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    It would be really interesting to manage “columns property” as column background, column padding, column radius… using the modal system as for other shortcodes!



    Would be GREAT to have 2 more short codes:

    – Counters (These automated ones that update numbers at scroll)
    – Count down (For coming soon pages)


    Would be great to have some responsive options for builder elements. E.g. a three Column-Product-Slider for desktops, a two-column slider for tablets.


    Fixed Classes for Layout Elements and Widget Areas would be awesome..

    Best regards


    I was unable to display my site on differents browser. Specially with IE8.
    I added selectivizr js and it works well.

    It could be a good solution to increase cross browser compatibilities.



    Please offer more customization on the nav!
    For example:
    – One option with centered logo and nav under it
    – Different mobile slide out transitions (Maybe asking because I hate the current one!)



    I’d love the option to be able to specify a custom page/site width. For example, to choose 900px as the base width of the site. And then have the usual css generated for that width, with all columns etc. working correctly.

    This is because some of the pages I create, are used as very simple landing pages, and sometimes long copy sales pages – ideally these work best with a narrower width, so the text flows better – kind of like a ‘letter’ page width..


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    Is it possible to on the Grid Layout instead of pagination use “Load More” like in the masonary section thanks.


    Firstly, a hugh thanks for all the recent updates, you guys and your awesome support rocks!.


    Love the way the page fades when transitioning between menu selections here, rather than a complete page reload in choppy white:



    2 requests please:

    – being able to hide a component in a page …. being able to shut down a part of a page without trashing the element and the editing it involved.

    – being able to choose an image as an icon like with the testimonial element


    Make the Team Member PHOTO linkable to a page or post …….

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    I wish there was an easy way to mark an image as “retina ready” image, here


    It would be awesome to be able to apply the colour section to select columns e.g. 1/4 rather than full width, so you can apply a different image behind each column.


    – being able to choose an image as an icon like with the testimonial element

    Better still in anywhere that an icon is used.


    Please add retina support when uploading images via the Avia builder!

    Just a checkbox that sayis: “Retina image” and if clicked it shrinks the size by 50%




    I would appreciate if you consider adding a MASONRY AJAX PORTFOLIO with url hash modification.
    Actually, im trying to build a one page site, and the possibility of loading content as posts, images, projects, etc… on it’s own ajax container within the home, its something that would spice up the result.

    Every update you do is worth it, thanks for your work.

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    A slider that pulls from posts, particularly of a certain category, and does so automatically. I’m finding both kinds of sliders in Enfold have to be set up slide by slide, and I’d like one that pulls the headlines from my posts automatically, or the posts themselves…a real “content” slider that actually goes and GETS content, instead of one that just allows me to put my own in every single time i want to add to or change it. Thanks!



    I would like to be able to select a URL location for an image to use on the the FullScreen slider rather than having to select it from the WordPress media files.

    I ask, as I am building a CDN using Google Drive (see, and images will stored at the drive location.

    Thank you


    Please please please give us a normal sidebar layout for WooCommerce product pages. I appreciate the great support and all that you do:)


    +100 for woocommerce product sidebar
    The big reason for all the requests for sidebar on woocommerce product pages is the current poor usability on the responsive mobile as the everywhere sidebar and optionally other sidebar content get placed below the main image pushing the product content way down the page.
    Moving the description and reviews tabbed content to the left and below the product image(s) and adding sidebar to right seems to be the most prevalent layout I’ve seen in other themes.
    Thanks Team Kriesi you guys rock!


    The ability for the contact form to redirect to a thank-you page (otherwise your theme, which is otherwise very good, becomes crippled by the inability to track conversions from for example PPC campaigns – which is CRUCIAL if you have a website used for business purposes and you drive traffic to it with pay per click advertising).


    Hi and I really must congratulate you on a great support and a great theme. That said, I’m wondering what kind of integration we can expect with The Events Calendar? Will it be possible to use the Advanced Layout Editor with The Events Calendar? In any way?
    Would it be possible to use f.e. shortcode for The Events Calendar? Or use the Advanced Layout Editor when creating Events?



    Right now we do not plan a “deep integration” of Events Calendar (i.e. Advanced Layout Editor support for Events, etc.) because the templates are different but you can use the shortcodes generator (magic wand icon in the TinyMCE (visual editor) toolbar) to insert shortcodes into the event page description/content.



    WYSIWIG-editor for Open Graph for Facebook:
    og:title, og:image and og:description


    Hey! Do you mean the Tribe Events Calendar ?

    Since when is it possible to insert it with Shortcodes, please? I must set everything in the settings-tab a few weeks ago. There you can work with shortcodes in the before and after field. But it was not possible to insert itself with Shortcodes in Pages. Did I missed anything?


    Avia Advanced Layout Builder for POSTS. This is the only thing lacking in the theme. :(



    It would be great if you could add the ability of adding a side menu (i mean the same kind as WordPress backoffice). So that, we could choose beetween a side menu or the classic top menu.



    @mcironlung you can add the Avia Advanced Layout Builder to ‘posts’ and ‘custom post types’ by editing the meta.php

    It’s actually very easy to do and here is a video showing you how: just remember that these changes will need to be made each time you update the theme though.

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