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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version 4.6.4 are as following

    • improved: WP Block Editor support
      • WC 3.8 CSS integration of new WooCommerce block elements
      • CSS support for predefined colors for background and text from palette
    • feature: Improved ALB modal popup design – layout – tabs
    • feature: ALB shortcode buttons in editor can be ordered by name (asc or desc), by usage or theme default order
    • feature: Icon grid flip box can rotate x or y axis, improved 3d effect
    • feature: Add a start value to animated numbers
    • feature: ALB Video element new options to autostart, loop, mute, hide controls
    • feature: additional option fields to filter tabs and keep quick css when importing theme options settings file
    • feature: additional option fields to filter tabs and keep quick css when reset of theme options
    • added: action ava_popup_register_dynamic_templates to register templates needed by several ALB elements
    • added: action ava_after_register_dynamic_templates_sc: override or add additional dynamic templates to a shortcode
    • added: filter avf_featured_image_title_attr with context ‘loop_index’
    • added: filter avf_optiospage_hide_tab: hide theme option tab in context
    • added: filter avf_optiospage_hide_data_fields: hides theme option date field in context
    • added: filter avf_alb_taxonomy_values: WPML wrapper to translate object id’s
    • added: filter avf_alb_linkpicker_value: allows WPML to translate ‘linkpicker’ element id’s
    • added: filter avf_settings_import_filter_array: customize filters for import theme options settings to filter or skip imported settings
    • added: filter avf_settings_reset_options_filter_array: customize filters for reset theme options settings
    • added: filter avf_add_google_analytics_cookies_to_custom_cookies
    • added: filter avf_cookie_consent_for_md5: allows to control content for md5 hash for cookie consent message bar
    • fixed: Contactform number validation check now for positiv and negative numbers possible
    • fixed: duplicate protocol in instagram url for lightbox
    • fixed: Bug relevansi ajax search and admin-ajax.php error
    • fixed: small typo errors
    • fixed: Bug in ALB required array when an empty array
    • fixed: Bug new added ALB elements cannot be saved as templates when nested (sections, columns with content inside)
    • fixed: avia_auto_toc widget wrong checkbox value “smoothscroll”
    • fixed: Headline Rotator with typewriter animation and & in text
    • fixed: Update debug info theme update enabled to support new Envato token
    • fixed: Layerslider update info for bundled plugin might not remove update notification
    • fixed: ARIA warning for Accordion ALB element
    • fixed: deactivated special pages like 404 cannot be accessed
    • fixed: WP 5.3 Media Uploader not showing sizes selectbox (theme option page upload image button)
    • fixed: WP 5.3 CSS theme option page selectboxes only partially clickable
    • fixed: removed spaces around codeblock placeholder injection element
    • fixed: Revolution Slider removed min-height style for newer sliders
    • fixed: WPML translation manager integration and problems with several ALB elements like portfolio and masonry sort buttons
    • fixed: Allow to disable Advanced Layer Slider manually, scripts no longer loaded when not needed
    • fixed: Set Theme options Enable Google Maps to disabled by default
    • fixed: missing backend info for disabled ALB elements (Blog, Comments)
    • improved: handling of title attribute on blog post featured image
    • improved: merged files filename extended with a unique timestamp
    • GDPR / DSGVO:
      • fixed: Scroll bug – modal popup can be closed clicking outside of modal window
      • fixed: Bug with reload page markup and cookie consent
      • fixed: Bug Safari browsers throw a js error with cookie consent
      • added: theme support avia_gdpr_permanent_hide_message_bar – adds an option to permanently hide consent message bar but use cookie logic
      • added: theme support avia_gdpr_permanent_hide_message_bar to supress output of HTML for modal popup
      • added: js trigger avia-cookie-settings-changed
      • fixed: Advanced Styling for Cookie Message bar not working
      • added: New Advanced Styling rules for Cookie Message bar buttons
      • added: aria-hidden true to cookie Message bar container to hide from screen readers
      • fixed: Cookie Consent and cache plugin problems
      • fixed: missing call to esc_attr in html tooltip privacy reload page info
      • fixed: Invalid HTML in modal popup
      • improved Google Analytic input field:
        • Google Analytics script is only loaded when allowed
        • Scripts with class google_analytics_scripts are removed when user refuses Google tracking cookies
        • Google Cookies are deleted when user refuses cookies
    • updated: Italian language files
    • updated: German language files
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • updated: Polish language files
    • updated: Persian language files

    In Pull Requests:

    • added: Allow woff2 icon fonts to enqueue and import
    • feature: New demo importer with download of demos from external server

    In Progress:

