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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version 5.0.2 are as following ( last update 2022-06-24 )

    • tweak: display sortable attachment ID in WP media gallery list view (based on code of Guenni007) – need add_filter( 'avf_media_gallery_sortable_filesize', '__return_true' );
    • fixed: attachment id for custom svg shapes are ignored
    • fixed: CSS for disabled animations on mobile devices

    In Pull Requests:

    • New ALB element: Slideshow Section (postponed for a later release)
    • feature: add mask support to ALB image (image and gradiant)

    Fixes for released version 5.0.1 are as following:

    • tweak: add fallback units to css transform rules in class-element-styling.php
    • tweak: clarify selectbox description for columns mobile breakpoint position
    • tweak: Block editor support – added theme.json file
    • fixed: 0 in multi input fields ignored in some elements (not interpreted as 0px, e.g. special heading)
    • fixed: CSS for tribe events calendar plugin
    • fixed: v5.0 – Fullscreen Slider Button links not working
    • fixed: Lightbox images not responsive on WooCommerce single product page gallery
    • fixed: CSS for WooCommerce variations buy box table elements
    • developer-feature: ALB typography improvement in font_sizes_icon_switcher (in beta) – change selectboxes to input fields for advanced users (theme option Layout Builder -> Typography Input Fields)

    Fixes for released version 5.0 are as following:

    • feature: added position options (responsive) to:
      • image
      • button
      • columns
    • feature: added “Curtain Reveal Animations” (found in Animations Dropdown) to:
      • Image
      • Columns
      • Masonry
      • Masonry Gallery
    • feature: added Animations Dropdown to:
      • button
    • feature: added parallax option (responsive) to:
      • image
      • columns
    • feature: added transform options (perspective, rotate3d, scale3d, skew, translate3d) (responsive) to:
      • image
    • feature: added options to scale (zoom) and opacity for images when slide becomes active:
      • Easy Slider
      • Fullwith Easy Slider
    • feature: minimum column height in % of surrounding layout container
    • feature: ALB Progress Bars options for custom colors of bars
    • feature: added swipe to all devices supporting touch screens (not only to mobile devices)
    • feature: Extended Animations Dropdown with “Advanced Fade Animations”, “Special Advanced Animations”
    • feature: ALB Horizontal Gallery added rotation and styling options
    • feature: ALB PostSlider added Navigation Dots, allow to hide navigation elements
    • feature: ALB Testimonial Slider added navigation styling and animation options
    • feature: Adjusted options (and new options) for most sliders:
      • Slider Control Styling
      • Show Navigation Arrows and Dots (or none)
      • Custom colors for Navigation Arrows and Dots
      • Transitions and speed
      • Autorotate, end with last slide
      • Disable/Enable manual rotate (hide corresponding Navigation Arrows)
    • feature: WPML global layout theme options – keep in sync options for all languages
    • tweak: support image links for slideshows with first slides caption as permanent caption
    • tweak: option to add “alb templates” to top of page (not only to bottom)
    • feature: added support for RankMath SEO plugin (active beta)
    • tweak: CSS Burger Menu – remove space above mobile menu in landscape orientation and mobile devices
    • tweak: add option “Use custom link (fallback is image link)” to ALB Masonry Gallery
    • tweak: ALB Tab Section new option “Deeplink String” (Advanced Tab -> Developer Settings) to set a custom link hash
    • fixed: anchor column link not working when set to open in the same window
    • fixed: Accordion Slider division by zero if no entries or images
    • fixed: Block editor typography letter spacing not working
    • fixed: Block editor and ALB Tab Section have strange behaviour in backend
    • fixed: Google Search only allows 1 tag FAQPage

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • updated: Layerslider Version 7.2.1

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • fixed: Custom elements showing up in search results
    • fixed: ALB Special Heading CSS Subheading – remove opacity for custom color
    • fixed: typo .av-builer-button-disabled
    • fixed: ALB Widget Area selected Footer Columns not displayed
    • fixed: ALB Icon Grid Font Size Selection ignored in frontend results in wrong padding
    • compatibility: WPML – broken layout in translated pages
    • compatibility: WPML – masonry landscape and portrait tags on posts for “Perfect Manual Masonry” mode not displayed correctly


    • added: filter avf_wpml_ratio_check_by_tag_needs_translate – backwards comp when WPML does not translate get_term_by( ‘slug’, …. )
    • added: filter avf_blog_entry_markup_helper_exclude – modify which structured data you want to exclude from output
    • deprecated: function avia_translate_check_by_tag_values replaced by Avia_WPML()->handler_avf_ratio_check_by_tag_values()
    • deprecated: function avia_wpml_sync_avia_layout_builder – no longer needed since 3/2018

