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    Hi Rikard:

    I hid the actual header and used a full width submenu and some color sections to sort of make my own. I added some other basic stuff for this particular site then used the Save Entry as Template function. That makes it pretty quick to set up a new page, and updating the menu isn’t a problem. HOWEVER if I ever need to make a change to other parts of that “header”, I would have to make the same changes in a bazillion pages.

    A while back Josue gave me a little piece of code that I can paste into a child theme’s functions.php file so rendered html can be used by any or all pages of a site. Unfortunately that won’t work as well for this site due to the full width submenu I used, which appears above the primary color section that’s common to all the inside pages. Using this method would prevent me from being able to edit that menu within WP.

    Anyway I just thought, since the search result page is common to all Enfold powered sites even if it’s not really used, that Kriesi would allow the ALE to be used with it like Pages and Posts.


    That worked, thanks Ismael!!!

    FYI Guys: This site is ready now except for this availability badge not overlapping the full width elements under the header. I really need to get this taken care of, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


    in reply to: Need image element to appear "on top" of other elements #665539

    Hi Vinay!

    I put the site in a test area (URL below in private content) and removed all IP blocks for this site from IIS. Hopefully you guys will now be able to access the site. Also in the private content below is a direct URL of a screen shot from the old site of what the check availability “badge” is supposed to look like.

    An interesting note: I continued working on the site and noticed that, on other pages without the full width easy slider, the check availability badge sticks out below the full width submenu and does actually overlap the main content area below. So it appears that it’s just the full width elements that the badge won’t overlap like it’s supposed to. You can see this behavior by clicking Amenities & Info up in the menu.

    Again I appreciate your help with this issue.



    I put the site in a test area on the server (see below). If you can’t get to it there, I’ll definitely need the IP you’re coming from. We’ve had some problems with break in attempts on the live server too.


    Sorry, I have a bunch of overseas IPs blocked because of break in attempts. Can’t have that on my development box, right? If you can tell me the IP(s) from which you’re trying to access these URLs, I can see if I can unblock a small chunk.


    in reply to: Google maps widget works locally but not on server #657318

    I read mensmaximus’ post, and that seems like a bunch of hoops to jump through for something that’s liable to get wiped out with the next theme update. When do you guys anticipate putting out some sort of fix???

    in reply to: Full Width Submenu Force Mobile at Specific Width #650533

    Sorry it took so long for me to respond. Actually I need the full width submenu to go mobile at anything less than 980px screen width. Anything over that, and it should be the normal menu. Just so you know, in Theme Options, Header, Mobile Menu tab, I do have it set to go mobile for both tablets and smartphones, but that obviously applies only to the main header menu, not to full width submenus (but it probably should).

    The URL is on my development box, so I’ll post it in the private content area below.

    in reply to: Urgent: No More Transparent Header #586385

    Hi Guys!

    You guys must use a combination of CSS and jQuery on more than just the <header> element to create the transparent header effect. When transparency is not working, the av_header_transparency and av_header_glassy classes are missing from the element. However I tried using jQuery to simply add them back in, but that was only partially successful.

    So I need to now turn this question around: With Transparent & Glassy Header set for a page under Header Visibility and Transparency, what could possibly cause the header to all of a sudden become opaque??? (Please see image link in private content.)

    Further, what could do this then “wear off” over time??? That’s right, after a time, it goes back to normal. Unfortunately I have no idea of how much time. Once it starts, it stays messed up while I’m working with it, then the next day, it’s back to normal until I “trigger” it. I thought perhaps the “reset” had to do with the App Pool recycling, but I did that manually and it made no difference.

    Could this be the result of a script or CSS somewhere that conflicts with Enfold scripts or CSS??? If so can you think of anything I can do to try and ferret out the offending script or CSS?

    Thank you!

