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    I’ve built dozens of website with Enfold over the last 12 months and it’s really the only development platform I use at this point. With the new 3.0 functions there’s really no layout that can’t be made.

    This is one I just completed and think it came out really well.

    This is a golf school travel site and has some extensive WooCommerce customization done to it. It seems to work really well.


    My website is

    I’m pretty happy with it, although always happy to receive feedback and suggestions!


    I’ve been using Enfold to build my website dedicated to card magic. The site now gets tens of thousands of views a month. Thanks Kriesi!


    I´m yousing the new photography design:

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    Wow, I am so happy with Enfold`s new features, that I decided to gradually redesign our site. But it is not only that enfold has become even more feature rich, the Demos are a great inspiration, dealing with some struggles i recently had to present some of our content.

    So here is the new music lessons starting page:

    As you can see, I really used the new grid row and fullwidth button a lot.

    Great piece of work, Kriesi & Team, worth every minute waiting for EF 3.0. Simply had to share this ;-)

    Best regards, Sebastian.


    I really like the full-width video options with Enfold – just mostly finished this site for a local 80’s cover band


    Hello, what plugin menu did you used?


    Thanks @sundialstudios
    I supposo you needed to hack some Enfold core files to completly remove the native menu or just hide it by somme CSS?


    No problem @pako69 – I just used some css to hide the Enfold menu.

    That plugin is really impressive, and free…


    Ok I see, the problem is : doing that with CSS create two menus in your source code… the Enfold one and the Responsive menu Plugin… :-(
    I already tried another responsive menu plugin like yours, but I completey removed the Enfold one to avoid this issue ;-)


    Hi all

    Finally just taken my new ‘Enfold powered’ site out of hibernation at Still need to make a few cleanup tweaks here & there, but wanted to get it caching. Been really great to see what you’ve all been putting together with it, and very very inspiring :)

    The caching seems to actually be slowing it down atm (despite the low speed score), but hoping that will settle down. Maybe someone here more in the know would kindly be able to clue me up on that?


    I like it! Can you tell me which plugin you used for the arrow function at the bottom of the landing page?
    Thank you!

    Warm Regards

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    @sigmund: You mean on These are all Color Section, using the “Display arrow” function, which is on the very bottom of the settings popup.

    greets, Sebastian.


    @mirzepapa. Yes, that’s it, thanks. Must be a new feature, because I cannot find it in my enfold v2.9.2.



    Strange I have the option for the arrows in 3.0.1 but they never show on the color sections :(


    @digilocker: had Some funny experiences with the arrow not showing up, mostly adding a white space separator helps and all of a sudden the arrow appears where it is supposed to.

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    @mirzepapa Thanks for the tip! Tried adding a whitespace in the container, above and below it but no joy :( Will log a request and see if there’s anything particular I should be doing


    I love Enfold more and more. Its really versatile.

    I’ve made my first 4 websites with Enfold. Starting simple and getting a little more technical as needs would demand.

    1 & 2

    Thanks Kriesi & Team for a great framework/theme & support (lots of patience) :)



    Great stuff Nathan – congratz ! ;)

    Regards / Roland


    We have used enfold for the website of a job- and marketing-coach (with some code-customization):


    Can you please point me at where (and how) you edited out the Enfold Menu to allow the Responsive Menu plugin to show?

    Many thanks


    Hello nigdowser,

    the responsive menu ist the same that comes with enfold. I just changed some of the css and changed/added some code in one of the php-files. So there is no plugin involved.


    @sundialstudios I meant this to go to you before…. Could you tell me how and where you edited the Enfold menu to make it disappear to enable the use of the Responsive Menu Plugin?

    Thanks for that and apologies to shenom for dragging you in.. :-)


    This is my website based on the enfold theme with custom css:
    Kopf und Stift - Webdesign Dresden
    I like the Enfold theme so much – you can customize it in so many ways – great for webdesign!
    And yes I’m a Freelancer for awesome design. Check out my portfolio!


    This is not Enfold you are using, not sure how it is even showcased here. The theme used for your site is The Ken from artbees.


    Hi we have created a shop with Enfold:

    It’s still work in progress :)



    Schöne Seite, schöne Arbeiten. Gefällt mir!


    Here’s my latest Enfold website which I custom-designed and built for a client. They were wanting a modern and elegant website which showcased their beautiful wedding photography. Take a look!

    Custom Enfold Website Design

    Yes I’m available for freelance Enfold projects – view more of my work at

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    The websites are getting better and better. Keep ’em coming!

    @shenom: There’s something wrong with the website menu.

    @c3computers: The link leads me to a 404 error page.


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