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    WP 4.7.2 – Enfold 3.8 – I have built and support a 1 year old Enfold site for the Northern Sands – it is being re-branded right now so I have to change all the colours – my idea was to start with a standard scheme then edit in the accurate corporate colours – a simple exercise I have done many times – I have purchased enfold for various projects (over 10 x npw).

    I have an example page on a URL I have attached that clearly shows the new colours on the logo and if you go to theme schemes it is a totally different scheme selected than the buttons and the footer shown.


    1. Reset theme settings (a bit of a pain but I remembered to copy most of the code I needed to recreate.
    2. Changed theme to 2015 then back again to enfold – seemed to remember a lot this time.

    Still can’t get rid of the wine coloured buttons


    THIS APPEARS TO BE A CACHE ISSUE – after all that messing about I opened the site in another browser and my changes are apparently made



    Hi Tony,

    Ok, great, glad you found the problem. So you got it working now?

    Best regards,


    Yes – the problem migrated to other browsers after I sent my last submission – it seemed to require a cache file removed from my account at the server level – Bluehost support were in there rattling around and it started working properly during a chat session with their tech support – I can’t say I fully understand it but at least their definition of the problem was the same as mine – A CACHE problem!!

    Many thanks for following this up Rikard – I still use Enfold whenever I can – am getting quite familiar with it and you support it well which is part of the reason I continue to recommend it.



    We are happy to help you :) and thank you for your support and kind words, it means a lot to us.
    In case you need any further assistance please feel free to contact us.

    Best regards,

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