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    I must say, guys, I’m a bit disappointed. Up to this point, Enfold support has been great. Please, I’m not asking you to debug the plugin. I’m just asking for information on the Enfold mechanisms involved in making the header transparent. I’m guessing you use jQuery, right? Can’t you please tell me the files that are involved and where the transparency is triggered in the code? The problem actually doesn’t happen all the time. When I first started working with the site today it was fine, even with the plugin turned on. It wasn’t until I submitted the form, went to PayPal, then came back to the site that the trouble started. Then if the plugin was activated, the problem happened. If it was off, the header was fine. At this point, I’m wondering if something in the plugin may be interfering with your jQuery code when I get back from PayPal for some reason. I know I need to work with the plugin guy on that, but if you could please tell me what files (and routines?) are involved with header transparency, that would be a great help.

    Thank you!

    in reply to: Urgent: No More Transparent Header #582065

    By doing an Inspect Element in Firefox, I’ve been able to determine that, when this problem occurs, .av_header_transparency and .av_header_glassy are missing from the classes for the <header id=”header”… element. Can anyone think of anything that would prevent these two classes from being included when it’s configured properly in the page settings? I’m trying to work with the plugin developer, but I could really use some advice from Kriesi as to where to look for the code that implements header transparency.


    in reply to: Urgent: No More Transparent Header #581546

    Here’s the thing: When the plugin is turned on, it’s like I set the header back to no transparency in the page’s metabox. I was hoping you could at least tell me where that functionality can be found in the Enfold code so I’d have a chance at solving this. I know you guys don’t know the plugin code, but you do know Enfold code, so you should at least be able to tell me where in the code header transparency is turned on, can’t you?

    in reply to: Icon List Connector Color #574202

    Never mind! I just figured it out. For anyone else who needs it, it’s…

    .main_color .avia-icon-list .iconlist-timeline


    in reply to: Number of Body fonts vs. Heading fonts #573467

    Thanks, Elliott. I think I’d already found that post at one point. Now I’ve saved the code. Obviously it still would be much quicker and easier for Enfold users if that body font’s drop down had a larger selection. Of course you wouldn’t want all the script fonts in that drop down, but the other serif and sans serif fonts probably should be in there. At any rate I’ll just do the more-or-less manual registration thing until they show up there in a future release.


    in reply to: Editing Elements Saved as Templates #571770

    I was going to ask something similar. Does that mean we have to go to the page on which we originally created the element template, adjust the element there, then save the page and do another “save as template” for the element giving the template the same name?

    Will this overwrite the last saved version of the element template, and will the changes be picked up on any pages where that element template is used?


    in reply to: Full Width Submenu Initially Collapsed for Mobile #527178

    Duh. Don’t know what I saw when I read that the first time. For some reason I thought it wouldn’t show the submenu items at all if that box was checked. Sorry, severe brain fade….

    in reply to: Accordion: Links to Expand All and Collapse All #523321

    That works, thank Elliott!

    Is there a way I can do that override in my child theme so it won’t get over written by Enfold theme updates? I can’t just plop that whole sort_list function right into my child theme’s functions.php, can I?

    Thanks again!


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    in reply to: Accordion: Links to Expand All and Collapse All #522120

    Sure, here’s the direct URL. It’s on my development box right now, so I’m putting it in the private content section.

    in reply to: Accordion: Links to Expand All and Collapse All #521282

    I discovered that turning on the accordion’s sort functionality plus using the CSS to display all toggles initially open makes it behave nearly perfect. One thing though: Is there any way to use the sort items but not actually have them sorted? In other words can they be displayed in the order that the toggle items appear? I can do that now, but I have to precede the toggle sort tag’s text with a number. The client probably could live with that, but if there’s a way to display that list without it being put into alphabetical order, that would be ideal.



    in reply to: Accordion: Links to Expand All and Collapse All #514874

    Hi Elliott!

    Thanks for the reply. So how do you guys do it now, with jQuery? Could you point me toward the current code? Perhaps I could tweak it? I know I’d need to find a way to make the tweaks persist through theme updates, but I’m pretty good at stuff like that.



