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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version 5.5 are as following ( last update 2023-03-16 ):

    • feature: new ALB Element Lottie Animations (supports .lottie and .json)
    • feature: new ALB Element Before-After Image (image difference)
    • feature: added swipe feature to lightbox
    • feature: added swipe feature to single post pages (including portfolio, products)
    • feature: ALB Gallery options for navigation arrows to scroll through images without lightbox (include support for swipe feature)
    • feature: Theme option to set a custom shrink factor for shrinking header
    • feature: ALB Animated Countdown new styling options (flip numbers, retro clock)
    • feature: ALB Events Countdown new styling options (flip numbers, retro clock)
    • tweak: added a few more theme option colors to css variables
    • fixed: ALB fullwidth easy slider youtube controls blocked by overlay (CSS fix)
    • fixed: ALB modal popup only shows first image after opening in gallery, ….
    • fixed: burger menu does not close when click on current page (subitems visible)
    • Relevansi comp.: added support to use avia_product_slider and avia_masonry on search page


    • added: filter ‘avf_lottie_placeholder_url’ – change link to custom placeholder animation
    • added: filter ‘avf_lottie_alb_backend_player’ – change HTML of backend canvas player
    • added: filter ‘avf_post_nav_swipe_support’ – change theme option
    • added: filter ‘avf_header_shrink_factor’ – change shrink factor on page basis

    Fixes for released version 5.4.1 are as following:

    • feature: add option to filter ALB product elements for product tags
      • Product Grid
      • Product List
      • Product Slider
    • added: Note that appending a Seach Icon to menu is only available when Top Header layout is selected
    • fixed: CSS masonry with 1px gap – selector too weak
    • fixed: Uncaught Error: Attempt to assign property “extra” on null in ../config-templatebuilder/avia-template-builder/php/class-asset-manager.php:1175
    • fixed: Event Tickets Plus – modal popup not showing with Attendee Registration
    • fixed: js notice “Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported”
    • fixed: ALB Fullwidth Easy Slider’s stretched video prevents video controls to be clicked
    • WPML comp.: added logic to hide WPML specific taxonomies from post categories (e.g. translation_priority)
    • updated: Layerslider v7.6.8
    • updated: Google Maps script to v3.52

    Fixes for released version 5.4 are as following:

    • Security/Performance: Improve backend for portfolio permalink settings (register-portfolio.php)
    • security vulnerabilities: add user capability check to ajax callbacks
    • feature: image copyright to more elements:
      • Easy Slider
      • Featured Image Slider
      • Fullscreen Slider
      • Fullwidth Easy Slider
      • Team Member
    • performance: added compressed version of png to enfold/images/background-images/…
    • performance: add passive listeners to jQuery touch and mouse wheel events
    • performance: added theme option “Performance -> Show Advanced -> Custom Font Loading Source” – supress loading of custom uploaded fonts from default location
    • tweak: add option to display an alert message box for empty required fields on ALB Contact Form
    • tweak: split copyright toggle into content toggle and styling toggle for consistency
    • tweak: ALB Image move link toggle to top in advanced tab
    • tweak: add option “Page Element Filter” to ALB Post Slider
    • fixed: notice caused by loading Google Fonts because of missing https: in class-style-generator.php
    • fixed: theme option background image (General Styling Tab) breaks e.g –enfold-main-color-img in dynamic CSS
    • fixed: CSS ALB Gallery big preview with thumbnails below and no scaling image distorting when mixed portrait and landscape
    • fixed: Theme option Advanced Styling -> Menu Links in overlay/slide out missing
    • fixed: Undefined array key “bar_styling_secondary” in progressbar.php when importing demo
    • added: note for ALB Blog Post that ALB pages/posts/.. only display Excerpt With Read More Link


