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    Thanks for the tip, Ismael – I’m going to give that a spin – if I get a good result, is it OK if I post my results/settings in this thread, or do I need to create a new one?

    in reply to: BUMP: Advanced Layout Editor Issue NOT resolved #128659

    Also, my bad on the topic closing, I apologise, I thought it was closed by support.


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    I just had my ISP troubleshoot/reset/up everything, see if there were issues on their end, and apparently that helped, because the button is back, and seems to work, as does my SEO.

    However, I’d be happy to facilitate access as a control, if it will help Shallnotbe?

    When I say two identical sites, I mean I have a test instance at, which has been running without this issue. The only difference between the sites, is the fact one is hidden from search engines and doesn’t have SEO, the other does. Which is why I am mentioning it.


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    Additional info: my SEO stopped working at the same time as the editor buttons.

    I am using YOAST, as mentioned in the now closed post –

    SEO settings won’t update on the theme – I just triplechecked this.

    I have the same plugin working on another, non-enfold site, I tweaked a SEO setting, and it updated on the spot.

    So… I’d say somewhere, something seems not to be firing as it should.

    (and yes, I have disabled the current version of the plugin, uninstalled the plugin, reinstalled the plugin, all that…)


    in reply to: Advanced Editor Corrupt or Not Working #128881

    Actually, since I restarted my session, the editor buttons are entirely gone, bar the icon in the default toolbar.

    My workaround will be to create everything on my testsite and then copypaste the code over – most of what i can do is covered by the icon in the default toolbar, but some of the other stuff, like sliders, I’ll set up on my test, not live site as a workaround.

    Debug can’t show the issue if the button functionality isn’t rendering or even showing, so I turned it back off.


    in reply to: Advanced Editor Corrupt or Not Working #128880

    Format Eins – just wanted to say thanks for the things we could try – several of us have this issue, with memory maxed out.

    It seems a lot of people are currently getting this. Would it be possible to merge threads and create one big troubleshooting/test thread about this issue?

    I’ll run my live-site with a debug, as that’s the one I am having issues with, see what comes up.


    in reply to: BUMP: Advanced Layout Editor Issue NOT resolved #128653

    I saw the other topic was closed to replies, so I will respond here:

    I did not see anything which made the conclusion it was a viable option to increase php memory even more.

    Again, I run *two* identical sites. On one it works, on the other it doesn’t

    Is this of no consequence or relevance to you?

    Also, if people need to keep increasing their php memory, don’t you think maybe the code could use a revision as to be less, not more, hungry?


    in reply to: BUMP: Advanced Layout Editor Issue NOT resolved #128652

    I already did that on both sites with my *last* issue.

    Is this the cure-all?


    in reply to: Advanced Layout Editor corrupted or missing code? #128204

    Me too – The funny thing is, it works on my testpages – where I have no SEO at all, and no search engines enabled, that’s the only difference between the two. Both sites are running 3.5.2

    i’ve disabled my plugins, contemplating disabling Google Analytics as well, to see if that’s an option.

    Any support-worker interested to see how it manifests on a live site, drop me a line, I’ll set you up w access.

    // Edit to add I have YOAST running, in case that’s of any relevance

    // Upgrading to 1.7.1 did not help.


    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #116482 – I am still in the process of rolling everything out, right now, the focus is my tutorial pagesm then the articles, then the rest :)

    in reply to: Advanced layout editor not working #122244

    I talked to my webhost – they tweaked wp-config and php for me, works really well now, and I am v happy with how its starting to shape up :)

    Thanks for the help!


    in reply to: Three questions – one post #121824

    Thanks so much – this definitely helps, and your earlier tip about memory in another post really helped me along, and it’s looking awesome right now :)


    in reply to: Advanced layout editor not working #122243

    Thanks :) – I am using Send to Kindle, and the Import/Export/Reset plugins for now. Send to Kindle is mostly there for layout/test purposes, I will disable it to see if it’s an issue. I have social media plugins installed, but they’re inactive, and the site is “off” the SEO-plugin grid, as this is my test, and not “live”-site.

    FireFox has MediaHint on (so I can watch American Netflix in Norway;)), bar that, no plugins on the other browsers.

    I was rambling on in another post about this, because I didn’t know what I was looking for/experiencing, but now with some testing, it’s definitely this issue which is colouring everything else. Again, I am only experiencing this with Enfold – Enigma works fine, as does my old install of Slide, which I am migrating from.

    In case it is of relevance, what I am aiming at with the layout I want, is this: I want my tutorials(grid) and articles (slider on top of page, small preview pic blogposts) to render differently to screen, and then to make the blogsection render small preview pic if I find I have something worth saying with some content elements top of page.

    I haven’t gotten around to my portfolio section yet, but I am probably going all sliders, all the way, there, and then some custom layout pages, I want everything to be sorted and rendered via category taxonomy and keep custom pages/child pages to a minimum.

    Pretty vanilla, in other words :)

    I will ask my ISP to doublecheck memory – but last time I checked I had a pretty decent LAMP setup and had all the stuff/memory I needed, I tweaked the config because I saw someone else had something vaguely similar.

    if it helps, I used to be a testmanager on one of these browsers, so I do know my way around a little, and definitely know how to test for stuff – is there anything else you can suggest I should look for in troubleshooting this ?

    Thanks again :)



    in reply to: Three questions – one post #121822


    I imported the sample data – I have the same issues when using the demopages as well.

    I’ve picked up another, similar theme, (Enigmatic) and reset the db to see if I get the same hassle, so please don’t think I am asking questions about the wrong theme, or that I am fussing aboout the wrong data :)


    in reply to: Three questions – one post #121821


    I’ve been doing some more digging into the whats and whys my issues with grids and tabbed text in connection with the general and advanced template layout, as I see my earlier post has yet to receive a response.

    First of all – I cannot seem to get separate page layouts no matter how I try. by that, I mean setting up the blog as default, and then second and third pages to show taxonomy based content in a grid form

    If this is as intended, the phrasing in the manual should reflect this. Please clarify.

    Secondly – if you use tabbed text, chances are the entire text will show – Excerpt/Excerpt Read More seem buggy.

    I am editing the pages in opera and testing the refreshes in Chrome and MSIE, so it’s not a caching or updating issue on my end

    As an addendum – I rolled back to the earlier version – the container-size adjustments made my text look worse.


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