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    Hi Guys!

    Still lovin’ the Enfold theme. This is about the only WP theme I’ve seen–and I’ve check out many–that has nearly everything the same way I’d have programmed it myself. :-)

    This site uses Enfold 3.2, and I have two questions….

    1) Under General Layout / Layout tab, I’m using the boxed layout, and for some reason, it’s not fully responsive. By “fully” I mean that the column widths adjust down to a certain point. However when the screen width reaches the point at which the actual layout should change, it doesn’t. The column widths stop reducing, and it just stays in that config. I do have Responsive Site checked under General Layout / Dimensions tab. Is there something I forgot to set perhaps? Another client with Enfold 3.2 has no problem with the site being fully responsive. That one uses the Stretched Layout though. Could stretched vs. boxed have something to do with it???

    2) With this boxed layout site, I’ve set a page background image with a vertical color gradient. I’m giving the content columns background colors, and I need to reduce the amount of white space all around the columns, between the columns and their outer container as well as between the columns themselves. I know there are options under Edit Cell / Row Settings / Space Between Columns (very cool that you’ve added that whole section by the way). However that’s just a yes/no, and it’s only between the columns themselves. Can you guys tell me what elements I need to target with CSS in order to accomplish this white space reduction?




    Hey scotthco!

    1. Is it only happening on a certain page? Send us a link and we’ll take a look.

    2. Send us a link to the page and take a screenshot highlighting the exact changes your trying to do and we’ll take a look.



    Hi Elliott:

    Well, the responsive part must’ve been my Firefox acting up, because it’s fine now.

    For the rest, currently this site is in the very beginning stages so it’s on my dev box, and I don’t have a link for you. However I did upload a screenshot to my regular site. The white space shaded in red needs to be about half what it is, so perhaps 20px-ish. I think I may have discovered how to reduce the space around the outside of the columns by adjusting the top and bottom padding of .content and the right and left padding of .container. HOWEVER, that still leaves the space in between the columns.

    Also I think I need to completely get rid of the top horizontal menu area. It’s empty now because I created an empty menu and assigned it to the main menu space. However I’ve had no luck in making it actually go away. I need the logo graphic centered at the top like it is, but also need a left vertical main menu.

    You see, the client really likes her site colors and layout, so the goal is to make it responsive and allow her to edit if she wants (hence the WordPress part) while keeping it as close to the same look as possible.




    we need to inspect the elements. So let us know when you are ready and then send us a link and we’ll take a look.



    Hi Guys!

    I put the test page in a test area (see link below). I’ve worked some stuff out and could possibly be able to live with all the white space around the columns. Ultimately it would depend on the client. However I would like to know if it’s possible to cut the white space between the columns and around the outside about in half. As I said before, I think I’ve found how to do the space around the outside, just not in between.




    Is it only the horizontal you wan to decrease? If so you can try the following in Quick CSS:

    .page-id-60 .av_two_third {
      margin-left: 2%;
      width: 68.666667%;

    You might have to play around with the values to get it just right.


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