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    I have a self-hosted muted video which I put in a fullscreen slider element (also activated autoplay attribute). It works fine on desktop. I know that autoplay feature is disabled on mobile devices by default. I want the video to autoplay on mobile devices and fit to fullscreen (Same as desktop). How can I activate the autoplay feature for this situation? I need some clear instructions.

    Thanks in advance



    Hey DesignUM_International,

    Here are some threads to consider:


    If you need further assistance please let us know.
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    I had already visited and read the links you sent. They didn’t help me. It is a fact that you can put autoplay muted videos on mobile on most of the smartphones with chrome on android and apple devices with ios safari with the latest changes in their policies this year. I just wanted the instructions which would help me reliaze it.

    Thank you


    My website is full of video everywhere and I’ve kept up with the latest trends on the mobile side and what you’re asking for doesn’t make any sense to me. Do you know of a site now that has the capability? You acknowledged in your earlier post that you know “that autoplay feature is disabled on mobile devices by default” but then state that “It is a fact that you can put autoplay muted videos on mobile.” Again, show me a site that can do this now — b/c I would sure like to know of one.


    mrjohnson2 there are many websites which uses autoplay videos on mobile devices.

    Dear moderator,

    I see that it is possible by adding all these attributes: “playsinline”, “loop”, “autoplay” and “mute” on the video element. I tried putting the video in text element with these attributes and it worked. Is there an easy way to add these attributes to the videos in the existing fullscreen slider?

    Thanks in advance, waiting for a helpful answer



    Have you tried using the layer slider instead? Video backgrounds in the theme’s sliders are disabled by default and you will have to modify the core files in order to make it work, so it’s not recommended.

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    Victoria is linking to a thread where the solution is marked as private, and the second thread is about autoplay with sound, which is totally different in terms of browser policies. Muted autoplay is always supported on Chrome, and I am having issues getting this to work with Enfold for mobile, and I might have to use time on a JavaScript function to get it working. Autoplay is even incorporated into YouTubes iframe code, and that should be for mobile too. Elementor and builders other than Enfolds Advanced Layout Builder fixes this.

    Edit: I have found out that videos on mobil-preview gets the “data-autoplay_stopper” without finding any more information about this.

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    : The autoplay_stopper attribute is for the sliders’ auto rotation. It has nothing to do with videos. If you need further help, please feel free to open another thread.

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