    • tweak: Make functions overrideable in various plugins config-* folders
    • tweak: clean up code in config-wordpress-seo/config.php
    • added: filter ‘avf_gmaps_no_google_fonts’ – allows to supress loading Google Fonts by GMaps
    • added: filter ‘avf_combo_box_image_size’ – allows to change image size in widget Enfold Combo Widget
    • added: filter ‘avf_postslider_posts_meta_data’ – allows to show/hide post meta data in ALB Postslider/ALB Blog Posts
    • added: filter ‘avf_postslider_posts_meta_data_show’ to override old behaviour in ALB Postslider/ALB Blog Posts (return true or false)
    • added: filter ‘avf_show_tags_meta’ to override old behaviour in loop-index.php (return true or false)

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • security vulnerabilities improvements: avoid to change portfolio permalinks by non authenticated users (register-portfolio.php )
    • security vulnerabilities improvements: added user capability check to class-sidebar-generator.php
    • security vulnerabilities improvements: added user capability check to framework/php/function-set-avia-ajax.php
    • fixed: YOAST fatal error explode() must be of type string array given (config-wordpress-seo/config.php:230)

    Fixes for released version 5.3.1 are as following:

    • WPML comp.: fix notice “Trying to read non existing property in class avia_superobject: WPML
    • updated: Google Maps API to 3.51


    Fixes for released version 5.3 are as following:

    • feature: new ALB chart element
    • feature: added option “Page Element Filter” to exclude page content from ALB subqueries for various elements:
      • Blog
      • Magazine
      • Masonry Entries
      • Portfolio
      • Postslider
      • Product Grid
      • Product List
      • Product Slider
    • feature: option to display image copyright text from media library
      • Masonry
      • Masonry Gallery
      • Horizontal Gallery
    • performance: minify dynamic created css files in folder dynamic_avia (if WP_DEBUG is not set and file merging/minify is selected)
    • tweak: move post-css files from ../uploads/avia_posts_css/ to ../uploads/dynamic_avia/avia_posts_css/ (old folder is kept for backwards comp. with cache plugins – can be deleted manually)
    • tweak: move demo downloaded files from ../uploads/avia_demo_files/ to ../uploads/dynamic_avia/avia_demo_files/ (old folder is kept for backwards comp. only – can be deleted manually)
    • tweak: move custom shape files from ../uploads/avia_custom_shapes to ../uploads/dynamic_avia/avia_custom_shapes (folder is moved in theme update routine if new folder does not exist)
    • tweak: allow to upload variable google fonts ( ). Support currently only for named Instances
    • tweak: add info for Envato Market Plugin – WP_CLI update support
    • tweak: added a note to exclude page with contact form from cache
    • tweak: replace theme options page icons png with svg
    • tweak: added alt and title and to icon circles logo
    • tweak: load 3rd party scripts unminified with WP_DEBUG only (waypoints, aviapopup)
    • added: Option for icon to link to WooCommerce account/register/login page to menu (top header)
    • added: Option to save video preview thumbs in media library (Youtube and Vimeo)
    • added: Option “Short description for backend” to various ALB elements
    • fixed: Argument 1 passed to Avia_Gutenberg::handler_display_post_states() must be of the type array, bool given (caused by a plugin)
    • fixed: ALB Contact Form hidden label and dropdown select box show placeholder
    • fixed: advanced styling background color for “Small bar above Main Menu” not working on transparency pages
    • fixed: hiding WPML langauge flags in extra elements menu by theme option not working
    • fixed: bug with merge of minified css files – broken background image urls
    • fixed: WP 6.1 CSS fix for underlined links
    • fixed: WP 6.1 CSS fix additional margin with figure tag
    • fixed: TEC display publish date instead of events date on single event blog element (since 6.0)
    • fixed: CSS for light & dark transparent color schemes in ALB contact form
    • fixed: broken frontend when ALB Blog queries a custom taxonomy (e.g. portfolio – portfolio items) and these are using ALB
    • fixed: cannot redeclare av_upcoming_events_fallback()
    • fixed: WooCommerce quantity pickers stop working when changing shipping method
    • fixed: PHP 8.0 notice protected __destruct() in class-sub-item-query-base.php
    • fixed: PHP 8.0 compatibility with indirect access to properties – class-popup-templates-responsive.php
    • fixed: PHP 8.0 Deprecated: html_entity_decode(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string)
    • fixed: missing dependency warnings in YOAST and RankMath
    • WPML: make ALB icon circles logo translateable


    Custom uploaded type fonts and icon fonts via theme options page:

    • New sites or sites with no uploaded fonts use ../uploads/dynamic_avia/avia_type_fonts / ../uploads/dynamic_avia/avia_icon_fonts
    • existing sites with uploaded fonts will keep ../uploads/avia_fonts due to risk of breaking sites because of database entries.
    • to switch to new directory they must delete all fonts first and then reupload them again. Can be done any time after update.


