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    So what is the current state of things between Enfold and Gutenberg? Has it been made compatible? Or will it be before Gutenberg is released? Thanks…



    The advance layout builder is still not compatible with Gutenberg and I don’t think it will ever be because they are completely different. You will, however, have the option to choose between the theme’s builder or Gutenberg.

    Best regards,

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    Are you quite certain Ismael? You say that the builder is not compatible, but yet you say we will be able to choose from the Avia builder OR Gutenberg? Can we be assured of this?

    Also, what will the Enfold theme update mid-month be providing? (If one is still upcoming)
    I/we await your reassuring answers.

    Thank you greatly.



    Yes our developers are working towards that direction and on an update that the modules are compatible.

    Best regards,


    Hi guys

    I just wanted to test (in a local environment) how far Enfold 4.5 is connected to Gutenberg.


    • Core version: WordPress 5.0-beta1-43832
    • Enfold 4.5
    • No plugins installed

    Besides the Gutenberg editor, no avia page builder is visible at all for any pages or posts.

    1) Is the only solution for now to install the “Classic Editor” plugin if I want to test Enfold 4.5 with WP 5.0?
    2) Timeline: When will it be possible to test Enfold 4.5 with WP 5.0 and Gutenberg activated, so the theme page builder can be used properly?

    Thanks a lot for any helpful answer and have a great day


    Hi @michaelH !!

    How did you get Enfold 4.5? I am still on 4.4.1 – What did I miss?

    Thank you!! :)



    So considering this thread is talking about 4.4.1 and Gutenberg, will Enfold 4.5 now function properly with Gutenberg? Will the Avia page builder be functional and a viable choice/option? It has been said here that “You will, however, have the option to choose between the theme’s builder or Gutenberg.” True? And I have the same questions as Michael…


    Hi @havi

    The update for Enfold 4.5 is available since October 15th.
    If you have entered your Envato credentials in your WP backend it should show up there, but you have to do this update manually anyway. I recommend using (S)FTP for it.

    Good luck :)



    Will we indeed have the option to choose between the theme’s builder (ALB) or Gutenberg? Under the current 5.0 Beta, it is gone as Michael has mentioned…



    “You will, however, have the option to choose between the theme’s builder or Gutenberg.”

    The advance layout builder is still not compatible with Gutenberg, so you have to choose between the two. Once the Gutenberg plugin is active, you’ll have the option to edit the page/post with the classic editor or advance layout builder and the gutenberg builder. You won’t be able to switch between these editors but our developer are searching for a way around it.

    This is what you’ll see on the pages panel when Gutenberg is active:


    Best regards,


    Hello Ismael. Under 4.9.8 with Gutenberg plugin running, that is true. With WordPress 5.0 Beta 2 running, that is false. Under 5.0 with Gutenberg running, the only option appears to be using the Gutenberg editor, which is horrible in it’s current form. Have you tried running Enfold on 5.0/Gutenberg to confirm this?


    As a longtime Enfold user I was a bit shellshocked recently when the Enfold update-Envato API escapade unfolded about a month ago. It seems as though Kriesi is becoming increasingly “behind the 8-ball” when it comes to integrations with outside sources. This cannot happen with WP5.0 and the Gutenberg release. As stated before, when you say “As Kriesi has stated before, we will make Enfold 100% compatible with Gutenberg :)”, we expect that to occur BEFORE its general release. As noted elsewhere, other them devs have enabled a checkbox disabling the Gutenberg editor within their theme’s environment. I would expect Kriesi to do the same – however, timing is of the essence here with only two weeks left. Way too many folks have theirs sites set to auto-update via Softalicious or internally within WP. I keep all these features turned off as I learned my lesson a long time ago. I would hate to see a massive influx of tickets (and suspect you as well) due to auto-updates to 5.0 breaking people’s sites.

    I myself have many enterprise level sites under my control for which clients spend up to 50K a month in advertising. Many of these are pretty heavy in page count so I am trying to avoid seeing the day when rebuilds are required due to theme incompatibility.

    As customers, all we expect is timely updates and transparency in your communication to us. When you say something, we expect you to mean it. That being said, pre-release WP5 has been out for a while and we still have no idea if you’re going to hit the 5.0 release deadline date with the Enfold update which incorporates Ismael’s screenshot (above).

    When can we expect this release? I certainly hope a few days before the expected WP5 release date of November 19.


    Hi @crtdude

    I fully agree with your statement.
    However, I do have one question regarding the auto update: Why do you write that auto update to WP 5.0 will cause a lot of issues? As far as I know, major updates normally have to be done manually via the dashboard. Auto update of core major relases e.g. 4.9 to 5.0 are disabled by default – no?
    With minor releases you are right, e.g. 4.9.7 to 4.9.8 happens automatically if you don’t disable it beforehand.

    Best and thanks for the clarification


    Thanks, just trying to keep things on a real world timetable.

    Yes, in most cases, major updates normally have to be done manually via the dashboard but on hosting plans that come with Softalicious update services, they usually are enable for all updates out of the box from what I have seen. This is totally outside WP and controlled via cpanel.


    I’ve got several sites on WP Managed Servers with GoDaddy.
    My company site, for example, I just tried to upgrade to Enfold 4.5, as it says there are Gutenberg updates available according to the Change Log (line 7) but – – but got this error. What’s up with this? Please help.



    pauljhickey, you should follow the instructions to manually update TO 4.5. After this and once you configure the Envato API to work with their plugin you should be fine after that.


    You’ll be fine at least until WP 5.0. After that, it appears many people will have a singular problem using Enfold at all…

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    Thank you, but where are the instructions you speak of, and how do I do this?

    pauljhickey, you should follow the instructions to manually update TO 4.5. After this and once you configure the Envato API to work with their plugin you should be fine after that.


    Personally, I can’t wait until this: and Classic and Gutenberg editors becomes a reality with WP 5.0 too.

    It will enable me to move the posts one by one to Gutenberg while always keeping the pages on Enfold’s ALB.

    Do you think that eventually WP will do away with the Classic TinyMCE editor?


    Hi Havi,

    Yes, that is their plan. Gutenberg will replace TinyMCE editor. Our devs are working to make the transition as smooth as possible for Enfold users.

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit

    Thanks a lot for the update.
    Is there a timeline for the new Enfold release which will be able to handle Gutenberg? I guess it will be Enfold 4.6.

    Very curious when the new release is planned for.



    Hi Michael,

    We don’t have a timeline yet since we don’t know when the development will be finished, we should have something working and released before the planned release of WordPress 5 though, so roughly within 10 days from now.

    Best regards,


    What do you think about making the ALB smaller.

    If i think about using new Wordpess and Enfold (at least with the new perfomance possibilities) everything will be getting slower and slower.

    I like the Enfold Framework. But i can think, the Gutenberg System could displace my usage of enfold for future projects.
    I often use Enfold just only because of the fullscreenslider, Because of the masonry function and some other galleries.


    I’m just curious where this currently stands? I’m running Enfold 4.5 and want to ensure a smooth transition to WP 5.0. Are there any further updates on the compatibility progress?



    Our devs are still working on it. We are currently testing second beta :)

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit

    Are there any news on the new Enfold version yet?
    WP 5.0 will be released this Thursday:

    Thanks in advance



    @michaelH Kriesi announced that we are going to release Enfold 4.5.1 Gutenberg patch in a week hopefully. It might be available a little later than official release of WordPress 5.0.

    Best regards,

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