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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version 4.8.7 are as following ( last update 2021-10-21 )

    • feature: ALB columns reverse or individual resort order when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
    • feature: ALB gridrow reverse or individual resort order of cells when switching to fullwidth on mobile devices
    • feature: theme option “Transparency Menu Color On Hover”
    • feature: ALB video element option to show fullscreen button for HTML5 videos
    • fixed: missing comma in CSS for mobile and svg makes svg huge
    • fixed: button CSS top border issue on :active – removed !important in button.css
    • fixed: Option Remove query string from static resources breaks invalidation of post css files – option willl be ignored for these files
    • fixed: ALB Textblock custom element lockable custom CSS class missing
    • fixed: fullwidth submenu alignment ignored for mobile button
    • fixed: undefined constant THEMENAME in Mailchimp Newsletter Signup widget
    • fixed: typography font size not applied in block editor in frontend
    • fixed: ALB masonry gallery lightbox title not corresponding to options settings for flexible masonry
    • fixed: ALB magazine category sort buttons break frontend when no entries are found
    • fixed: svg logo broken when svg tag in multiple lines
    • fixed: svg logo not displayed for non logged in users
    • tweak: add missing markup to section background videos and slideshow videos
    • tweak: accessibility support:
      • added: Accessibility Tab to Theme Extensions Page
      • added: tab key access support to main menu with submenus and megamenu
      • added: visual appearance with keyboard access to menus (focus now equivalent to mouse hover effects)
      • added: attributes role=”menuitem” tabindex=”0″ to menu items
      • added: started support for plugin “One Click Accessibility” ( )
      • added: started support for plugin “WP Accessibility” ( )
    • tweak: remove : when empty label from contact form emails
    • tweak: extended date filter to “last xxx days/weeks/month/years” for ALB elements:
      • Blog
      • Magazine
      • Masonry
      • Portfolio
      • Post Slider
      • Accordion Slider
      • Featured Image Slider
    • added: filter ‘avf_social_media_icon_display_name’ – change tooltip display name of icon
    • added: filter ‘avf_form_mail_label’ – allows to change label text on E-Mail of a contact form
    • added: filter ‘avf_wp_accessibility_outline_width’ – change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret
    • added: filter ‘avf_wp_accessibility_outline_style’ – change hardcoded plugin value for focus caret
    • Following elements have been updated to support post css files:
      • Dropcap 1 (Big Letter)
      • Dropcap 2 (Colored Background)
      • Fullwidth Sub Menu
      • Grid Row (and Cells)
      • OSM – Leaflet Map
      • Post Metadata
      • Search
      • Social Buttons
      • Team
      • Tabs
      • Textblock
      • Timeline
      • Video
    • Updated: LayerSlider Version 6.11.9

    In Pull Requests:

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • feature: ALB Contact Form add elements Headline and Empty Line (allows to structure layout of contactform and e-mails)
    • tweak: support for relative path for svg files (Logo and Transparency Logo)
    • fixed: logo disappeared after update
    • fixed: Animated Countdown shows negative month and days

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • feature: svg support for Logo and Header -> Transparency Options -> Transparency Logo (please remove any custom CSS or js)
    • tweak: manually added color sections support url to background image added to src attribute
    • tweak: manually added columns support url to background image added to src attribute
    • fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/blog/blog.php
    • fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/magazine/magazine.php
    • fixed: Undefined index: img_scrset in config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/postslider/postslider.php
    • fixed: PHP 8.0.10 fatal error in formatting parameter in includes/admin/option_tabs/avia_blog.php
    • fixed: Google Analytics new global site tag G-XXXX not working with cookie consent (only old UA-XXXX was working)
    • fixed: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to AviaBuilder::handler_wp_dbx_post_sidebar() caused by 3rd party plugin
    • fixed: Notice: Undefined variable: the_id in footer.php
    • fixed: TOC widget does not display headline links without a class
    • fixed: Google analytics and reCaptcha V2 double counting submit click
    • added: filter ‘avf_upload_svg_images’ – allow other users than administrator to upload svg files in media library
    • added: filter ‘avf_svg_images_get_html’ – manipulate html of svg image returned
    • added: filter ‘avf_svg_images_header_logo_aspect_ratio’ – manipulate preserve_aspect_ratio for svg image
    • added: filter ‘avf_cookie_modal_html_attributes’ – additional attributes for cookie modal popup window (data-nosnippet added by default)


