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    Thanks Ismael!
    I just had a quick look at the Video in your link – looks very much like my level of tech – thanks again!
    Tony (studio3enfold)

    in reply to: Topbar Easy Slider Loads Last #1288278

    Hi Victoria,

    Yes – I have now purged the cache and it’s all loading pretty swiftly, it’s just that the first item on the home page is one of the last to load – just wondered if I was missing a trick -anyway thanks very much for your feedback



    OK – now sporting hack 2 – a narrow logo without all the transparent space it would be better if the logo would shrink again like it used to then I could the proper full height logo back – but we can live with this.

    Thanks again


    Hi Victoria – yes I put this back yesterday – this is my ‘hack’ – the thing is – the real 340 x 156 logo I had on the site doesn’t shrink either after the 4.2 upgrade – this has been my problem AND it obscures big sections of the site as you scroll down – this hack is my attempt to get around this.

    I understand the google issue – do you think we’d be penalised?

    Maybe I can come up with a narrow logo – properly cropped.


    OK guys – I’ve gone for the mucky hack – looks OK & doesn’t block content.

    Thanks again for your responses.


    Just to confirm- I have restored the ‘issue’ with the logo for anyone to see for the next day or so.

    Hi Victoria,

    I know – what you are seeing is the solution – kinda works – the logo area is 340px x 156 or something like that – with the proper default size the logo elements don’t reduce on scrolling – as they should and do on other Enfold sites I manage

    As you have responded this morning I will return it to what it should be now for a day but if there is no easy solution I’ll go with the HACK!

    If you spot something L’d be grateful but we can live with it.


    OK guys – I have gone with the ‘mini’ logo workaround – it remains fixed on scrolling but this issue does not seem to be affecting any of my other Enfold sites so in lieu of a fix I’ll roll with this – thanks Victoria – your CSS code advice fixed the most important issue – the messy menu!

    I really appreciate the feedback and support I get from this forum (this is one reason why I continue to recommend and use Enfold)

    Many Thanks again John and Victoria!


    Still awaiting ideas on the logo issue before I try and make a ‘tiny’ one for general use (still large – oversteps header & stays same when scrolling)


    For information – I did try removing the logo but the default Endold one came up too big and did not reduce on scrolling either.

    If it is too difficult I suppose I can use a reduced size logo that does not block so much content on scrolling – this would be a shame – I have a lot of Enfold sites (into double figures I think) and the logo scrolling action is really impressive and works well.

    Tony (studio3enfold)

    Thanks Victoria – progress – we are getting there! – menu fixed but logo is still staying ‘big’ when scrolling – it should reduce size to fit into the header when scrolling?.
    This worked in ‘quick css’ in Enfold > General Styling > Quick Css
    Does this mean it will stay effective with subsequent updates (I will not have to re-input it)?

    I will switch back on the main plugins – it is clearly not them!

    If we can fix the logo action this would be good.


    Just a thought John/guys,

    I first saw this last week when I updated everything WP, Theme and plugins – so I went back to a backup – this time (a few hours ago) I started from an updated WordPress (which was OK) then I updated Enfold – to 4.2 as it is now – immediately saw the irregularity – then reported.

    All I have done since is deactivate ALL the plugins – have left the site this way for now.

    Hope this may help

    OK John – all deactivated – still have the issue – any thoughts?

    Yes – the problem migrated to other browsers after I sent my last submission – it seemed to require a cache file removed from my account at the server level – Bluehost support were in there rattling around and it started working properly during a chat session with their tech support – I can’t say I fully understand it but at least their definition of the problem was the same as mine – A CACHE problem!!

    Many thanks for following this up Rikard – I still use Enfold whenever I can – am getting quite familiar with it and you support it well which is part of the reason I continue to recommend it.

    THIS APPEARS TO BE A CACHE ISSUE – after all that messing about I opened the site in another browser and my changes are apparently made


    Yip – seems to work a treat – many thanks Nikko


    A belated thanks to you Nikka – I didn’t see your reply

    Guess what – the client decided it was such a small thing they could live with it!! – I will give it a try + let you know

    BINGO! – Thanks Andy,

    Works after removing ‘Bad Behaviour’ and I can’t even remember putting this on – good chance it was the previous developer (I took over this site).

    (Bad Behaviour Version 2.2.19 | By Michael Hampton | – now disabled )

    I normally keep to the big plugins when possible – especially as Enfold delivers most of what we need off the bat!

    Thanks again



    OK – I can’t leave this commercial site with a blank front page all day Please IGNORE FRONT PAGE.

    To see the problem please now go to

    This is a copy & behaves exactly the same – if we can resolve this I will just make it the home page – thanks –

    Same screenshot

    Sorry I had a delay on this dialogue yesterday – I was on a customer premises so not ideal


    Hi Andy and colleagues,


    For live just go to

    You may have to refresh if you have been here before – I had to break the site again to get it back to this state for you – I have just taken the 301s off



    Hi Andy

    I think you’ll be seeing the ‘tours’ page ( /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/ ) appearing when you view the home page because I put a 301 divert in away from the home page ‘Tour Scotland – Personalised day trips around the Scottish Highlands’ ( /home-page-old/ )

    The real home page – Tour Scotland – ‘Personalised day trips around the Scottish Highlands’ ( /home-page-old/ ) starts with a layrerslider streatched across full width.- when I made a copy and removed the layerslider on a demo page it seem to display fine.

