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    Another one up
    Senturian Security Group Ltd are one of the UK’s leading corporate and event security companies in the UK. Established in 2006 and approved by the SIA they provide a range of manned security services including close protection (bodyguards), event stewards, door guards and reception / gate house operatives.

    Think Jarvis designed the new website and revised the company logo as part of an ongoing company re-brand and marketing project. The site is based on Enfold and uses a custom icon font rather than PNGs throughout the site. Each page is designed to be used as a landing page for each service and for future Pay Per Click campaigns.
    The icons on the home page use a modified 5 column layout set to 7 columns so that all of the service icons fit on one line. (Thanks support forum for assistance).

    You can see the site here:
    Senturian Security – Manned Security Contractor based in the UK

    The site scores 87/100 in Google Lighthouse with more performance features coming including font pre-load / pre-fetch. Further improvements to be made prior to May 2021. The customer has requested a live chat which will affect performance figures. So it may not be possible to achieve 90/100 with this feature enabled.


    Hi there,

    we are using Enfold for quite some time and a selection of projects. is the latest website for a car dealer built on Enfold.

    The knowledge base and forum once again were helpful a lot.Thanks!!



    Hi Elias,

    Great job!
    I especially liked the way you used the background image in section right below Tab Container element and the first slide at the bottom of the page :)

    Best regards,


    Hi there,

    We used Enfold to make our brand new Acoustic band site ‘Hidden Senses’.

    We absolutely love the theme. Thnx for building this Kriesi!

    Check our site at




    Hi Filip,

    Thanks for sharing, and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    Here is our latest iteration of our website using Enfold –



    Thanks for sharing @Barry, nice work!

    Best regards,


    Here’s my site about football legends, using the legendary theme enfold,


    Hey @eddygame,

    Thanks for your sharing your website! It looks great. Reminded me of my childhood days when I would play football with friends wearing Del Piero jersey :)



    We’ve just completed another really smart Enfold WooCommerce store for a customer in the UK.

    The Health Workshop is a health food store and therapy centre based in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, UK. The shop stocks a wide range of products including high quality supplements, organic & free from food & drink, sports nutrition and natural home & beauty products. They also offer studio classes and holistic therapies in their own private rooms.

    The company has had a full rebrand so the website has been designed to closely match the original concepts created by their branding consultant.
    The header and menu have been modified for a mobile-first approach and a left hand slide out menu rather than right. The WooCommerce shop look has been separated into categories and products rather than both appearing in the same feed. A new widget area has been added to all shop categories allowing category and attribute filters to be visible on both desktop PCs and Mobiles.

    Enfolds default Basket page has been overwritten – So that it includes quantity selectors on mobiles in portrait mode.

    You can see the site here: The Health Workshop Ashby De La Zouch

    Web vitals pass
    The site scores 90+ in Chrome lighthouse testing. Equating to what should be a pass mark over the entire site. The site design lends itself well to speed and has no large banner images – helping keep the scores consistent throughout the site.

    A small amount of work left to do here for image size optimisation – See this post:



    in my current WordPress installation with the latest update from Enfold, the update of the layer slider is missing.

    What can I do?


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    Thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi pluszwei,

    Please open a new thread and include WordPress admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look at your site.

    Best regards,


    Dear fellow enfoldholics. This is the site I am working on now for a while. I make all here myself and have not the greatest coding knowledge. So I am more than thankful for Kreisis product. If you see some flaws or room for enhancements please let me know. A lot of things are far from what I wanted to achieve, but I try to redo things from time to time.

    This is a website for our mechanical watches.


    Hi Ole,

    Thanks for sharing! I really liked the colors you used on your website. Really nice watches too :)

    Best regards,


    Project update.
    After successfully launching a new website for The Honeypot Tearooms in Rosliston, Swadlincote, UK – I was asked to add eCommerce functionality. You can now order fresh brownies delivered to your door straight from the Honeypot Bakery.

    You can see the site here:
    The Honeypot Tea Rooms, Order Brownies Online

    Web Vitals Pass 95/100
    The site passes Google Web Vitals when tested in Lighthouse 95/100 without a CDN or Lazy Load Module. I am looking into using Cloudflare with Railgun but testing is required yet. Browser Side Lazy Load is enabled in Enfolds performance settings instead.

    Image optimization has been applied along with Font Pre-Load since launch.

    A small amount of work left to do as always. But this is a good example of a pass mark without any kind of paid optimization plugin.

    Note that using page speed insights generates a slightly lower score. But nothing I am overly concerned about. This seems to be a common problem with Page speed insights.

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    Looking really nice @thinkjarvis, and good job with the optimization.

    Those brownies are mouth watering. :)

    Best regards,


    Hi guys – Enfold is great! I always use Enfold for new websites for my clients:

    Enfold is great for SEO…right out of the box as other comments have mentioned. One question…how would I do something like this with Enfold:

    Thanks as always!!


    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for sharing, and for using Enfold :-)

    If you need help with a design or a technical problem, then please open a new thread.

    Best regards,


    Hi everyone, I made this website a year back using Enfold, I dont have web design experience and I made this for a friend of mine. So don’t be too harsh on me. Let me know what you think. I think there’s roughly 40 pages on it, and we used the tabs to make color charts. We didn’t use any secondary plugins to create any of the elements. It might be a little heavy, but it’s okay as it’s a brochure / showcase site. We tried to use every feature that Enfold had to offer. So let me know what you think. Again, I have zero web design / coding experience.

    Live Website
    Pedini of Detroit


    Hi rico_444,

    Nice work :-)

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold.

    Best regards,


    One question…how would I do something like this with Enfold:

    Hi Michele,
    I’m also curious, but none of the Apps I used, managed to identify the platform used on that website.
    With Enfold the only way we can do something like that would be, using Layerslide. They even have a Demo very similar to this.
    If you find how they do it, please remember to tell us, I’m very interested.
    Also, curious is the fact that “Duartestavern” is of Portuguese descents.



    We finished our new schoolsite using Enfold. Worked great! Best theme ever.

    You can find us here

    Greetz from Belgium!




    : You could create the same layout using multiple color sections with fixed background. With layer slider, you have to use the Pro version with the play-by-scroll option.


    @filipro: Good job. Thanks for sharing!

    Best regards,


    ich bin absolut von Enfold begeistert und für mich ist das Theme sehr effizient in meiner Arbeit als Designer zu bedienen.
    Hier eine weitere Seite mit Enfold erstellt – Danke.

    Besten Dank an das Team


    ich bin absolut von Enfold begeistert und für mich ist das Theme sehr effizient in meiner Arbeit als Designer zu bedienen.
    Hier eine weitere Seite mit Enfold erstellt – Danke.

    Besten Dank an das Team


    Hi spirit1958,

    Thanks for using Enfold, and for sharing. Your site looks really good!

    Best regards,


    Right now? Yes!

    I just finished repainting my site.
    Here is the new chocolate skin



    Hi Luigi,

    Great work! I really liked the color scheme. Really nice brown detail on your black and white photo on About page :)

    Best regards,


    Using ENFOLD for several sites for several years.
    That 70s Guy

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