    • added: class aviaSVGImages with support for loading svg files inline

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • feature: sticky footer with curtain effect for streched layout (theme option “Footer” tab)
    • feature: new option “Font Hover Color” in Theme options -> Advanced Styling -> “Menu Links in overlay/slide out”
    • feature: new theme option “Main Menu -> Menu Handling for Mobile Devices In Landscape Mode”
    • feature: Add image size option to following ALB elements:
      • Image
      • Image with hotspots
      • Magazine
      • Masonry
    • feature: add SEO support for qualified outbound links (rel = sponsored, ugc) to ALB elements
    • feature: disable responsive images for single ALB elements – must be activated with “add_theme_support( ‘avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option’ );”
    • added: svg and webp to filterlist for ALB image in backend
    • fixed: CSS for tooltips of social share buttons broken when blog element is disabled
    • fixed: small CSS improvements for TEC
    • fixed: avia pagination breaks with additional query parameters
    • fixed: masonry gallerie CSS for mobile
    • fixed: highlighted column overlap incorrectly
    • fixed: Horizontal Gallery not loading full width on first load when added below a Color Section
    • fixed: CSS for Vertical Timeline Milestone Contentbox ol & ul bullets missing
    • fixed: remove duplicated aria-hidden=”true” from slide navigation arrows
    • fixed: CSS TabSections left aligned when Theme Options -> General Layout -> Fixed Frame
    • fixed: ALB video – all videos repeat after the end, except Youtube videos
    • fixed: DivisionByZeroError fatal error on Logoslider when SVG images (or image types not having a width) are used
    • tweak: modify page as footer options text to be more clear
    • tweak: WooCommerce remove lazy load attribute for main image on single product page because above the fold
    • tweak: ALB Magazine element added note that options for heading text are found in “Advanced” tab
    • tweak: remove post titles link on single blog post (linking back to own entry)
    • tweak: remove “Helvetica Neue” fonts from fallback fonts stack as this is not a free font and not supported PC and some other browsers and devices
    • tweak: add backend preview for ALB accordion and improve color styling
    • tweak: add animated backend preview for ALB Progress Bars
    • tweak: added selector “#header_main .container .logo svg” for logo in js/avia-snippet-sticky-header.js
    • added: filter ‘avf_color_sets’ – modify color sets for backend
    • added: filter ‘avf_alb_linkpicker_memory_limit’ – modify php memory limit when filling selectbox for linkpicker in ALB elements
    • added: action ‘ava_before_footer_output’ – fires after a possible curtain container div had been written
    • added: action ‘ava_after_footer_output’ – fires before a possible curtain container container div will be written
    • added: action ‘ava_after_footer’ – fires after footer closing div had been written
    • added: filter ‘avf_alb_image_copyright_text’ – allows to modify ALB image copyright text e.g. to keep HTML tags
    • added: filter ‘avf_preview_window_js_support’ – allows to disable js support in preview windows (currently only used by Accordion)
    • added: filter ‘avf_alb_rel_attr_for_link’ – allows to e.g. remove noreferrer from rel attribute of links from ALB elements
    • added: theme support avia_show_alb_responsive_image_option – activates feature to deactivate responsive images in single ALB elements
    • removed: deprecated “image-rendering: optimizeQuality;” from base.css
    • removed: theme support ‘avia_rel_nofollow_for_links’ – replaced by theme option SEO Support -> Support ALB Elements To Qualify Links
    • compatibility update: jQuery 3.0 ( replace deprecated $( document ).ready( handler ) )


    • moved enfold\js\avia-admin-preview.js to enfold\config-templatebuilder\avia-template-builder\assets\js\avia-admin-preview.js

    Fixes for released version are as following:

    • feature: ALB Special Heading option for padding around headline text
    • fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: aviaShortcodeTemplate::unique_css_element_id(): Argument #1 ($atts) must be of type array
    • fixed: TEC duplicated HTML before event and after event content
    • fixed: masonry ajax load more spinner crashes layout during loading
    • fixed: backwards compatibility with older theme settings export files
    • fixed: Accordion CSS for elegant style long text overlap +/- icon
    • fixed: Column 1/1 element custom margin not applying on mobile

    Fixes for released version are as following

    • fixed: section background color not showing (wrong selector – parallax but no image selected)
    • fixed: Accordion stylings not compatible with 4.8.3 inside sections
    • fixed: Whitespace/Seperator margin ignored due to weak selector
    • fixed: undefined variable: img_style in av-helper-masonry.php
    • fixed: TEC link colors on organizer and venue pages
    • tweak: masonry elements large gap – added 15px padding to center
    • tweak: replace image background position strings with % values (fixes problem with minification plugins breaking layout)
    • added: Accordion Element new option “Custom Hover +/- Icon Color”
    • added: filter avf_post_css_create_file – allows to skip post css file generation
    • Feature: …

    Fixes for released version 4.8.6 are as following

    • tweak: add support for responsive svg dividers (height: auto and max-height)
    • tweak: added fallback background-color for gradient colors
    • tweak: filter avf_ajax_search_excerpt added new parameter $post
    • tweak: columns – remove #top from selectors for non margin rules
    • tweak: columns – backwards comp padding 0px as default only adding class av-zero-column-padding and no styling
    • tweak: svg dividers are hidden when parallax section with overlay
    • fixed: bottom: -2px for .avia-divider-svg-bottom because of small gap on different screen sizes
    • fixed: CSS selector bug with equal height columns and custom margin settings being overridden
    • fixed: Accordion stylings to be backwards compatible prior to 4.8.4
    • fixed: added #top to hr selector for invisible (whitespace)
    • fixed: multi input field settings do not show up correct in post css file
    • fixed: old column shortcodes break output of background color
    • fixed: masonry elements – paginagtion and load more images not showing

    Fixes for released version 4.8.5 are as following

    • feature: theme options to display/hide social profile links on blog posts (please save theme options)
    • fixed: buttons transparent colors border disappeared and border width settings not working
    • fixed: iconbox “Content” is ignored
    • fixed: animated numbers “Description” is ignored
    • fixed: icon “Optional Tooltip” is ignored
    • fixed: accordion scrolls to the top when opening/closing toggles
    • fixed: preview problem with margins with equal height columns
    • fixed: Special Heading selector for custom margins
    • fixed: Gallery layout with lightbox broken in chrome browsers
    • fixed: columns background gradient with transparency
    • tweak: disable new WP block editor widget screen as not supported by theme at the moment
    • tweak: svg dividers fill color bound to svg tag and not to path – allows more flexibility for svg structure
    • tweak: custom svg dividers support attachment id’s for normal and negative svg to upload with WP media uploader
    • added: Austrian language files de_AT
    • updated: Dutch language files nl_NL (version 4.8.4, provided by EZWebdesign – Roger Hoen )


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