    • tweak: make all functions overrideable in enfold\config-woocommerce\config.php
    • tweak: make all functions overrideable in enfold\config-woocommerce\config-woocommerce-bookings\config.php
    • tweak: enfold\config-woocommerce\config.php move filter hooks outside function_exist() check (was not consistent before)
    • tweak: make all functions overrideable in enfold\config-wordpress-seo\config.php
    • tweak: make all functions overrideable in enfold\config-rank-math\config.php
    • added: filter ‘avf_css_strip_whitespace_dynamic_files’ – allows to supress minify of dynamic files in production environments
    • added: filter ‘avf_dynamic_files_upload_folder’ – allows to use a custom dynamic folder in WP uploads directory
    • added: filter ‘avf_disable_grid_cells_responsive_padding’ – allows fallback (for old sites) to ignore responsive setting
    • added: filter ‘avf_el_styling_responsive_styles_ignore’ – allows to use only default setting of styles (fallback for old sites)
    • added: filter ‘avf_loop_index_meta_time’ – allows to change meta data publish date in loop-index
    • added: filter ‘avf_events_single_event_publish_date_format’ – modify meta data single event start date format in loop-index
    • added: filter ‘avf_video_thumbnails_path’ – modify path where uploaded video thumbnails are stored (youtube, vimeo)
    • added: filter ‘avf_google_recaptcha_apiurl’ – allows e.g. WPML to redirect to current language of the page
    • added: filter ‘avf_google_recaptcha_apiurl_lang’ – allows e.g. WPML to change to current language of the page
    • added: filter ‘avf_alb_element_animation’ to some elements – allows to change start of animation when element comes in viewport
    • added: new waypoint animation classes for filter ‘avf_alb_element_animation’
    • added: filters to allow dynamic charts (see docu for examples how to use):
      • avf_chart_dataset_data
      • avf_chart_dataset_label
      • avf_chart_labels
      • avf_chartjs_config_object
    • deprecated functions in framework
    • modified access to methods and properties of some framework and templatebuilder classes
    • added a fallback when user accesses protected properties in framework and template builder classes – deprecated notice with WP_DEBUG
    • deprecated and moved enfold\framework\php\class-queryfilter.php to enfold\framework\php\legacy\class-queryfilter.php

    Fixes for released version 5.2.1 are as following:

    • fixed: typo in enqueue_style slideshow.css in config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\slideshow_fullsize\slideshow_fullsize.php

    Fixes for released version 5.2 are as following:

    • Http 2.0 performance feature: option to load minified js and css files instead of original js and css files (no file merging)
    • CSS feature: added css vars for theme options “General Styling”
    • tweak: clear theme update cache when validate/revalidate Envato token
    • tweak: CSS image container fix on image blur hover effect
    • tweak: version number added to scripts now based on theme version
    • fixed: button and fullwidth button now show title attribute when linked to image in lightbox title
    • fixed: CSS selectors for ALB Testimonials
    • fixed: CSS selector for ALB Headline Rotator so Advanced Styling does not override element setting
    • fixed: ALB Table bug in wp_enqueue_style parameter list (rendered false for version)
    • fixed: slideshow buttons on mobile not working (Fullwidth Easy Slider and Fullscreen Slider)
    • fixed: display issue on single event mobile view when Event Tickets plugin is active
    • fixed: added a version check to avoid notice: Tribe__Events__Pro__Main::enable_recurring_info_tooltip is deprecated since version 6.0.0
    • fixed: added a check for Telegram social icon to avoid having to save theme options
    • fixed: added a note that editing Custom Elements is not possible when fullscreen mode is enabled
    • fixed: ALB gridrow responsive settings ignored when cell reverse or individual sorted
    • fixed: ALB Contact Form multiple select label is selectable when labels are hidden
    • updated: Layerslider 7.5.1


