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    I have to add the following to my previous:
    – text: a solution to bypass the css theme style and give the possibility to: change the text color for a portion of the text, change the background color to a text and the text color (the possibility to insert the css code in the page for that ‘element’ ?)
    – images: dimensions are too ‘strict’, I’d like more flexibility on this issue
    Hope other users may have suggested the above so you may consider it in the future improvements.
    Tks again for your great job!


    I’ma big fan of Enfold, and here are a few little thing I’d love to see:
    – Video background
    – More customization for icons color, background shape, animation effects
    – More design options for dividers (Not just the one with the line and the dot)
    – Ability to have the background of color section semitransparent (either enable rgba value or have a 1 to 10 opacity slider)
    – Parallax background sliding option (Currently I can only do fixed or scrolling, would be GREAT to see different parallax effect coming)
    – More menu stilling options (One with logo centered in the page for example)

    This is the best theme I’ve found in a loooong time, but can’t use it with all my projects because things end up looking the same..


    Contact Form:
    Option to use input Name field as a watermark label inside the input bar rather than a normal Text label on top of the input bar.
    (Would look the same as how the captcha equation sits inside the bar.) Would just make the contact form neater and simpler.


    A new dummy like a demo


    To use many of the awesome apps like the sliders and etc you have to upload images first and host it from the same server where your theme is located. Can you guys make it possible to use images that are hosted at an eternal servers and have the capability to use those images in sliders and other apps. My company is stepping away from hosting images on our servers to a cloud server due to bandwidth issues.


    Once again thank you everyone for all the great suggestions! Also a reminder we occasionally go threw and prune non-feature requests or off topic comments just so its easier to keep track of all the features requests :)

    If you have any questions or support requests make a new topic in the Enfold forum directly.




    Is it possible to have your testimonial-slider more that one item?

    Set your Testimonials with shortcodes as a Textwidget. This you can insert everywhere in your Website…

    Best reagrds


    Menu option to easily adjust font sizes for most elements in header, navigation, body, footer, and socket in the Theme Options instead of quick CSS.


    Hi, just one request ;-)

    Contact Form: Would be nice to implement an option for different recipients (maybe refering to a select box to chose from different departments) –> better and faster email handling!

    (maybe like this: )

    Why not using contactform7: yours is smarter ;-)


    In header areas where social icons can be added, the addition of an “enter custom text or HTML instead” option on your Theme Options panel.

    This would allow users who like any of the header layout options—but want content other than social icons—to avoid having to hack the header.php file in order to substitute images or custom text where your layouts call for social icons.


    I love the new special heading element with subheadings. Nevertheless one slight improvement suggestion: Various font sizes requiere different white space. As you can chosse the font sizes, it would really make sense to control the space between heading and subheading as well. Thanks!


    And another suggestion for the fullwidth color section. It would be nice if the color layer and background-image could blend together (and if you could choose the opacity of the color layer). I have seen this with other themes (e.g. – look at post number 4 or 6 for clear examples). This way I can use my images from various posts as background images without having to photoshop / color and brightness adjustment / reupload / … This feature would be stunning! Thanks for this great theme.

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    I’d also suggest to improve breadcrumb settings like customizing the “You are here” string and configuring when the breadcrumb should be shown like: Show always, Hide, Hide only on front page.
    What do you think about?



    Please guys and girls, any of the WordPress plugins I try just break the theme and all my settings and hard work optimizing in W3TC go haywire when these plugins go live.

    Just a few simple share buttons – positionable with a shortcode or drag box (widget area?) would be great.


    Being able to display up-sells or related products in the sidebar for a single product page would be very cool!


    Adding a space between paragraph would be helpful. My clients don’t know HTML so text tab workarounds are not really useful.


    When i share an Enfold-websitelink (EG: ) on Facebook there is no choice for a logo-thumbnail. Facebook only gives three options which are images from the sliders?

    So my questiuon is to ‘promote’ the logo image in a way that Facebook sees it as the image to show as a thumbnail.

    Image-example of what i mean: does not show logo as thumbnail


    If we can have options for full functional menu on top, left, right, or even bottom. And the options for the top menu below a huge header image (full screen), it stick to top when you scroll down. This design is getting popular for one page design.


    • Possibility to add classes to Layout Elements

    Edit (Dude): Already supported – see:

    Err, that only applies to *content* elements, not the *layout* ones. What I’d like to see would be custom classes for the columns etc.


    It would be nice if in future versions you can include the option to customize the top bar with different things and not only social icons. One way to do this would be to treat it like the footer where you can add different widgets. The idea is that people will be able to put things like “Login, Sign up”, social icons, phone number, custom html text and other things they want.


    Enfold en Replete are two of my all time WP favorites (though, I have to admit that I wasn’t utterly happy in the beginning).
    Still I would dare to ask for one more option. Would you be kind to consider the possibility of adding a catalog section to Enfold, not necessary related directly to the shop. The point is to have clean 1-column display with mid’size pictures + price tag in the front-end and well organised catalog in the back-end. Generally it’s like a portfolio, but with strictly commercial purpose and little more detailed view.
    Here is the example of what I mean:



    I would really really really really really really … really really (REALLY) like to see some kind of loading indication for the fullscreen slider.


    Would love to be able to do this : make those two 1/3 sections goes under the 2/3?
    it’s possible by doing that:
    Add the 2/3 and 1/3 column then insert a Text Block inside the 2/3 column. Edit the text block then add a column shortcode.
    But it’s very hard to manage…



    Recently someone asked in another thread about a shortcode for ‘basic’ boxes, and this is something I think would be really useful as a ‘general’ container type to support other content.

    It seems to me the best solution would probably be to have some more options for the ‘promo box‘ shortcode as at present that is is quite plain. Here is a good example of the kind of styling I’d like to see supported:

    Also, that same theme has some really nice variations on the Icon Box type too.


    Hi, maybe some are requested already:

    1. Easier custom logo integration (add ability to give width and height of custom logo). Too many users struggle with the current logo integration.
    2. easier customization of the menu. Some like it simple (choose background color (also hover), text color (also hover), height, font family and size)

    The above two are mainly for an easier customization of the header overall.

    3. Unify the styling and have import/export for all languages. When running multisite and multiple languages it’s a real pain going through all style settings per language.

    4. extensive search feature in the forum. Too many results from various themes pop up now when doing search.



    @Richard Olpin +1 for your requests. Custom boxes would also help me a lot … or at least it would be helpful to be able to add custom css fields to layout elements (as requested before). But custom boxes (with option for background-color, background-image, border … ) would be even better.
    And another request – I don´t know if it has been asked before. It would be nice to have a “process element” like seen here or here. I know I could use the iconlist element, but I prefer to have a horizontal display of each step. Thanks.


    Please add video background option!

    Thats the only reason why for my latest job I chose this template in stead of Enfold.. but I like Enfold so much more!

    Is there a place where we can see what features requests are in the working?


    Is there a place where we can see what features requests are in the working?

    That would indeed be nice to know.


    Box shortcode – just a “normal” box in different colors, with different borders… would be VERY useful!


    Another Header Option:

    When using the Header with bottom menu option and choosing not to display the Search function, expand the menu the full width of the container so it is not floated to the left but evenly spaced across. An example:

    Or if this can be easily done without adding this feature in via CSS could you please advise the best way to accomplish this.


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