    • Responsive images – adding scrset attribute to images

    Fixes for released version 4.6.3 are as following

    added: theme support avia_privacy_basic_cookies_unchecked - allows to uncheck 2 basic toggles on initial pageload for new visitors when option selected "user must opt in" (for the other options this is ignored)
    added: option to force a page reload when accepting/not accepting cookies/services
    added: Popup to inform user that page is reloading
    added: new button action "Accept all cookies and services, dismiss notification"
    added: shortcode av_privacy_accept_all_button - one click button to accept all cookies and services
    new filter: avf_auto_reload_message - allows to customize your reload message
    improved: modal popup can only be closed with button or close icon (when no button)
    fixed: Hide message bar badge when message bar is hidden by theme option
    improved: shortcodes and buttons are now disabled when cookie consent is disabled in theme options
    improved: Google Analytics toggle is disabled and unchecked if user selects "Do Not Track" in browser
    added: theme support avia_privacy_ignore_browser_settings to disable browser settings checks
    fixed: missing custom_class in ALB blog
    fixed: double custom_class CSS in ALB codeblock
    fixed: default blog style multi author CSS bug on mobiles (in blog.css)
    added: custom ID to ALB codeblock
    fixed: ALB contact form, hidden labels, label text not visible beside checkbox
    fixed: non unique id avia-menu when cloning if menu not in logo container
    fixed: locally hosted section background video not working when Cookie Consent is enabled
    fixed: problem with custom CSS and id's sanitizations to be too strict and incomplete
    added: rel="noreferrer noopener" for <a target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> and cross domain links to ALB elements, menus and other links
    added: Replaced checkboxes with toggles on theme options page (theme support avia_option_pages_toggles)
    added: ALB videos can be shown in lightbox - lazy loaded on demand only
    new filter: avf_save_string_translated allows to manipulate a sanitized css class or id (example
    updated: German translation files: typo error, sync with source, added some translations
    improved: backend for privacy and cookie tab
    updated: Google Maps version 3.38
    improved: added a description text option to several ALB elements in backend editor - allows to distinguish same elements with different content


    P.S.: Please do not report issues here, instead start a new thread.

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    Hello ,

    Facing issue with overlapping – menu over logo in 10 & 12 inch screen .
    Looks like a theme bug . Kindly fix


    Looking forward to get the “Bug Safari browsers throw a js error with cookie consent” fix. When is 4.6.4 planned to go live?



    We are still working over testing all the functionality before we push an update. We usually do not share dates because something might come up and we delay the release.

    Best regards,


    Is the Safari bug the same issue as google maps not working on Mac iOS devices?


    @laptophobo, I hope so!


    hm – what about:

    P.S.: Please do not report issues here, instead start a new thread.



    Hi Guenni007,

    You know how it is with some people :)

    Best regards,



    this is Jurek from Sott-Media. The current bugfix for the consent the javascript error still is not working in Safari.

    Instead you should change avia-snippet-cookieconsent.js in the following way in line 627 following:

    		function check_doNotTrack()
    			if( window.doNotTrack || navigator.doNotTrack || navigator.msDoNotTrack || 'undefined' != typeof window.external && 'msTrackingProtectionEnabled' in window.external ) 

    Added is ‘undefined’ != typeof window.external &&.

    The object window.external does not exist at all in Safari’s javascript. It is a good idea in general to always check for mainobject-existence when it comes to window. or navigator..

    Here is a reference how to properly read Safari no-track setting, in case you want to add it then:

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    @sott-media Thanks for your comment Jurek! We have forwarded your message to our devs :)


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    Hi oceaneokio,

    Please start a separate thread, describe your issue there and give us a link to your website.

    Best regards,


    Can we please get a better changelog management. 4.6.4 is available but the changelog still does not show the changes for 4.6.4:

    In this threads opening post you promise to post upcoming changes for 4.6.4. but you never did.

    The version.txt file in the full-download zip at themeforest is version 4.6.3.

    Updating without knowing what has changed is like playing russian roulette.

    Please get your changelog / upcoming changes workflow fixed.

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    Sadly it seems responsive options did not get an extra screen width toggle with 1024px (iPad)
    It is really hard to optimize responsive design for iPads without that…
    Can some moderator give any estimate time schedule for this to come?


    Hi @mensmaximus,

    Enfold 4.6.4 is not released yet. We are planning to release it in a week or so. Saturday update on ThemeForest was to activate Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and not an actual update on theme files. We will update changelog as soon as new version is available :)

    Best regards,


    Well, Envato should send another mail “Sorry, we messed up. Here is 100USD credit as apology.” :D


    Hi Milan,

    I doubt that they will do that, but it would have been nice :D

    Best regards,


    Can we get an update, please?

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