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  • in reply to: Hamburger sub-menu slide out transition animation #1349363

    Thanks Guenni for making the jQuery function, it works when it’s set to click. Appreciated :)

    in reply to: Video Autoplay on mobile with Fullscreen Slider #1308290

    Victoria is linking to a thread where the solution is marked as private, and the second thread is about autoplay with sound, which is totally different in terms of browser policies. Muted autoplay is always supported on Chrome, and I am having issues getting this to work with Enfold for mobile, and I might have to use time on a JavaScript function to get it working. Autoplay is even incorporated into YouTubes iframe code, and that should be for mobile too. Elementor and builders other than Enfolds Advanced Layout Builder fixes this.

    Edit: I have found out that videos on mobil-preview gets the “data-autoplay_stopper” without finding any more information about this.

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    in reply to: add_theme_support > remove_theme_support? #1224004

    That worked perfectly. Thanks for answers :)

    in reply to: Clean Up Dynamic_Avia folder #1219318

    We encountered the same thing. 28.000 files generated, 4GB. Disable JS and CSS merging and compression in hopes that it stops filling up the server.

    Thanks a lot :)

    Since no reply we had to make menu sticky :) If anyone knows how to make “ava_inside_main_menu” to act with the menu though, let me know please

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    Sending in private, because maintenance mode is active

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1190481

    We migrated another site and the advanced layout builder is totally gone. We have added the theme token and it says version 6.2.4 and that it is up to date. Says that on a lot of sites. Maybe our support is expired or not but it should not be lying to us. When we go on Themeforest we can see that 6.2.4 is outdated and that 6.7.3 is released. We update the theme and get critical error. We run backup from before update and site is still down, WordPress sends us email saying something is wrong with the theme Enfold. I guess you can understand that we can’t work with this and have things like this. When we need support we don’t get support. You take forever to respond and when you do respond there just isn’t any help. Probably because it is hard to solve and you rather close other cases. It is not our uploaded or created resources the sites are trying to load, it is related to WordPress through Enfold in some way or another.

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1190454

    What do you mean its not loading properly. Check your firewall maybe. Are you using standard 3306 SQL ports? This is not using phpMyAdmin. It’s MariaDB v. 10.3 and I can access it with both Workbench and Beaver. Just tested it.

    We are not gonna rely and gamble our entire business on some plugin. If we don’t get that plugin working one day then our business is not working either. We are not sure if the staging-server-provider are installing something (they can’t answer on it) or if it is through Enfold, but we now have 2 sites that are not working and we’re getting in trouble for that, so we need to either get a fix or stop using both One and Enfold to be sure that we eliminate this from happening again. We are moving away from and seems we can’t get a fix from Enfold either because we have sent DB login multiple times and have had this thread going on for a long time.

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    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1189993

    Ok. I have searched the database but guess I’m not applying the correct terms then. I have edited each individual tables code with corresponding host and prefix.

    I’ll send you logins in private. A solution for this (and for future sites) is urgent and HIGHLY appreciated.
    Please note that the sites URL gets redirected due to these issues, so /wp-admin/ doesn’t work. Let me know if you need us to remove the forwarding.

    Also, I ordered new database password so wp-config doesn’t contain the correct one, as of now.

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    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1189646

    Hello. It is very urgent to come up with a solution as to why the website does not work after we move it from one domain to another. Have tried to move over via a couple of plugins and by adding the page via ftp and changing the files so that it takes the correct database further.

    If this may have something to do with the use of one Child-Theme, other suggestions on how this can be solved are tips received with thanks.

    Attaches a link to the folder with screenshots, then of how the page looks before it is moved and how it has been looking after it has been moved.

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1189442

    I have tried search and replace. It is not in the database. I have searched the entire database manually and created a new one aswell.

    The problem is happening on several sites now.
    It is loading resources, like fontello, etc. from double domain names. It is loading from “

    If I remove ” old-domain-name/ ” from the URL, then I get the resource.

    The database is not containing the old-domain-name. I have searched it though Visual Code etc. This must be somewhere from the parent theme..?

    Am I doing something wrong or missing something? I move site from FTP, I move the database, I update the site/home URL in the options-table, I update the wp-config file with the new database. Everything works except some resources that seems to be related to the theme/Enfold.

    in reply to: WP Night Mode #1185249

    OK, thank you for sharing

    Although dark-mode is super popular these days I think it should be implemented into such a big theme like Enfold. No need for widgets.

    in reply to: Big preview image won't resize #1183070

    Yup, tried that.

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1182985

    Our host cannot tell us where Enfolds parent theme is loading resources from when site URL is changed and updated in the database. Thought that was something Enfold support must help us with.

    in reply to: Recaptcha won't hide with V2 + V3? #1182983

    The customers does not want it visible, and I read it is okey to do for Google if you include their text.

    in reply to: Smaller upload size limit #1182326

    No thanks

    in reply to: Critical Error #1182324

    We get the same critical error on a site. It’s a site we tok over that is on an earlier version of Enfold 3.x something, tried to update the website and now the entire website is a critical error so we’re reverting the update.

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    in reply to: Smaller upload size limit #1181712

    Update: I talked to the host, 64MB is the smallest upload size possible. Wow, okey.

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1181676

    Are you able to point out where in the database this URL is stored? I updated the site and home URL and that is all I normally update. I’d like to know where this is stored for future problems :)

    in reply to: How to customise the load more button in a masonry gallery? #1179379


    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1179371

    The real website is not showing, it’s our staging site at our staging environment/server, because the mobile menu does not work if it’s not on our staging server. When we migrate to a new server it tries to load resources from our staging server through the parent theme. It tries to load resources with the new domain name to the old server, so it doesn’t get the resources. The FTP login is to the not-staging environment so you hopefully can help me identify the issue.

    We are redirecting the domain to our staging site because the website is supposed to be launched. We can’t remove the redirect, so wp-admin does not work. Customer is starting to get angry, I reported the problem a week ago and seems like no one even looked at it yet. To be fair my boss and the designers wants to go away from Enfold at this point as there is a lot of issues with fontello cors, http media upload error, this child issue, etc. and we have close to 100 sites with enfold, but I’m trying to hold back because the support have been good in the past.

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    Hello. I could create a new topic, but after all it is about customizing the masonry load more button. We’d like to change the “load more” text to our language. Possible to do it with add_filter and a str_replace or something else?

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1178622

    Sending private

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177566

    I have read your documentation on child theme and have copied the files into the child folder without any luck.

    Since I don’t get any respond I will forward the site to the developer domain until this problem is solved. We can’t use child anymore until we have a solution for the parent theme.

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177563

    Looks like it’s only templatebuilder and shortcodes from parent Enfold theme. Why it goes to old URL I don’t know. Any code I can change to make it pick up these scripts from the server everything is on now?

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177557

    This is a child theme. Is it getting these URL’s from the parent theme? Possible to change that?

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177533

    Have checked every table.

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”″></script&gt;

    Why does it go to to get Enfold files?

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177509

    I can’t seem to find anything wrong in the database. Any specific place I should look?

    in reply to: Failed to load javascript resource #1177491

    Think I am getting somewhere closer.

    When I look at the resource source, it seems like it takes the new domain name into the URL, connecting to, our stagging enviroment, where it can’t find the resource.

    Maybe the coworker who uploaded the database screwed up.

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