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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version 4.6.4 are as following

    • feature: ALB shortcode buttons in editor can be ordered by name (asc or desc), by usage or theme default order
    • feature: Icon grid flip box can rotate x or y axis, improved 3d effect
    • added: ALB Video element new options to autostart, loop, mute, hide controls
    • fixed: Contactform number validation check (0 and positiv numbers)
    • fixed: duplicate protocol in instagram url for lightbox
    • fixed: Bug relevansi ajax search and admin-ajax.php error
    • fixed: small typo errors
    • fixed: Bug in ALB required array when an empty array
    • fixed: Bug new added ALB elements cannot be saved as templates when nested (sections, columns with content inside)
    • added: Allow woff2 icon fonts to enqueue and import
    • GDPR / DSGVO:
      • fixed: Scroll bug – modal popup can be closed clicking outside of modal window
      • fixed: Bug with reload page markup and cookie consent
      • fixed: Bug Safari browsers throw a js error with cookie consent
      • added: theme support avia_gdpr_permanent_hide_message_bar – adds an option to permanently hide consent message bar but use cookie logic
    • updated: Italian language files
    • updated: German language files

    In Progress:

    • Improve ALB modal popup design – layout – tabs
    • Responsive images – adding scrset attribute to images

    Fixes for released version 4.6.3 are as following

    added: theme support avia_privacy_basic_cookies_unchecked - allows to uncheck 2 basic toggles on initial pageload for new visitors when option selected "user must opt in" (for the other options this is ignored)
    added: option to force a page reload when accepting/not accepting cookies/services
    added: Popup to inform user that page is reloading
    added: new button action "Accept all cookies and services, dismiss notification"
    added: shortcode av_privacy_accept_all_button - one click button to accept all cookies and services
    new filter: avf_auto_reload_message - allows to customize your reload message
    improved: modal popup can only be closed with button or close icon (when no button)
    fixed: Hide message bar badge when message bar is hidden by theme option
    improved: shortcodes and buttons are now disabled when cookie consent is disabled in theme options
    improved: Google Analytics toggle is disabled and unchecked if user selects "Do Not Track" in browser
    added: theme support avia_privacy_ignore_browser_settings to disable browser settings checks
    fixed: missing custom_class in ALB blog
    fixed: double custom_class CSS in ALB codeblock
    fixed: default blog style multi author CSS bug on mobiles (in blog.css)
    added: custom ID to ALB codeblock
    fixed: ALB contact form, hidden labels, label text not visible beside checkbox
    fixed: non unique id avia-menu when cloning if menu not in logo container
    fixed: locally hosted section background video not working when Cookie Consent is enabled
    fixed: problem with custom CSS and id's sanitizations to be too strict and incomplete
    added: rel="noreferrer noopener" for <a target="_blank"> and cross domain links to ALB elements, menus and other links
    added: Replaced checkboxes with toggles on theme options page (theme support avia_option_pages_toggles)
    added: ALB videos can be shown in lightbox - lazy loaded on demand only
    new filter: avf_save_string_translated allows to manipulate a sanitized css class or id (example
    updated: German translation files: typo error, sync with source, added some translations
    improved: backend for privacy and cookie tab
    updated: Google Maps version 3.38
    improved: added a description text option to several ALB elements in backend editor - allows to distinguish same elements with different content


    P.S.: Please do not report issues here, instead start a new thread.

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    When is the next update coming?



    We never put public release dates just to make sure we do not fall outside any deadlines :)

    Best regards,


    I love that you ahve put together a list like this. It helps us plan and make adaptations as needed.


    Apologies – just read the part about not noting issues here.

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