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    No matter what i do, the Advanced Layout Editor just isn’t working for me. I can add components, but the settings won’t take.

    The Blog-Post Content Element is a prime example of this:

    I have set the BlogPost component to show 3×2 posts per page, and I have tried to set the content shown both as custom taxonomy and blogposts. This doesn’t seem to save, as no matter what I do, I keep getting 7+ posts per page and none of the additional items I have defined, like a slider. The blog grid component won’t render gridded content to page at all if I have set anything else than grid in the General Settings – correct me if I am wrong, but I did think the intent of the Advanced Layout Editor was customisation of how selected content rendered, in addition to the default on generic pages.

    In addition to this, I get random parsing of the Read More function, meaning that blog posts with read more normally randomly display in full – unless I choke them with a grid, and it can take up to two minutes before I get a response from the media library popup so I can select an image to add to a post or set as featured image.

    After voicing my issues in a previous post, I went and tested my blog/content with Enigma, a similar theme, to see if it was a serverside issue. I experienced none of the issues I am currently experiencing with Enfold.

    I have also added more memory via wp-config.php, and I reset the database before doing a clean FTP reinstall with three active plugins.

    I have also read the manual looking for help, in addition to scouring the forum, and I have imported the sample data – which behaved well as long as it was set into a simple page, and not part of a posts stream.

    I think the theme is gorgeous, and I would *love* to use it on my website, but when even a simple thing as adding a graphic to a post, or the theme to actually display 3×2, not 3×3+1 is a major pain in the ass, and I may have to use other solutions. I’ve tested on MSIE, FF, and Chrome – in addition to Opera being my “working” browser.

    Any insights would be much appreciated – by the looks of it, it seems that something seems to just not reach its settings destination, a caching issue somewhere, perhaps?



    Hi spinner,

    What are the active plugins that you are using? Do you have any plugins within the browsers at all either?

    I’ve done maybe 100 different layouts and settings since the theme has been released but nothing like what you are describing has happened. Though it does still sound like a memory issue. When you changed/updated your settings, were you able to check if the change actually changed your usable memory? Very often just changing it in wp-config doesn’t fully set it on the server so establishing that it has in fact been changed is a good place to start.




    Thanks :) – I am using Send to Kindle, and the Import/Export/Reset plugins for now. Send to Kindle is mostly there for layout/test purposes, I will disable it to see if it’s an issue. I have social media plugins installed, but they’re inactive, and the site is “off” the SEO-plugin grid, as this is my test, and not “live”-site.

    FireFox has MediaHint on (so I can watch American Netflix in Norway;)), bar that, no plugins on the other browsers.

    I was rambling on in another post about this, because I didn’t know what I was looking for/experiencing, but now with some testing, it’s definitely this issue which is colouring everything else. Again, I am only experiencing this with Enfold – Enigma works fine, as does my old install of Slide, which I am migrating from.

    In case it is of relevance, what I am aiming at with the layout I want, is this: I want my tutorials(grid) and articles (slider on top of page, small preview pic blogposts) to render differently to screen, and then to make the blogsection render small preview pic if I find I have something worth saying with some content elements top of page.

    I haven’t gotten around to my portfolio section yet, but I am probably going all sliders, all the way, there, and then some custom layout pages, I want everything to be sorted and rendered via category taxonomy and keep custom pages/child pages to a minimum.

    Pretty vanilla, in other words :)

    I will ask my ISP to doublecheck memory – but last time I checked I had a pretty decent LAMP setup and had all the stuff/memory I needed, I tweaked the config because I saw someone else had something vaguely similar.

    if it helps, I used to be a testmanager on one of these browsers, so I do know my way around a little, and definitely know how to test for stuff – is there anything else you can suggest I should look for in troubleshooting this ?

    Thanks again :)




    I talked to my webhost – they tweaked wp-config and php for me, works really well now, and I am v happy with how its starting to shape up :)

    Thanks for the help!


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