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    Hi fgsbelgern,

    Thanks for sharing your site, nice work!

    Best regards,


    Hi Folks, here is Vertical Menu website design. Please share your thoughts.


    Hey DrPrem,

    nice site and good luck with it.
    Check your events, cause they all link to an 404 error.



    Thank you @asterios. I will check errors.
    Thank you @Mike, appreciate your suggestions.


    We have updated our Enfold-themed website –



    Love the use of the full width elements on the Harefield Church Website.
    I have noticed that the the mobile menu flyout isn’t wide to display each menu item fully. I would recommend increasing the width or using the full screen flyout for a better user experience :)


    Hi Barry,

    Thanks for sharing your site, nice work :-)

    Best regards,



    I submit my new website:




    Hi Davide,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold, very nice work! :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi All,

    Some more websites designed using Enfold launched over the past 2 weeks by Think Jarvis Design & Marketing.

    Simply Needlecraft Haberdashery & Sewing Studio is an ecommerce store with over 1700 products all uploaded using CSV files to save time. The site has some unique modifications like adding a search bar with Ajax support to the header area rather than appending it to the main menu. I also added the category control plugin so that text can be added to product categories for SEO purposes.
    Optimisation – Difficult to improve further given the weight of Woocommerce – Square payments plugin contains performance bugs which have not been fixed yet by the developers. Scaled images not yet implemented fully as update to latest enfold version needs a quick test before roll out.
    Caching using WP-Optimize.
    Jetpack CDN
    Bespoke .htaccess server settings

    Derbyshire Artificial Lawns is a small business specialising in artificial grass, resin bound driveways and outdoor garden buildings. This is a simply site with an instagram feed integrated so that the customer can update their portfolio, instagram and facebook pages all from the instagram app on their phone.
    Scores 98% and 90% in GTMetrix
    Currently at 70/100 in Lighthouse due to use of animations rather than lazy load and use of full screen image above the fold on the home page. Max pos score of around 81 without adjusting the full screen image design.

    Caching using WP-Optimize.
    Jetpack CDN
    Bespoke .htaccess server settings

    Specialist Tradesmen Ltd is a local bathroom and kitchen installer specialising in bathrooms and kitchen adaptations for age related mobility issues and disabilities. Another simple site with an instagram feed so the customer can update his social profiles and portfolio from the instagram app.
    Currently waiting for update to the latest Enfold build and WP 5.5.
    Scores 98% and 93% in GTMetrix

    Caching using WP-Optimize.
    Jetpack CDN
    Bespoke .htaccess server settings


    Hi thinkjarvis,

    Thanks for sharing your sites and for using Enfold. Great loading scores as well :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi guys, this is my site in Enfold, tones of things to improve tho: digital marketing agency bangkok


    Hi oceanidas,

    Nice work, thanks for sharing :-)

    Best regards,


    Cheers everyone,

    feel free to visit my site for inspiration about the popular sport of freediving/breath hold diving here:

    Completely build with the lovely enfold theme :)

    Best regards


    I am re-sharing a project I completed a few years ago.

    I have just updated Enfold to the latest build and applied some speed and performance updates. is the first site I have managed to get to a record 94/100 in Google lighthouse/web vitals testing ready for the roll out at the end of the year.

    It is easy to get enfold to score 90+ in gtmetrix but much harder to meet Googles strict testing. Still working out how I am going to get my entire portfolio of Enfold sites above 90/100 in Web vitals but they are all getting close now!

    For this site I have disabled Jetpack Lazy load as it actually slowed the site down too much. It depends on the design as to how effective this is.


    Hi Freediver2011 and thinkjarvis,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    Another launch last week.

    This time for Swadlincote Aerials and Home Security Ltd

    Swadlincote Aerials is a local business based in Swadlincote, Derbyshire UK. The brief was to modernise the design, add a bespoke booking form and make it so the owners could easily update their gallery of works and social media.
    The site uses smash balloon instagram feed allowing the customer to update their website, instagram and facebook pages all from the app on their phones.

    Because animations are used it appears that Srcset isn’t working on some of the images on the home page. So GTMetrix scores are a little low at the moment but this has little impact on the Google Web Vitals scores.

    Nice project for a local business looking to get their website working in the right way for their business.
    Key performance plugins: wp-optimize, jetpack CDN and Photon, bespoke .htaccess settings. I also use the stop generating image sizes plugin to remove a majority of enfolds auto generated image sizes.



    Nice work @thinkjarvis, thanks again for sharing and for using Enfold :-)

    Best regards,


    well I do this website 2016 with Enfold but I always forget to show you guys,
    here it is, let me know what you think:

    King regards, Moveks


    Hi Moveks,

    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold, very nice work!

