After nearly 3 years “” finally gets a redesign.
It was about time!

We have used our last Theme since 2010, and looking back at the last 12 months I have to admit that we had outgrown that design for a long time now. is no longer a one-man show. It is now the home of a small and dedicated team, trying to offer the best WordPress Themes and Customer Support possible.

And so it was necessary to ditch our old skin for something new. And thats not just because the old site was visually outdated, but it also limited our workflow and the ability to satisfy our customers (for example: it still used an old bbPress 1 Forum that we couldn’t really enhance with plugins)

So without further ado: Welcome to our now Homepage! :)

How did we build it?

For those of you who follow our theme releases you might notice that our new website has “a few” similarities with our Enfold Theme. Thats no coincidence of course, since its an Enfold Child Theme. I have chosen the Child Theme approach for 3 reasons:

  1. Enfold is hugely popular right now, and I wanted to show what is possible if you invest a little time into building a child theme
  2. Using our own theme as a parent led to even more improvements, like additional template builder elements, hooks and filters
  3. Practice what you preach. If I tell people you can build a cool website with Enfold in no time than I should be prepared to prove it :)

So with an extra functions.php and style.css from the child theme I was able to edit almost everything I wanted and I am quite satisfied with the result. Hope you like it as well and consider Enfold for one of your future projects!

Whats next?

The relaunch did take some effort from our side, especially the migration of the old forum software to a modern system. Thats the main reason why we weren’t able to release more frequent updates to our Themes, something which should change in the next weeks, once we are sure that everything runs smooth on our new setup.

In addition we also plan to improve the support workflow for both, our customers and our team members with a custom built support tool (that we will probably distribute in the form of a WordPress Plugin in the near future, so stay tuned ;)


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    I absolutely love Enfold Theme, really god job :)
    What I will greatly appreciate it an ability to add custom class to different objects (tabs, galleries and so on) so I will be able to target particular tabs with CSS not all tabs in the site.

    Should I create Child Theme by my self or it pre installed by default?

    Thanks for great Theme

    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      Hey! You can get the enfold child theme as a download here:

      If you want to add custom classes to your elements simply add the following line of code to your child theme functions.php file:


      This will add an extra css input field to each element that can be edited in a popup window :)

  2. Gael
    Gael says:

    Hey Kriesi,

    I have to say, enfold is the best theme I’ve ever used and the page builder tops many solutions for landing page building that cost hundreds of dollars! The only thing I’d love to see is more elements for the builder to come out along with even more template flexibility and child themes maybe.

    Let us know what to expect in the updates! I’m totally in love with the theme!


    • Kriesi
      Kriesi says:

      More elements coming soon :) As for the updates: we will release a bugfix update within the next 2 days and I hope to do at least 2 (better 3) feature updates each month, once we have established that the forum and site work fine :)

      We will see if I can live up to that promise :)

  3. Thomas Dekker
    Thomas Dekker says:

    Absolutely in love with Enfold, love the flexibility it provides and the great support you guys offer your customers. It’s not often I can say that I can’t wait for what’s next!

  4. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Wow, the kriesi refresh looks amazing! What a surprise when I logged on!

    Very nice fellas. You guys have amazing themes, and elite support! I would love to write you a testimonial if you direct me to where I can do this.


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