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    Every time I update this site in any way, plugin or db I lose the home page below the enfold menu bar (1st item on the layour is a layerslider) – all other pages OK

    Possible clue – It has had the label ‘- Front Page’ added onto the home page in pages/ view all – not by me (screenshot url supplied) – I have many enfold sites (double figures now I think) they don’t have this addition.

    I have tried to upgrade twice now but ended up having to restore older versions to get the home page back with my updraft plus backups.

    Any Suggestions – best plan of attack!? – Make a copy of the home page and delete the funny one?


    Oops – I think this is similar a previous issue you solved for me – I have gone into the settings/reading/ and switched off the ‘front page’ pointer – to none selected. – I think this is the same as before – certainly the ‘front page’ add on has gone so I am confident I’ll be able to upgrade the site now


    OK so I need some help here please – This did not work – just a coincidence – still no home page – temp fix in place

    Please can you check out what is wrong with /home-page-old/ (I have temp 301 diverted it to /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/ so site menu works)

    SO TEMPORARY – I have made page 2 (the tours page ) the front page in Enfold settings SO TEMP is /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/



    sorry, but I don’t get what this issue is about. I checked your frontpage, but it looks fine. Can you explain clear please? and send us screenshots showing the issue please. Use or dropbox.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy

    I think you’ll be seeing the ‘tours’ page ( /tour-scotland-with-iona-highland-tours/ ) appearing when you view the home page because I put a 301 divert in away from the home page ‘Tour Scotland – Personalised day trips around the Scottish Highlands’ ( /home-page-old/ )

    The real home page – Tour Scotland – ‘Personalised day trips around the Scottish Highlands’ ( /home-page-old/ ) starts with a layrerslider streatched across full width.- when I made a copy and removed the layerslider on a demo page it seem to display fine.

    The page just doesn’t build from there – the header with logo and enfold menu shows then blank screen below -Oops – hence I diverted visitors straight to the PRODUCT PAGE ‘tours’

    I don’t want to leave the blank page on this active commercial website for a day or so.

    How about you make a new testing page.and copy template (home-devel) – has the same issue exactly – if you get this working I’ll just rework this to a new home page! lLternatively please feel free to use the re-direction plug-in to see what ids happening if it is only for a short while – you’ll need to clear cache after disablig it

    I hope you can spot the funny thing!




    sorry, but I can’t follow you. Can you provide us precise links please? screenshots would still be awesome.

    Best regards,


    Hi Andy and colleagues,


    For live just go to

    You may have to refresh if you have been here before – I had to break the site again to get it back to this state for you – I have just taken the 301s off





    OK – I can’t leave this commercial site with a blank front page all day Please IGNORE FRONT PAGE.

    To see the problem please now go to

    This is a copy & behaves exactly the same – if we can resolve this I will just make it the home page – thanks –

    Same screenshot

    Sorry I had a delay on this dialogue yesterday – I was on a customer premises so not ideal




    when I deactivate all your plugins then it’s working again:

    Please deactivate all plugins one by one to check which one is causing this issue and let us know if this solves the problem.

    Best regards,


    BINGO! – Thanks Andy,

    Works after removing ‘Bad Behaviour’ and I can’t even remember putting this on – good chance it was the previous developer (I took over this site).

    (Bad Behaviour Version 2.2.19 | By Michael Hampton | – now disabled )

    I normally keep to the big plugins when possible – especially as Enfold delivers most of what we need off the bat!

    Thanks again




    glad we could help. Let us know in a new ticket if you have some more questions related to the theme. We are happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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