My main navigation

Since the article Navigation Menus: Trends and Examples was released on Smashing Magazine in February, I got quite a number of mails from fellow designers, who asked how to accomplish the sliding effect of my main menu. Even enough mails, that I thought about writing a little tutorial, but I must admit I am to lazy at the moment =)

mootools.netAnyways, here are some tips for creating a similar menu: Head over to and get a little familiar with this extraordinary Javascript Framework. In the demo section of the page, you will find a sub-menu entry called Fx-Elements which contains everything you need to build a so called “kwick menu”. By analyzing the HTML, CSS and Javascript you should be able to accomplish similar menus in almost no time.

jquery.comThose who use Jquery (which is my prefered Framework atm, because of the steeper learning curve) can use the plugin, recently written by Jeremy Martin at jMars blog. I haven’t tested it for now but looking at the preview examples, it seems to work pretty well.

Hope I could help those of you who seek aid in creating a similar menu.

Update: I am using jQuery now, as well as jMars Kwicks plugin and it works like a charm ;)

Featured again…

Well, as I recently checked my Google analytics account, I saw a heavy increase of site impressions.. from Japan!

As i checked the incoming links it turned out that I was featured again, this time by the Japanese monthly magazine, “Web Designing“. It seems like someone over there liked my design, as well as the style of my CSS (at least i hope, could as well be a damning review, I’ll probably never find out)

All i could find out was: the article written by Miki Ofuji includes a CSS and XHTML analysis.
Well, enough with the bragging, just wanted to say hello to my Japanese Visitors ;)
If you like, leave me a comment and tell me what Mr. Ofuji liked or disliked…

PS: sorry about my poor English, it’s been a while since I last wrote a non-German article ;)