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  • Another couple of issues

    1. Theme Styling will not save – KEEPS suggesting a re-fresh
    2. Media Library is not refreshing either now – not a theme issue but maybe help work out what’s happening?

    I am inputting page designs using the be-bug tool at the moment but without being able to see the media it is looking veru boring – needs must!


    Just upgraded to Enfold 3.4.6 – NOW – still seems to have problem

    Help please, this has happened to me too and I am just re-writing the website so we are off air – OOps – an unpleasent surprise – I upgraded first then re-installed the theme – no fix currently at lastest WP and Enfold 4.4 and enfold 3.4.3

    I have 9 or 10 installs of enfold so want to make sure this OK – current need is pretty urgent though if you can help – Big Oops

    Yigit – all is clear – many thanks – our messages have clearly passed each other

    Thanks again


    Fixed.- over the past hour ir seems to have fixed itself.
    The home page is back and the redundant gray message next to it saying ‘front page’ on the wordpress pages/all pages/ area has gone

    The only steps I had taken was to update 4 plugins to no immediate effect.

    This was only action I have taken – plus the temp moving of the ‘front page’

    If anyone has seen similar or can explain I’d be very grateful!!


    Hi Kriesi,

    You were right – I did have a /shop/ directory – only in the root so of course, so my temp directory wasn’t affected – I think I may even have put that folder in mysefl at some point in the development – can’t actually remember exactly when or why!!

    Just removed it and the shop works properly – AND good news – I only have one wordpress installation to maintain when we complete the shop!

    I am therefore very grateful – and thanks.

    For your information – before I selected Enfold I did a lot of research to select a theme for my first major WP job – – amongst the cirteria which led to selection was the flexibility (so I could go on to use the theme and my experience with it on other jobs) but just as important was numbers of installs as it is very important for a ‘one man band’ like me to have assured support.

    You have just confirmed this was a good call! ;)

    Many thanks


    Hi Ismael,

    No I didn’t edit the .htaccess file (to be honest I’ve never had occassion to do this over a dozen or so wp installations – 2/3 use enfold)).

    Thanks for asking our supplier for me – I’ve had a little more time to think about the workaround I’ve come up with – it seems the only functionality I may loose in the template is the ‘cart’ logo from the main site pages but this can be easily replaced by a menu item in the secondary menu pointing to the ‘shop’ directory for the cart page in /hbf/ – it will be activated when the visitor is on shop pages. (I think!!)

    I look forward to the feedback from Kriesi – thanks again


    Hi Andy,

    Woah! – I am little bit worried about even trying this as we are now live as a commercial site – hence my willingness to work around with the shop in a separate directory. The shop will be a new development – inspired by the enfold shop data – the site is established – just replaced by me as a wordpress/enfold new website last week.


    PS Rikard – yes thanks – I tried disabling all the other plugins first before testing out the above solution – no change

    A possible solution – what do you think?

    I still have the interim cloned website sitting as a separate wordpress install at

    (the place I used during the transfer process to the proper domain name when we built the site – a straight copy didn’t work)

    It works !!

    Why don’t I just maintain the shop here and cross link back from the /hbf/ shop pages to other pages as required ?

    Unless anyone advises otherwise it seems the only issue I’d be concerned with is Enfold Licencing – clearly I’d have 2 copies of the theme. I have paid for one which is intended for the use of Every commercial site I develop for customers is another licence (8 so far I think) – but they would not be expecting to pay for it again.

    In the terms of envato licence this is only for one website and is not for resale and the other code is just a workaround very much in this intention – it is on the same root domain – how would Kriesi feel about this? – should I check with envato?

    Yes but funny – it was broken before I cloned it away to a third directory before cloning it back to the root directory with the proper domain name in place. I have done NO shop development at all so could work with a clean shop if necessary.

    So- Cloning it actually fixed the issue until I returned the site to the root directory AFTER I had redirected the proper domain.

    I will take your advice – if this doesn’t work why don’t I try and delete woocommerce then reinstall it? – silly?


    This is not a 4.2 issue – I resolved it by finding a old backup then upgrading wordpress – the work in bringing this 3 month old version up to date is better than leaving everything below the heading appearing in the site background coour – charcoal. Funnily, the blog pages stayed intact – issue just with the content the Avia Layout Builder had produced on the ‘pages’.

    So not identified problem but worked around.

    Ah – that is great – much of the stuff is inherited and enfold will duplicate or do even better anyway – think I’ll just switch on the ones I need as I need them and when the site is up scrub the rest.

    Many Thanks Elliott

    Great – that’s fantastic Yigit – it works!

    Just one question please – the CSS enforces this as a default across all images ? I am always a little nervous in using CSS as I’m trying to stay in the mainstream of the theme and any plugins I use – I’m prepared to pay the penalty if it just means filling in this field every element. Am I being a bit silly – are there any downfalls associated with using CSS code – thinking of support into the future ?

    Thanks again in any case – you’ve taken the heat off – I was getting a little confused/worried – Thanks from the North of Scotland


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