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    Ciao Yigit.

    When the new Enfold version will be available? I have some problems with advanced editor after updating WordPress to to 5.4 version.

    Thank you!


    how do get support for the Enfold theme? i sent a message via the forum on April 17th I received one reply then nothing. I have sent login info and a short explanation of the problem.
    My Problem is:
    I am unable to add Unable to add, update, or remove layersliders.
    are you able to help me with this.
    Please help.


    Hi zanardelligolf,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    This list hasn’t been updated since December … is it discontinued?


    Read the first post of this thread. It was updated this month. Definitely not discontinued.


    Ahh, thank you, I always scrolled to the last page ;-)


    I also have problems with many settings (after update to WP 5.4) – very important setting like choosing homepage. Come on guys, we need an update!!!


    Hi TomaszStelmach,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    I’m still not able to use the Layerslider is someone going to look into this for me? Its been 10 days with no support since I first requested help.
    Please help.


    Hi twistedink,

    Your support thread has been replied to: If you need further help then please reply to that thread, we can’t know that you need further helps if you don’t reply.

    Best regards,


    Enfold v4.7.4 crashed site. What’s up? had to revert to previous version


    Hey Rikard…
    This is not support, what am I paying for? Someone replied to a post but nothing was actually done. The theme is still broken… the layerslider still does not work; I still cannot make a new slide or edit any of the others..
    I’ve sent login info several times still nothing was done, is this what you consider customer support?
    Maybe in the future you could actually do something to fix the problem, I believe this how customer service/support is supposed to work.


    Hi TwistedInk. Reply in your own thread please and keep this one clean. Stop complaining about receiving support. There is plenty of very good support here, but don’t expect a golden ticket for 50 euro’s.
    Wordpress, Enfold and Layerslider work. And they work together. The theme definately isn’t broken. So please check, while you wait on support, if it is a compatibility issue with other plugins. Disable all and try if it does work then? Update everything including Enfold. Update through FTP. Try a different browser (adblockers etc off?). Please do your own due dilligence. Learn how to take a screenshot and explain what is happening in great detail. What is your PHP version of your server(could help). Explain what you already have done, explain more about your install/environment. This really helps fixing stuff sooner.

    Next to the real Enfold support staff there are plenty of readers here who volunteer solutions and are willing to help, but most of us like to be handled friendly word. And we love people who take the effort into trying and describing and fixing installations too. :) So go to your thread. add extra info, do the tests I asked and I’ll look into it myself.

    If that failes… there are also Facebook groups who can help you (volunteers). Good luck.


    @pixelbits. This has nothing at all to do with “Golden Support”. This is a disregard for wishes, such as fixing the bug that makes it almost impossible to use Enfold since the last update. Instead of a quick fix “In a few days”, hundreds or thousands of people are sitting at home alone with some temporary solutions for a month. And I don’t feel like doing any workarounds or manual manipulations on any settings for dozens of clients. This is ignorant behavior from @kriesi, which happens over and over again since years with easy to detect bugs with stupid consequences for the users. Like this error in the backend.
    It’s simply a demand that our Enfold runs properly and that cooks, bankers and artists don’t have to do any manipulations. This demand should be placed. And that is also a right, not even a wish. We have the right for a functional theme without any bugs and a minimum bug fix time within few days, not month.
    Instead, they are working on a next update, although it has been proven that the bug fix does not work for everyone, if you read the threads.


    Hey I have a question regarding this post: is there a better way to get the 2 column blog design than copying the archive php into the enfold child theme and changing the 3 to a 2. Or maybe you can add that to your future fixes please? oh and by the way am I in the right place here or should I have started a new thread?
    Thanks so much



    We won’t address any problems with individual sites in this thread, please keep to the topic of the thread if you want to post here. If you have problems with a site then please open a new thread.

    Best regards,


    the website generates PHP error messages at a rapid pace. After a few seconds it is 50 MB.
    I cancel the error messages via cron job every hour.
    Can you help me and fix the problem.

    When is the update 4.7.1 ready?

    PS. you need access


    When is the update ready?


    Hi Ruff-Bootsreisen,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Can you share the error texts there too?

    Best regards,

    This reply has been marked as private.

    Hi TomaszStelmach,

    You can open a new thread by clicking this button on the forum:

    Best regards,


    FEHLER bei Testimonial !
    Testimonial verschwindet aus dem Projekt. sobal man auf “aktualisieren” oder “Vorschau der Änderungen” geht!
    – Benutze zB. Farbsection, packe Textbox rein für den Titel und Testimonial.
    – Testimonial -Stil: Slider-Gross alle 3 sek
    – Gebe 2-3 Einträge ein
    – Speichere den Container als Vorlage
    – “Vorschau der Änderungen”
    – DER GANZE Container mit Testimonial aus dem Projekt verschwunden (auc hdie Vorlage wurde nicht gespeichert)

    Keine Fehlermeldung

    Stand: Mai 2020 ALLES auf neustem Stand (WIN10 Pro, Firefox 76.0.1 64bit, Enfold 4.7.4, Wordexpress 5.4.1)


    Hi cugar24,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site. Also let us know on which page we can reproduce the problem.

    Best regards,


    I have a problem with the hotspot image feature since I updated.

    Every time I try to edit the content, any part of the page disappears.
    what can I do? Help!!!!



    Unfortunately, this thread was mistaken for support thread quite a lot so we have moved it here – :)




    Please open a new thread with your questions and provide a link to your site and WP admin credentials.

    We will close this thread.

    Best regards,

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