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    Hi Guys!

    Just getting a chance to play with the latest version of Enfold. When an element is saved as a template, is it then possible to go back and make changes to it and have those changes picked up where ever that templated element is used???




    Hi scotthco!

    You will have to edit the page where you use it and after replace the template – resave.
    Let me know if you have any more questions, I will be happy to help further!

    Best regards,


    Hi Basilis,
    Do you mean to resave the template (i can´t find the way to do it) or the whole page (i´ve tried with no changes)?


    I was going to ask something similar. Does that mean we have to go to the page on which we originally created the element template, adjust the element there, then save the page and do another “save as template” for the element giving the template the same name?

    Will this overwrite the last saved version of the element template, and will the changes be picked up on any pages where that element template is used?




    make your changes, then delete your previous template, then save your changed one.



    Hi Andy, I tried your suggestion (make changes, delete…., save…) but it does not reflect my changes globally? Ie: I have logo slider on 7 pages… all the same logos, one did not have a link so I added the link. Only the one page I changed it on has linked image I changed. Do I have to individually replace the element on each page?




    We`ll investigate it better, for now, replace it individually on each page.

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Hi I was wondering if there was an update on this? This would be SUPER useful, maybe you can add a item to the left menu (custom post type maybe?) called “Templates” (or “Snippets” or something) and there list all the templates created like pages or posts, then you can edit each individually. This would be really cool.



    Thanks for the feedback, I agree that is would be handy. We’ll have a look at implementing functionality like that in a future release. If you want to submit a feature request for it then you can do so here:

    Best regards,


    Will do! thanks.


    This may be a dumb question, but is it possible to search through feature requests in order to find any related to ‘templates? I’m just seeing a full list with pagination options. If the above has been raised as a feature request I’d like to up-vote it, otherwise I’ll submit it as a new feature request.

    I find the template option useful up to a point – and I’m really grateful that it’s there in the first place. It would be a more powerful option if it were possible to create ‘global’ template elements that can be edited in one place and the changes propagated to all pages in which that element is used. I have a use case where I want to create staff profiles for a client of mine, and they want subsets of their staff to show up in various services pages. Staff information does not all come at once, and it changes from time to time so I want to avoid having to change every instance where the staff profile appears. I’m not sure I have a way around this other than some custom coding or adding another plugin.

    Many thanks



    You can request by new features here:

    Best regards,
    John Torvik


    Any update to this request?


    Hi Webber,

    No development on this has been done so far unfortunately.

    Best regards,


    Still no update to this request?


    Hi there,

    I would really love to see this feature too, in some future versions of Enfold!
    Hence I was looking for ‘upvoting’ this feature request on the link
    But I can’t find it there. Was it removed?

    : I understand you placed a feature request on the respective feature request page, as advised by Rikard, correct? If not, then I will do it. Please either of you, kindly let me know.




    Go ahead and add it if you miss it!
    Even if it is a second time, we are here to review every aspect!

    Best regards,



    I agree, it’s very helpful to be able tp update templates at once.
    Maybe they can be saved in advance styling separately according to name of the template and give the option to at least change the css for them at once.




    A global template is a nice idea, we will make sure our developers work it out.

    Best regards,


    Also want this e.g. if you have a testimonials template set up and you add one to it, for that to appear on every page you’ve got your testimonials. Can it do that?



    Global templates are not ready yet – but it is something that is on our TODO list. :)
    Thank you very much for the suggestion, always welcome!

    Best regards,


    Hi Enfold team,

    The feature in question above would be an incredible addition. My team currently spends a lot of time adjusting templates that appear on multiple pages. Therefore, please add me to the list of “yes, please.”




    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the input, we would really like to implement this feature but I’m still not sure if we are able to or not.

    Best regards,


    hi guys, this is a very important feature. I wish you will find a way to develope it.
    since that day will arrive, is there any way to create an object that will update the site globbaly? No matter if it is required a bit of code?



    Thank you so much for your feedback and more for supporting the get the feature done!

    Best regards,


    I agree… very important feature. If I have 20 or 30 pages all using the same template it’s a huge time drain to go to each page and change it. Surely there is a way to do this.


    Hi bludove30,

    We’ll add it to the theme once we have a solution.

    Best regards,


    I have been asking for this feature since they brought out the ‘template’ functionality. Few years later still nothing. Enfold is my personal best page builder tool for many years now… BUT I see other page builders have this global edit template functionality.

    My team and I are considering saying goodbye to Enfold and rather look at an alternative solution.



    e. If I have 20 or 30 pages all using the same template it’s a huge time drain to go to each page

    There is an element called “Page Content” in the builder, allowing you to display the content of another page. You can add that element to multiples pages and only requires you to edit a single page when update is necessary. Try to use that instead of the templates.

    Best regards,


    WOW!! AWESOME!!!! How did I miss this?!

    Thank you!

    Loving this theme again!!

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