    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #505800

    Thanks, Josue! That does work. I’ll have to remember that. I’m sure there are other places in my CSS where that’ll come in handy.

    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #505136

    Hi Josue:

    Glad that loads for you now. The text in question is the part that starts off, “One bite of our mouthwatering ‘cue…”. It’s in the lighter gray highlight box about halfway down the page. Right now it’s correct (i.e. white) because I’m using !important. I believe the original CSS that was persisting was .main_color h3. What I thought was supposed to override that is the class .bb-home-highlight-box, which is in the child theme’s style.css file. Was the original not being overridden because it was being applied to a fairly specific H3 element?


    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #504437

    Basilis, what do you mean by, “It is not something to be used.”?

    Ok, I found a quick way to remove and add back all the IP restrictions I have in place on my development machine. So I’ve removed them until we’re done with this issue. All of you should now be able to access that URL I mentioned above.


    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #504385

    I can lift the block for as long as necessary, but I have to know what to unblock. Considering the problems we had, I’m certainly not going to unblock everything. Oh, and !important does work. It just shouldn’t be necessary. A css file that’s loaded later should override styles from those loaded earlier.



    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #503078

    Hi Josue:

    Thanks for responding so quickly. Sorry, we’ve had serious trouble with some overseas IPs trying to abuse our server. If you let me know what your IP is (I usually use I should be able to tell if it’s blocked and if so free up a chunk.



    in reply to: Child theme css not overriding dynamic_avia css #503069

    Hi Rikard:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ll paste the URL to the page in question in the private content area below. The text in question is the part that starts off, “One bite of our…”, in the lighter gray highlight box. You’ll see that the child theme’s style.css is loaded two lines after the dynamic_avia css file yet still does not override the text color, even though it seems to me like it should. I have used !important for now. However if you can tell why this is necessary, please let me know.


    in reply to: Responsive not working; Reduce white space… #476740

    Hi Guys!

    I put the test page in a test area (see link below). I’ve worked some stuff out and could possibly be able to live with all the white space around the columns. Ultimately it would depend on the client. However I would like to know if it’s possible to cut the white space between the columns and around the outside about in half. As I said before, I think I’ve found how to do the space around the outside, just not in between.


    in reply to: Responsive not working; Reduce white space… #476310

    Hi Elliott:

    Well, the responsive part must’ve been my Firefox acting up, because it’s fine now.

    For the rest, currently this site is in the very beginning stages so it’s on my dev box, and I don’t have a link for you. However I did upload a screenshot to my regular site. The white space shaded in red needs to be about half what it is, so perhaps 20px-ish. I think I may have discovered how to reduce the space around the outside of the columns by adjusting the top and bottom padding of .content and the right and left padding of .container. HOWEVER, that still leaves the space in between the columns.

    Also I think I need to completely get rid of the top horizontal menu area. It’s empty now because I created an empty menu and assigned it to the main menu space. However I’ve had no luck in making it actually go away. I need the logo graphic centered at the top like it is, but also need a left vertical main menu.

    You see, the client really likes her site colors and layout, so the goal is to make it responsive and allow her to edit if she wants (hence the WordPress part) while keeping it as close to the same look as possible.


    Hey Ismael:

    I believe I’ve tried all suggestions here to no avail. Nothing is being logged to the php error log, and I even turned on WP debugging, and nothing is being logged there either. And yes, I did remember to add define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true); to wp-config.php. I even tried changing upload_tmp_dir to something other than C:\Windows\temp and setting appropriate permissions. Apparently Win 7 (Pro anyway) is touchy about who gets permissions on that folder C:\Windows\temp.

    It would be super helpful if I actually had a way of finding out precisely where the folder is being created and what its name is.


    Having the same problem, Windows Server 2008 R2, WP 4.2.2, Enfold 3.2 to 3.2.2 on a machine to which I have full admin access.

    What directory is it trying to create, and where is it trying to create it??? If I had that info, I could check the permissions and ownership of the directory in question.

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