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    forgot the link …


    Here is my latest enfold project for a Car Dealer client

    Oakleaf Automotive


    A recently completed project for an art gallery using Enfold – Jack’s Gallery


    What is the plugin you have used to manage/display the cars?



    I have used the Advanced custom fields plugin to create the different fields, then modified the separate theme files to display them.

    The vehicle grid view of the cars is just the blog grid view built into the theme modified to display the car details and the single car pages are just portfolio pages.

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    Well done @boxseven :-)
    So you have I guess you have modified the loop index php file as I see it’s single type ?


    @pako69 Thanks

    I have modified the /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/postslider.php to display the vehicle details in blog grid view. Around line 366 is where each article section starts. The only problem with this is if you want a news section the the site you can only have list style otherwise the vehicle fields show up!

    For the single car pages I have modified the single-portfolio.php. All I did was create a page with the enfold theme how I wanted to cars pages to look, copy the html code that gave me and dump it in the portfolio page and add the custom fields.

    I’m really pleased with the outcome, it took a bit of work but the hole process of uploading a car is now automated and works like any other car dealer or classified ad website.



    Do those changes stick after a theme update?



    No you would have to use a child theme.


    I also used Enfold for my company website Stokey Design

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    @boxseven nice! I would recommend to get rid of font-weight: bold; from the menu. It blurs Montserrat font ;)


    Thanks for the tip @iheartwine I have changed that and it looks much better!


    @boxseven the site looks great. What media element did you use to get the full screen width image of the car on the homepage? I’m building a site for a friend and was going to use a fullwidth slider which i’ve decided against and cannot find a way to replace it with a full width image? Any pointers would be much appreciated.




    @foggygolf30 it’s a fullscreen slider with transparent header as far as I see. Remember, not to put sliders into color sections


    so can i use a full screen slider but just select 1 image and tell it not to slide?


    If I were you, first I would try it by myself and than ask :)
    but If you already did – yes, you can do it this way. It won’t animate.

    good luck!


    thanks, sorry i jumped the gun i was speaking aloud as not able to test it until later, it was kind of a light bulb moment!


    Hi @foggygolf30

    For the homepage image on the Oakleaf site I use a Color Section with a background image. I have done it with a slider and it works just as well.

    Hope that helps


    ah thats even better as i can add the scroll down arrow to a colour section whereas you cannot with a slider! thanks for the help.



    You can easily add a scroll down arrow to a fullscreen slider, and what is more you can also add up to two buttons per slide.


    the website for our company is now live . See it on


    @all: Really great pages here! Love it! :-)


    Hi guy’s, my last project online now :



    I’m not sure if i should be posting this here so if not please point me in the right direction. I’m building a site for a friend / client using ENFOLD of course (i will post the site here once finished) i’d like to run a report on his current site showing pretty much how poor it is compared to what i’m building, what software do you guys use for this (if any). I’m also looking at SEO as well as the actual site build and performance.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi Richard….how can I reach you? I can help.


    @foggygolf30 compare usability on two pictures (A/B). On a matter of performance I check sites on GTMetrix and Google speed insight. Usually enfold gets cool score, and if you optimize it and turn the cache on + have a good server it can be superb.



    We’ve used Enfold for a few sites now and we really love it. We’re particularly pleased with the Impact MH’s site.

    Impact are a UK based Social Enterprise providing mental health peer support services to people who suffer from mild to moderate mental health issues. They work within both the local community, emergency services and others. It was extremely important to them to be able to to present not only a professional digital presence, but also need a site that would present service users with up to date information.

    Enfold plays well with all the different plugins that we needed to use and tech support is awesome.

    Check them out at


    thanks @slui

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    My website is www.

    I’m quite satisfied with Enfold. I’d like to adjust the space between elements (using the UI of enfold!!), and some sort of “autofit” for large images. It’s not easy to size-up images for the backgrounds and slideshows. I also miss a drag/n/drop adding of images to a slideshow.

    Thanks for making Enfold a wonderful tool. :-)


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    @dualwerk could you perhaps assist me with the essential grids. On the website how do you add the static content block. I don’t want post or page or anything like that to link, i just want blocks with text and a heading in it and maybe a background image. I see on that site there are a couple of blocks that just have text content in them – hence me asking :)

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

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