    • tweak: updated config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\php\external\JSqueeze.php to support ES6 class keyword
    • fixed: filter ‘avf_verification_password_field’ and added new return value for readonly
    • added: filter ‘avf_ignore_min_file_for_merge’ – allows to ignore .min files during merge on file basis
    • added: filter ‘avf_templ_archive_tab_portfolio’ – allows to change table title “Portfolio” on archive template page
    • added: filter ‘avf_supress_css_theme_variables’ – allows to supress generation of CSS vars

    Fixes for released version 5.1.2 are as following:

    • tweak: ALB Icon Grid add background images to front and back
    • tweak: ALB Icon Grid added CSS flexbox model for better stylings
    • tweak: ALB sticky toolbar in Block Editor fullscreen mode
    • tweak: new ALB Image hover effects (fade to alternate image, grayscale, smoothen (blur()) )
    • tweak: change CSS order of uploaded typefonts (woff2, woff, ttf, svg, eot)
    • tweak: YOAST support for Tribe Events Calendar
    • added: Telegram social share button
    • fixed: Block editor ALB is not draggable in fullscreen mode
    • fixed: conditional option fields in Partner/Logo Element not hidden
    • fixed: minor CSS with padlock symbol in CET
    • fixed: function_exists() check for avia_social_share_links_single_post
    • fixed: minor CSS fixes on WC account page
    • updated: LeafletJS to v1.8.0
    • updated: Layerslider 7.3.0


    • added: filter ‘avf_fallback_avia_sc_icongrid’ – load the old icongrid for fallback (ignores the new implementation)
    • added: filter ‘avf_css_rules_blur’ – modify css rule blur
    • added: filter ‘avf_wc_product_hover_default’ – allows to change default selection for option “Hover effect on Overview Pages”

    Fixes for released version 5.1.1 are as following:

    • fixed: ALB Content Slider broken
    • fixed: Block Editor in full width layout title field not visible

    Fixes for released version 5.1 are as following:

    • feature: add media query for desktop to responsive font size options
    • feature: add responsive margin and padding to some ALB elements
    • feature: SEO support for YOAST Analysis tool
    • feature: SEO support for RankMath Analysis tool
    • feature: new ALB Element Icon Circles
    • feature: ALB Editor Fullscreen Mode with sticky elements bar in Block Editor
    • feature: add mask support to ALB image (image and gradiant)
    • fixed: attachment id for custom svg shapes are ignored
    • fixed: CSS for disabled animations on mobile devices
    • fixed: notice Undefined array key “nav_visibility_desktop” with WC product grid
    • fixed: 6 columns masonry CSS bug with FF
    • fixed: CSS Grid Row removed bottom margin 20px only between 767px and 989px
    • updated: Layerslider v7.2.4
    • jQuery 3.0 comp.: Remove deprecated .focus()


    • added: filter ‘avf_default_lightbox_no_scroll’ – block default lightbox and body from scroll
    • added: filter ‘avf_disable_columns_responsive_margin_padding’ – fallback to ignore responsive margin padding on page/site for columns
    • added: filter ‘avf_exclude_maintenance_ids’ – exclude page id’s from maintenance mode (provided by
    • added: filter ‘avf_mask_overlay_images’- add url to a custom mask image to theme default images
    • added: theme support ‘avia_disable_seo_analysis_delay’ – allows to reduce analysis delay in classic editor
    • added: theme support ‘avia_block_editor_disable_fixed_tab’ – disable fullscreen mode in Block Editor
    • deprecated: several functions in class-popup-templates.php for responsive font settings – are replaced by Avia_Popup_Templates::font_sizes_icon_switcher in theme
    • moved several responsive functions from class-popup-templates.php and class-popup-templates-callback.php to class-popup-templates-responsive.php


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