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    We wanted to create this thread as a channel to share the fixes that will be included in upcoming updates and known issues that are being worked on.

    Current fixes for upcoming version are as following (last update 2020-11-08)

    • fixed: Pagination not working for page 1 for some ALB elements
    • fixed: replaced avia_sc_toggle::counter in config-templatebuilder\avia-shortcodes\tabs\tabs.php with avia_sc_tab::$counter
    • fixed: important xss vulnerability – prohibit injection of code in $_REQUEST[‘paged’] and search results and archive pages
    • tweak: Make ALB compatble with LearnDash plugin in backend
    • tweak: Remove “special character” warning message from code block textarea (might be confusing)
    • added: new YouTube social icon to icon font
    • added: filter avf_logo_dimension: change predefined logo dimensions
    • added: filter avf_alb_masonry_img_custom_link_fallback: allow to change behaviour as up to
    • updated: french language files fr_FR
    • updated: dutch language files nl_NL (

    Under Progress:

    • Feature: Editable ALB Element Templates

    In Pull Requests:

    • feature: New demo importer with download of demos from external server

    Fixes for released version

    • fixed: small typos in strings
    • fixed: Ajax Portfolio Grid broken layout when using ALB fullwidth button shortcode in ajax preview text
    • fixed: ALB Post Metadata double seperator when empty string inside
    • fixed: ALB Post Metadata remove empty tab styling in sub modal popup
    • fixed: ALB element Tab Section – non latin character in tab titles brakes click behaviour
    • fixed: added default values to av_responsive_images::handler_wp_lazy_loading_enabled for compatibility with 3rd party plugins
    • fixed: Pagination for ALB elements broken since WP 5.5 on non pages
    • fixed: ALB bug with WP 5.5 and plugins which enqueue \wp-admin\js\updates.min.js on edit pages – space bar ignored in input fields
    • fixed: ALB modal window preview “Textblock” styling of h tags
    • fixed: setcookie notice for PHP < 7.3
    • fixed: ALB Progress bars not showing up correctly in Tab Section on mobile
    • fixed: WP object cache bug with theme auto update
    • fixed: WC sorting order in ALB elements
    • fixed: double CSS rule entries in enfold.css (enfold_child.css) in dynamic_avia folder (from advanced styling tab)
    • fixed: typo in ALB Icon List
    • fixed: ALB Element Icon List heading tag selection not working for small styling
    • tweak: WooCommerce cart icon item count is now updated using woocommerce cart fragment and get_cart_contents_count() (minimum WC 3.0) – better compatibility to 3rd party plugins
    • tweak: ALB element “Post Metadata” dates are now localized
    • tweak: Cookie message bar and aria-hidden attribute – attribute changes to false when bar is shown for better accessibility
    • tweak: ALB elements option “Lazy Loading Of Images” moved to new tab “Advanced -> Performance”
    • tweak: added z-index 10 to #avia-builder and #avia_sc_parser in ALB to fix problem with plugins
    • Tweak: ALB elements containing “Image Gallery” added missing options for lightbox title and custom link for similar behaviour
    • tweak: moved theme option “Automated HTML Markup” to SEO tab
    • tweak: filter avf_in_shortcode_handler_prepare_content: called with HTML created by executed shortcode before returning it
    • tweak: add WC filters for hidden and featured products to some ALB elements
    • tweak: warning message for special characters in ALB modal popup text inputfields that might break ALB backend and frontend output
    • tweak: ALB tab element aria improvement (remove “-active” from hashtag)
    • added: WC options for hidden and featured products to some ALB elements
    • added: filter avf_critical_modal_charecters: Add/remove characters that might break ALB backend or frontend
    • added: filter avf_header_meta_viewport: change header meta tag viewport (also for non mobile)
    • improved: AviaHelper::get_entry() can be filtered (e.g. WPML)
    • feature: Added FAQ markup to Accordion – can be activated with option
    • updated: all language files in sync with (removed obsolete strings, updated typos, added new strings)
    • updated: Dutch language files (nl_NL)
    • updated: Italien language files (it_IT)


    • deprecated: functiion Avia_Builder::setFullwidthElements, use $this->config[‘is_fullwidth’] = ‘yes’; in shortcode instead
    • deprecated: filter avf_fwd_elements – no longer needed

    Fixes for released version

    • fixed: WooCommerce and broken ajax search (in conjunction with plugins hooking into search query)
    • fixed: DragDrop and scroll not working with WP 5.5 block editor and ALB
    • fixed: ALB TabSection “Auto adjust height to content” not working
    • feature: ALB element “Special Heading” new styling with icon added
    • feature: WooCommerce Option to disable cart icon
    • new ALB element: Post Metadata

