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    Hi Yigit,

    2 questions related to the above:
    * Is it best to delay updating to WP5 until we have that patch for Enfold?
    * Will we still need to use the Classic Editor Plugin for now regardless?

    Thank you


    @sd142ppr as for now (dec, 6th, 2018) you have to enable the classic editor plugin if you want to use the enfold layout editor. If you activate gutenberg you wont see the advanced layout editor at all. If your site is mission critical I advice to wait with an update to wp5 until january 2019. While writing this lines there are already 163 known issues tagged with wordpress 5.0.1. I won’t be surprised to see the first update (5.0.1) before x-mas.


    5 Min after writing this I got an update notice for enfold 4.5.1. With 4.5.1 you con’t need the classic editor plugin. The advaced layout editor button now shows up on the edit screen as usual even with gutenberg enabled.

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    @stevo we released Enfold 4.5.1 today :)

    Please check out Kriesi’s (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -4-5-1″>post here

    Best regards,


    Little bug report on this:
    I have WP 5.0 With Gutenberg Enfold 4.5.1
    I noticed when I edit an icon block in the Enfold pagebuilder the editor shows up, but all text is white and code is shown, when you click on the code button, you can see the text correct.

    When I install and activate the classic editor it works perfect. Hope this helps.


    How do I install the update?
    it says im on the latest version

    no update available

    and if I try to install the zip, I cant do that….
    or if I try to install the zip


    Ich habe keine Benachrichtigung über ein Update Enfold 4.5.1. . Bei mir ist der aktuelle Stand Enfold 4.5. Wie komme ich an das Update heran?


    @Hilde da wo du es her hast:Themeforest -> dein Account -> Downloads, dann downloaden und auf deinen FTP uploaden


    Bugreport for New enfold 4.5.1 and Gutenberg/ Block Editor:
    try to drag a new color section when your content is rather long and using 2 color ssections already – It wohl not be possible.

    ( I had to activate the Disable Gutenberg L´Plugin to get Avia word properly. )


    Hi onsite_org,

    Thanks for reporting, would you be able to give us access to where we can see and reproduce the problem? If so then please start a new thread and include admin login details in private.

    Best regards,


    So do we just sit tight on all of our sites? All of mine are hosed t this point :(


    @neverstar just activate the classic editor plugin and all is good.


    Awesome. Trying that now. Cheers.

    I didn’t see 4.5.1 that first


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    I too have just installed the classic editor and the text is okay in the Avia Layout builder. :)


    @info224, Thank you for your feedback

    Best regards,


    Greetings from Vienna!
    It is in fact a little bit confusing what I have read here aobut WP 5 (Gutenberg) and Enfold Theme integration.
    So my question is:
    Can I use the AVIA LAYOUT ARCHITECT of the theme when updating to WP5.0?
    Is there a way to use the Avia Layout Architect when updating and installing the „Classic Editor plugin“?
    Or can I use only the „standard WP Editor“ then?

    best regards



    @samurai_666 your best bet is to install the classic editor plugin and activate it before upgrading to WordPress 5.0. If you do it this way you will have no (known) issues with using Enfold and the Layout Architect.


    Yes you can keep using the Avia Layout Architect when you update to 5.0 and activate classic editor.

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