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    Hi guys, this is my site in Enfold, tones of things to improve tho: digital marketing agency bangkok


    Hi oceanidas,

    Nice work, thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    Cheers everyone,

    feel free to visit my site for inspiration about the popular sport of freediving/breath hold diving here:

    Completely build with the lovely enfold theme :)

    Best regards


    I am re-sharing a project I completed a few years ago.

    I have just updated Enfold to the latest build and applied some speed and performance updates. is the first site I have managed to get to a record 94/100 in Google lighthouse/web vitals testing ready for the roll out at the end of the year.

    It is easy to get enfold to score 90+ in gtmetrix but much harder to meet Googles strict testing. Still working out how I am going to get my entire portfolio of Enfold sites above 90/100 in Web vitals but they are all getting close now!

    For this site I have disabled Jetpack Lazy load as it actually slowed the site down too much. It depends on the design as to how effective this is.


    Hi Freediver2011 and thinkjarvis,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    Another launch last week.

    This time for Swadlincote Aerials and Home Security Ltd

    Swadlincote Aerials is a local business based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire UK. The brief was to modernise the design, add a bespoke booking form and make it so the owners could easily update their gallery of works and social media.
    The site uses smash balloon instagram feed allowing the customer to update their website, instagram and facebook pages all from the app on their phones.

    Because animations are used it appears that Srcset isn’t working on some of the images on the home page. So GTMetrix scores are a little low at the moment but this has little impact on the Google Web Vitals scores.

    Nice project for a local business looking to get their website working in the right way for their business.
    Key performance plugins: wp-optimize, jetpack CDN and Photon, bespoke .htaccess settings. I also use the stop generating image sizes plugin to remove a majority of enfolds auto generated image sizes.



    Nice work @thinkjarvis, thanks again for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,

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