Your testimonials looks very nice, but now they are not very handy…

    It would be very nice to become this features:

    – the possibility to handle them like posts (now you can´t duplicate them to other pages, so you have to build them again and again…)
    – sortable with categories, ratings, or manually
    – The possibility to insert a form where customers can write there own one with name, title, dropdown for categories, text and a picture upload, but also with the possibility to lock them as long as the admin and editors give them free…
    – possibility to set a fixed height and usable with an excerpt or a scrolling function, so that you can use it as a fixed element in your site. If you´re now using the testimonial-slider, most of them has a different height. It looks not so nice if you use it as a sidebar-element and it drop up and down and up and down…

    I bought this one , but it seems that it don´t work right with enfold and from support comes no answer: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /5421682

    Sorry for my english…

    Best regards



    • possibility to use your social icons with a widget in sidebars or inside the widget-elements from Avia Layout Builder
    +++++ Youtube +++++ :)

    • Thumbnail for Videos

    • Possibility to add classes to widget areas and Layout Elements

    Edit (Dude): Already supported – see:

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    • Possibility to add classes to Layout Elements


    Edit (Dude): Already supported – see:


    Header type with a widget area on the right and bottom navigation.


    +1 for “Possibility to add classes to Layout Elements”

    Edit (Dude): Already supported – see:

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    AJAX Portfolio – display ‘Portfolio item” in a Lightbox option. Like this:
    Advantage: With large portfolio’s you don’t have to scroll back to where you were.


    Newsletter Support like this from Sendpress… (Free) (Premium)

    Here you can use Mailchimp etc. and the Customers have the possibility to choose the categories, which Newsletter they want. Here you can Design your complete E-Mails inside WP-Backend…


    • Possibility to add classes to Layout Elements


    Edit (Dude): Already supported – see:

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    • Possibility to set animations to every element on a page during scroll down: also for Portfolio-Grid, Text, Video, Widgets, Posts

    This example looks pretty nice… (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme/5423459


    1. Portfolio Slider – so can insert anywhere as a slider style instead of grid style. Saves valuable real estate space. Can insert anywhere inc home page and bottom of portfolio pages.
    Like these

    2. +1 to all masonry requests for images, portfolios, etc everywhere. So much neater. IMHO.

    3. Rollovers for porfolio section and images option as well. Like this:
    For doing things like services my preference is to use images and roll over with the information. And for portfolio I prefer this way of presenting.


    5) Have the color section work on pages that are not full width.

    +1 for the ability to use coloured sections within *any* layout container (or preferably to be able to add custom CSS to all layout containers so we can target containers to change colour padding etc.)


    As mentioned before by artistic24459: Before/after image effect would be superb!

    +1, here’s a good example:

    Animated number counters, i.e.:


    Is it possible to add a minimum css with “@media print” because print version of pages can’t be read (above all the content slider, and a lot of content layers) ?


    Kriesi and his team has done a lot in improving Enfold and keeps getting better.

    I just want that >

    a. A sticky post – on customizations or basic questions that people ask about Enfold.

    From changing h1 colors , borders in top padding , how to switch to slide out menu and so on. There are over 100 + pages and they keep on increasing each day. Even if I search the forums it’s still a lot hehe

    I like what you did with the recommended plugins sticky post.




    ace2296 reminded me of a couple column feature improvements :

    • Inline Columns
    • Column Shortcodes
    • Nestable columns. For example [1/5, 4/5(1/3, 2/3)]
    • Multiple “fifths” support. For example [1/5, 2/5, 2/5] or [2/5, 3/5]
    • Sixths columns (with all of the above)
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    A way to copy and move pagebuilder sections/elements between pages. Maybe this exists and i just haven’t found it yet.


    The option to add a lateral border to the different layouts when you choose them (the same style when you choose sidebars)


    Kaylesimon : You can already do that, with “Templates” in the upper right hand corner of the page builder.


    Please please please can you add a Masonry layout for portfolios? Thanks!


    Please add to the Easy Slider and the Full Width Easy Slider media elements the option to set the number of loops for the autorotation, as you do for the Advanced Layerslider — rather than being forced into an infinite loop.

    in particular, at least allow the autorotation to be set to just one loop, so people aren’t forced to have the slideshow going without stop as they read the page. It drives many people crazy.

    This option for setting the number of loops is in the Advanced Layerslider, but not the the Easy Sliders and Full Width Easy Slider.



    Like coms77 suggested “Portfolio Slider” or a slider that would accept other elements like “Team Member”


    I would LOOOOOOOOOVE a way to add elements, media, content, so on, onto of a full screen slider.
    Either that or make it so that you can make parallax color sections fade or slide transition to more than one image.

    I would also love to see the ability to customize the header more. I like the header you have on your site and the one you have with social icons takes up much needed space.

    I would also love to see the mobile version have a Facebook type slide out menu. Yours expands out to cover the screen from the corner.

    It would also be nice to see you incorporate animate.css from so we can animate text and content and media elements instead of just four slide in effects that only work on a photo element.
    Right now I use Intense for WordPress to get these effects, but it uses jquery and slows down my site quite a bit, but animate.css doesn’t, but I haven’t the slightest on how to incorporate that into my site and make elements use it. I also don’t have the money to hire someone to do it for me.

    I would also like to see the documentation or even better, the theme options styles panel near quick css, have a basic index of help on how to add custom css. Like an index of codes that apply to many things ( {background: none} ) kind of thing and then all the calls that people might want to edit like .avia_header (edits the main header) or whatever.

    I know it’s a lot to ask for, so of all of those so my main request would be the animate.css and second would be the documentation quick css codes index.


    Please , make
    Portfolio Grid by tags

    thank you

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