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    Good Afternoon Everyone!

    I’ve seen some similar posts nothing that quite answers this. Below I’ve posted links to two screenshots. The first is a screenshot of what most of the inside pages of this site look like. The second is what the search results page looks like. If it wasn’t for the logo, you’d think you were on a completely different site for the search results. So, the question: Is there a way I can use the Advanced Layout Editor to make the search results page look like the rest of the site???

    If there isn’t, I have to ask, why the heck not!? Why would you give us such an amazingly versatile theme and leave us stuck with that search result page?

    If you guys don’t have a way to do this, can you suggest a search plugin that might allow the use of short codes to display search results in “normal” pages?

    I look forward to reading your replies.




    Hey scotthco,

    Applying builders to all WordPress page templates is not an easy thing, I don’t think anyone has managed to do that yet to be honest. Though I think builders like that will be available within a few years.

    It looks like you have customised the header on the site, how did you do that and why is it not applying to the search results template? Please post a link to your site so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard:

    I hid the actual header and used a full width submenu and some color sections to sort of make my own. I added some other basic stuff for this particular site then used the Save Entry as Template function. That makes it pretty quick to set up a new page, and updating the menu isn’t a problem. HOWEVER if I ever need to make a change to other parts of that “header”, I would have to make the same changes in a bazillion pages.

    A while back Josue gave me a little piece of code that I can paste into a child theme’s functions.php file so rendered html can be used by any or all pages of a site. Unfortunately that won’t work as well for this site due to the full width submenu I used, which appears above the primary color section that’s common to all the inside pages. Using this method would prevent me from being able to edit that menu within WP.

    Anyway I just thought, since the search result page is common to all Enfold powered sites even if it’s not really used, that Kriesi would allow the ALE to be used with it like Pages and Posts.




    Ok, thanks for the feedback. The builder is only usable for posts and pages unfortunately, not for archive pages. If you need to modify the header for the entire site, then I would suggestion you apply your customisations to the header.php file in your child theme, since changes in that will apply to all templates which includes the header. Meaning you will only have to change one file.

    Best regards,

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