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • fixed: incorrect syntax in generated styles for background-image: unset;
    • fixed: sidebars not displayed in certain languages

    Fixes for released version 4.9.2 are as following:

    • fixed: WooCommerce single product page: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_id()

    Fixes for released version 4.9.1 are as following:

    • tweak: added a check to make ALB av_uid unique after editing a page/post/..
    • tweak: added a check for array when filter avf_default_iconfont does not return an array
    • fixed: jQuery Not Defined error in WooCommerce when jQuery loaded in footer
    • fixed: content slider duplicated due to not unique id
    • fixed: Contact form submit button needs to be clicked twice when reCaptcha is enabled due to JS error
    • fixed: background image set in theme options->”General Styling” overrides Color Section custom background color
    • fixed: cart icon not clickable on mobile due to z-index issue when Logo center, menu below option is selected
    • fixed: CSS with header sidebar overrides advanced styling font size for menus
    • fixed: avia_masonry() called with parameter $sc_context = null (= missing )
    • fixed: WooCommerce SKU info doesn’t change when selecting a different variation in ALB Product Purchase Button
    • fixed: broken layout in ALB Icongrid after 4.8.8 when option Items Padding set to 0
    • fixed: broken layout when ALB fullscreen element shortcodes inside icon grid textbox when icon grid not in section or column
    • updated: Layerslider v7.1.3

    Fixes for released version 4.9 are as following:

    • tweak: add font-display option to google webfonts link
    • feature: new options for ALB Elements (see changelog):
      • Accordion
      • Animated Countdown
      • Animated Numbers
      • Events Countdown
      • Team Member
      • Testimonials
    • added: ALB Icon Grid responsive breakpoint options for 50% and fullwidth
    • fixed: problem with uploaded google fonts not working after
    • fixed: ALB Gallery Meta ContentURL Value and remove displayed post title
    • fixed: curtain footer with left/right sidebar for mobile devices not working
    • fixed: ALB slideshow duplicate image of first slideshow – use add_theme_support( ‘avia_post_css_slideshow_fix’ );
    • fixed: Sidebar shadow still visible on mobile view for blog
    • fixed: svg images not visible in modal popup preview window
    • compatibility: fix WPML post grid query for untranslated terms to display only public post types as fallback


    • tweak: Enfold widgets can be used in Block Widget Editor – disabled by default and is in unsupported beta and backend preview is not properly supported
    • added: use add_theme_support( “avia_enable_widgets_block_editor” ); to switch to new block widget editor
    • deprecated: $avia_config[‘use_block_widget_page’]
    • important: custom sidebars cannot be added and removed in Block Widget Editor – switch to old widget page


    • added: action ‘avf_product_slider_html_list_before_item’ – allows e.g. to call do_action( ‘woocommerce_product_thumbnails’);
    • Performance/Security: widgets not needed can be removed and php code is not loaded
    • moved: widget classes in seperate files enfold\framework\php\widgets\widget-classes
    • introduced: namespace aviaFramework
    • introduced: namespace aviaFramework\widgets\base\
    • added: filter ‘avf_widget_loader_base_classes’ – add custom widget base classes loaded before widgets
    • added: filter ‘avf_widget_loader_widget_classes’ – add custom widgets or remove widgets and do not load php code
    • added: filter ‘avf_font_display_google_fonts’ – change theme option Custom Font Display Behaviour for google web fonts
    • added: filter ‘avf_google_fontlist’ – new parameters
    • removed: function avia_get_post_list (deprecated since 4.4.2)
    • removed: function avia_get_comment_list (deprecated since 4.4.2)
    • removed: function avia_google_maps::handler_print_google_maps_scripts (deprecated since 4.4)
    • removed: function avia_google_maps::print_map (deprecated since 4.4)
    • removed: file enfold\framework\php\class-framework-widgets.php -> enfold\framework\php\widgets\class-widget-loader.php
    • removed: widget class avia_tweetbox (moved to enfold\framework\php\widgets\legacy\class-avia-tweetbox.php)
    • deprecated: function avia_option() -> avia_get_option()
    • deprecated: function avia_check_custom_widget() – no longer needed
    • deprecated: function avia_is_dynamic_template() – no longer needed
    • deprecated: function avia_backend_get_dynamic_templates() – no longer needed
    • deprecated: function avia_show_menu_description() – no longer needed


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