    The page just doesn’t build from there – the header with logo and enfold menu shows then blank screen below -Oops – hence I diverted visitors straight to the PRODUCT PAGE ‘tours’

    I don’t want to leave the blank page on this active commercial website for a day or so.

    How about you make a new testing page.and copy template (home-devel) – has the same issue exactly – if you get this working I’ll just rework this to a new home page! lLternatively please feel free to use the re-direction plug-in to see what ids happening if it is only for a short while – you’ll need to clear cache after disablig it

    I hope you can spot the funny thing!


    OK so I need some help here please – This did not work – just a coincidence – still no home page – temp fix in place

    Please can you check out what is wrong with /home-page-old/ (I have temp 301 diverted it to /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/ so site menu works)

    SO TEMPORARY – I have made page 2 (the tours page ) the front page in Enfold settings SO TEMP is /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/

    Oops – I think this is similar a previous issue you solved for me – I have gone into the settings/reading/ and switched off the ‘front page’ pointer – to none selected. – I think this is the same as before – certainly the ‘front page’ add on has gone so I am confident I’ll be able to upgrade the site now

    Hi Yigit,

    You’ve helped me take the last step!

    Following advice on the forum I had taken both steps above, including installing the transient cleaner, and having got to the bottom of step 2 the only option I had was the FTP download.

    I just needed reassurance before the big one – deleting the old enfold folder and replacing it fully.

    I just did this and then immediately activated it to see success – all features working including maps and some smaller sliders that stopped working are now all back up (Phew – I am seeing the client later today!)

    It now thinks 3.5.3 is the latest version – to get it up to 3.5.4.will I have do this again?

    Or maybe I need to change the settings on the transient cleaner?

    (not actually sure what this is doing)

    Thanks again anyway – it is good to know you are there!

    Thanks Iamael,

    It was just a hunch – I got myself into a whole heap of trouble following it up! I didn’t actually find the logical operators AND and OR but I have now decided to abandon the operation and use intellegent naming and siort instead.

    Also – like to keep within the standard Enfold as far as possible for support.

    Thanks anyway!



    Hi Yigit,

    I didn’t get very far at all before I broke it.

    The best I can remember is trying to follow these instructions:

    Fix to open debug mode

    To do this, you need to enable the debug field for the Advanced Layout Builder. Adding the following to your child theme functions.php will do that:

    //set builder mode to debug
    add_action(‘avia_builder_mode’, “builder_set_debug”);
    function builder_set_debug()
    return “debug”;

    If you are not using a child theme you need to add the above function after this line in the theme functions.php:(this applied to me)

    if(isset($avia_config[‘use_child_theme_functions_only’])) return;

    AFTER A ‘MISS COPY’ (copied across somethin erroneous) I thought I had returned the file to this proper state with the debug code under this line as I have succesfully done before on an another Enfold site

    Refused to work after this even when I copied the entire file contents from another site (getting desparte by then )

    All I wanted to do was see the lines of code used to control the portfolio grid so maybe I could try to edit the code to select a logical AND against categories instead of the OR which you get as standard – not even sure if this was the best way – just seemed a good idea !

    Anyway thanks for your interest Yigit – if you can point me to a way of doing this that would be super – there is an example in my last reponse.

    NO NEED to reply to this – I was just being VERY careful – it is quite alarming getting into the situation I managed to before!

    Anyway it worked.- AND MANY THANKS AGAIN

    The reason this happened was becuse I tried to enter ‘debug mode’ to do the following

    I weanted to see if I could try to edit the code producing the portfolio grid so I could select a logical AND against categories instead of the OR which you get if you just select a range of categories – in other words – to present portfolio items for Places to Eat in Larig I want to select CATEGORY ‘Places to Eat’ AND CATEGORY ‘Lairg’

    Was this OK? sensible? is there a better way maybe?

    Last question (honest)

    Cheers, Tony

    Hi, Many Thanks Rikard,

    No – no cutomisations. I did try and resore the file to it’s original state as a first activity – failed somehow so I had better go for your first suggestion – reinstall theme by FTP. This is new for me but as I understand from the support information it I am just going to do the following: just the ‘installable files for wordpress’ from my themeforest account – DONE
    2.unzip it at my PC
    3.On Hosting Server rename /wp-content/themes/enfold/ /wp-content/themes/enfold-old/
    4.FTP Copy Enfold folder for PC to /wp-content/themes/ to make new /wp-content/themes/enfold/ with the files I have just downloaded from Themeforest.

    Does this all look OK to you?

    I started by dowloading the files from Themeforest this morning and noticed I have bought 10 copies of Enfold – do I get a special badge!?

    Thanks again – good support is one big reason I keep buying Enfold


    Sorry forgot some of the login information – see private content

    Hi Rikard,

    Yes – disabling the W3 plugin instantly returned all functionality in the Theme Avia Builder, theme style options saving and wordpress library and menu – back to good old Enfold!

    And thanks for the advice on using the forum



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