My first Plugin: "my favorite posts"

After writing several plugins (for my own website as well as some for my clients) which where rather limited in terms of flexibility and usefulness outside of the different projects, I decided to give something back to the WordPress community and write one available to the public. I made this decision some time ago but didn’t know what to create.

Until now. Some days ago one of my readers (Noura from – great site if you are looking for inspiration) asked me if there is a simple way of giving each logged in user the opportunity to create a list of his or her favorite posts.

Since I couldn’t find any plugin that covered the topic I started programing one and now, “some” hours later I present you, without further ado, my first plugin: My favorite Posts


This WordPress Plugin was discontinued and is no longer available for download

Set a Guinness World Record – Enjoy a Better Web

This is the slogan uses to promote the release of Firefox 3. The evil master plan is to make Firefox 3 the most downloaded software in 24 hours and therefore increasing its popularity.

And since I love Firefox with its myriads of plugins and themes which make developing websites so much easier I thought I could spread the word.

Participating is really easy: just download Firefox3 the day it is released. Release date will be announced soon, if you want to you can pledge to download the browser, spreadfirefox will inform you via mail when to download…

WordPress: how to separate comments and trackbacks

Today I read an interesting article on NETTUTS which claims to unravel the Secrets of WordPress & Comments.php File. This is actually pretty true, the author did a good job at explaining the different functions, comment loops, and form elements.

The one thing I really missed was an explanation on how to separate comments from trackbacks. Discussing on a blog with tons of trackback posts between the ongoing discussion is really annoying.

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