    Best regards,



    Thanks for sharing @Justin, nice work :-)

    Best regards,


    Hi All,

    Another two Fantastic Enfold Sites for you from Think Jarvis Design and Marketing

    Blossom Branch Florist
    Blossom Branch Florists is a local florist specialising in wedding flower packages and bespoke gift bouquets. The owner Hayley recently opened a shop at Craythorne Court in Stretton near Burton On Trent, UK.
    The new website was designed using a custom version of Enfold and a couple of plugins from Code Canyon to add extra functions like delivery dates and a message to go inside the gift card attached to their bouquets.
    The site uses WooCommerce and Paypal with deliveries limited to specific postcode regions of the UK. It also has several modifications to Enfolds stock WooCommerce add-on including tweaks to the basket for easier use on mobiles.
    To see the site please visit:

    Wild Heart Yoga and Fitness
    Wild Heart Yoga and Fitness is ran by Nicky, a Yoga and Aerial Yoga Specialist and personal trainer. The business is based in Christchurch, UK and operates throughout the local area including Bournemouth, Poole and Boscombe.
    The new website is designed using a custom version of Enfold and has been set up to use Jetpack Lazy Load and Image Optimisation.
    To see the site please visit:

    I hope these prove useful to anyone else looking to set up an optimised website using Enfold.

    Kind regards,

    (More sites on their way – Another 11 enfold sites still in progress!)

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    Hi ThinkJarvis
    You forgot the web address for Wild Heart Yoga and Fitness :/
    Best regards


    Thanks Simon, Forgot to close the hyperlink brackets! I’ve corrected it.



    Thanks for sharing and for using Enfold @thinkjarvis :-) Great work!

    Best regards,


    Launched on Monday. Advanced Woocommerce Site based on Enfold with some clever modifications.

    Dunrich Ltd are a wholesale cushion and wholesale cushion pad manufacturer based in Swadlincote, UK. The site correctly uses Attribute archives and the built in filter by category and filter by attribute widgets so that customers can find what they are looking for more easily. To achieve this, a widget area was added to the top of all shop pages with filters that show and hide depending on screen size. I also reinstated the quantity adjustment on the basket page for mobiles which is removed by default in Enfold. Its a little squashed on mobiles but a vital function.

    The media library is not organised by date to make it easier to manage products via spreadsheet upload.

    The main menu is a modified version of the logo centre, menu below option. The logo is then adjusted to appear on the left making space for a widget area on the right. This is a variation of the settings in Enfold’s menu/header documentation.
    I have posted a tutorial on how to add the Search bar to the header area with Ajax here: This is a common ecommerce feature that Enfold can achieve with mods.

    All of the products are now arranged by colour first making the shop easier to navigate and much more attractive than the original version of the site.

    Any feedback is welcome.
    Dunrich Ltd Cushion Manufacturer UK

    The company has used an SEO service in the past who focused on the following pages.
    Dunrich Ltd Wholesale Cushion Pads, Inserts and Inners
    Dunrich Ltd Wholesale Cushions and Cushion Covers

    The new site expands these areas and adds more detailed information including new content for Wholesale beanbags and white label manufacturing services. It also introduces a second page for Wholesale Cushion Inners and pads which previously only existed on a prod category not a physical page.

    Optimised using bespoke Functions.php, .htaccess settings alongside common optimisation plugins. wp-optimize and jetpack.

    Testing the site in Google lighthouse – Scores as high as 86/100 in performance testing which is fantastic for a Woocommerce site.
    Lazy load is enabled in Enfold alongside the lazy load module within Jetpack.


    Launched just before Christmas.
    Enfold based website for AMR Deliveries, a local / national courier service based in Swadlincote, UK.

    This site includes Trust Index Integration – which aggregates reviews from Trust Pilot, Google and Facebook into one feed – Without paying trust pilots extortionate widget prices. It also uses a combination of free optimisation plugins including WP-Optimize and Jetpack.

    To view it please click the link below: Local Courier Service UK

    Tested in Lighthouse scoring 77/100 with more improvements to follow before May 2021. This is due to the chat widget and use of Trust Index which slow the site slightly. Hard to avoid a performance dip when the feeds are live. Overall a strong performance for a site with external features.



    Thanks for sharing @thinkjarvis.

    Best regards,


    Launched today!

    The Honey Pot Company runs the Honey Pot Tea Rooms, Coffee Shop and Bakery located in Swadlincote and Burton On Trent UK. All 3 are popular with local residents for their home made cakes and giant american style doughnuts. The company was looking to replace a broken existing website and organize their web presence.
    Think Jarvis redrew their logo in Illustrator professionally and created versions for use throughout the business and saved the company £400 a year in unused online services which were accumulated over the life of the business.
    The site uses the Catalog feature within Enfold to display the menu in a similar way to the restaurant demo theme. This works extremely well for menus.
    During the current COVID outbreak the company opted to use phone and collect rather than click and collect due to the bespoke nature of cake orders and shorter opening times. So no E commerce features yet but Enfold provides a great platform which means they can be added easily if required.

    You can see the site here:
    The Honey Pot Tea Rooms, Coffee Shop and Bakery

    The existing website was held on a different domain which is still transferring and will be permanently forward to the new domain to prevent loss of traffic.

    The site performs well in Google lighthouse with a score of 90/100 for performance with more updates coming before May 2021. The site uses custom .htaccess settings, wp-optimize and jetpack. Lazy load is enabled in Enfold Performance settings.

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