    Fixes for released version

    • checked: compatibility WP 5.5
    • checked: compatibility jQuery 3.x (jQuery Migrate not activated)
    • fixed: ALB TabSection shows new added tab – should be hidden because current tab remains active
    • fixed: ALB modal popup layout broken using magic wand button from open text block element
    • fixed: ALB TabSection with no title broken behaviour when switching tabs
    • fixed: js console “samesite” warnings for theme privacy cookies – “will be refused in future due to wrong value”
    • fixed: filtered values not recognised in avf_slideshow_config and avf_partner_logo_config
    • fixed: jQuery 3.x bug with transparent header
    • fixed: custom id missing in ALB table element tabular data
    • added: missing textdomain to recaptcha_v3 string to make translateable
    • added: make logo a responsive image
    • added: default value for missing 2nd parameter for filters jpeg_quality and wp_editor_set_quality (probably caused by 3rd party plugin)
    • added: default lightbox mfp-image alt attribute is set, when masonry has a background image
    • added: default lightbox mfp-title if title for image is empty, alt text is displayed (if exists – must be activated with filter avf_lightbox_show_alt_text)
    • added: image markup for blog featured image
    • added: filter avf_partner_logo_config: allows to filter config for ALB Partner/Logo Element
    • added: filter avf_lightbox_show_alt_text: activate that lightbox shows alt attribute when title empty (deactivated by default – might change in future releases)
    • feature: Add support for WP loading=”lazy” attribute
    • tweak: updated waypoints script to version 4.0.1 (supports jQuery 3.x)
    • tweak: better support for “custom link” for images in ALB Gallery, Masonry Gallery, Horizontal Gallery
    • tweak: integrate WP option “Search engine visibility” in theme header meta tag name=robots
    • updated: Italien language files
    • updated: German language files
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • updated: Layerslider v 6.11.2

    Fixes for released version

    • fixed: typo error in html markup in slideshow displaying ‘ below
    • fixed: ALB element modal popup broken layout in classic editor
    • tweak: Add rel=”noopener noreferrer” to ALB testimonial external link
    • updated: Italian language files

    Fixes for released version 4.7.6

    • fixed: Appearance > Customize area, plugins cause “Call to undefined function gutenberg_can_edit_post_type”
    • fixed: Slideshow fade transition stops from last to first slide
    • fixed: Gridrow CSS with fixed height and mobile break point
    • fixed: CSS causing wrong 50px margin on equal height columns
    • fixed: ALB timeline custom inline date font size not working
    • fixed: animated numbers js missing data attribute number_format – allow shortcode progress bar with decimal point numbers
    • fixed: html markup warning in breadcrumb <a itemprop="url"href="xxxx"
    • fixed: notices in WC admin pages since WC 4.x
    • fixed: equal height column 50px margin removed from first row, kept for other rows to have a consistent layout when mixed with individual height rows
    • fixed: ALB Timeline CSS for list items in content of horizontal timeline
    • fixed: ALB Mailchimp broken layout after changing content in backend
    • fixed: ALB Animated Numbers linktarget not working
    • fixed: Replaced deprecated Google Font “Terminal Dosis” with “Dosis” in font select box
    • fixed: woff2 icon font not loading
    • fixed: Google Maps version updated to 3.41
    • added: “Short description for backend” option to ALB table element
    • added: filter avf_author_description_loop_about: skip author bio or modify default output
    • added: $context param to author meta data filters avf_author_xxxx in loop-about-author.php
    • added: alt attribute to fixed size masonry background image container
    • added: function avia_woocommerce_thumbnail is overrideable
    • added: security check to register-admin-options.php
    • added: filter avf_masonry_aria_image_link_text – modify aria label text for masonry images
    • added: aria_label attribute for masonry gallery images
    • added: filter avf_skip_enqueue_scripts_backend_gmaps: supress loading of Google Maps scripts in backend
    • added: filter avf_skip_enqueue_scripts_backend_grecaptcha: supress loading of Google reCaptcha scripts in backend
    • tweak: add missing parameter to filter wp_nav_menu_item_custom_fields
    • tweak: ALB Accordion ARIA fix tab id warning, added ARIA support to ALB Tabs and ALB Tab Section
    • tweak: show WooCommerce placeholer image as fallback on shop page
    • tweak: extended option Unique timestamp of merged files to Unique timestamp of merged files and WP object cache bug
    • feature: ALB buttons options for background color, background color hover and font color
    • feature: theme option to block and hide “Reset All Options” button (Tab Import/Export/…)
    • feature: allow WP comments template to be used on classic editor pages
    • feature: added option to disable Enfolds meta tag name=robots settings (new theme options tab SEO Support)
    • feature: remember tab and toggle setting in ALB modal popup of last used element
    • feature: Responsive images support (srcset and sizes attribute) – using WP logic to ALB elements
    • updated: Dutch language files
    • updated: Spanish language files
    • updated: French language files
    • Updated: German Formal language files
    • updated: Fixed typo errors in strings – all language files have been synchronised (could be that translations are missing due to corrected typo errors)


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