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    We did try to sort this out on our own and I think we are nearly there – just need a nudge please…

    On one of our many Enfold installations the theme does not pick up how out of date it is – stuck at 3.0.8 – WP and all the plugins are upgraded (with Enfold installations we are now double figures and all my other installs seem to be upgrading fine in the normal way following indications on the dashboard – I have seen someone else on the forum stuck at this point also)

    The forum suggested I use FTP to replace the contents of my enfold folder with the latest download

    So – my first attempt..
    With an FTP tool (Core) I made an ‘enfoldnew’ folder and uploaded the unzipped content of the latest download (looks very similar to existing)
    Renamed enfold folder enfoldold and made new one enfold and YES – white screen or ‘no stylesheet’ Oops
    So returned folder names back BACK – I now have the new download in a folder called ‘enfoldnew’

    In the dashboard I now see I also have 2 Enfolds under appearance/themes –

    I am tempted to just ‘activate’ the one not in use but worried that it is in the wrongly named folder – please can you advise what I should do?

    For your information – the only issue I have on this site is the Google maps are not showing – I have had the fullscreen slider dissapearing on other Enfold sites under wordpres 4.5


    Hey studio3enfold!

    Please try this plugin to clear WordPress transients if you do not receive auto updates and make sure your API key is correct:

    If it does not help, please update the theme manually –

    Also, please remove extra theme in Appearance > Themes. There should be only one

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,

    You’ve helped me take the last step!

    Following advice on the forum I had taken both steps above, including installing the transient cleaner, and having got to the bottom of step 2 the only option I had was the FTP download.

    I just needed reassurance before the big one – deleting the old enfold folder and replacing it fully.

    I just did this and then immediately activated it to see success – all features working including maps and some smaller sliders that stopped working are now all back up (Phew – I am seeing the client later today!)

    It now thinks 3.5.3 is the latest version – to get it up to 3.5.4.will I have do this again?

    Or maybe I need to change the settings on the transient cleaner?

    (not actually sure what this is doing)

    Thanks again anyway – it is good to know you are there!



    Glad to hear you got the theme to update and that fixed your issues :)

    To update to 3.5.4 you need to double check that your API key is correct and try clearing the WordPress transients again using the plugin. If it still fails, then yes, please update the theme via FTP. All the best with meeting your client.

    Best regards,

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