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    I’m using a full width submenu as the main menu. It’s working great, and I have just one question. In its mobile form when you tap the menu to expand it, the entire menu expands. Is it possible to have just the top level menu items expand leaving submenu items closed until they’re tapped? The way it is now, mobile users would need scroll quite a bit to get to the last menu item because the 3 items with submenus hold 10 items total. So those plus the 9 top level items push the last couple items way down. To see what I’m talking about, please visit the following link with your phone.


    Hey scotthco!

    In the menu settings when you select it to display a button instead of the full menu another option will appear saying “Hide Mobile Menu Submenu Items” which you can check to have the submenu items hidden until the parent items are clicked on.



    Duh. Don’t know what I saw when I read that the first time. For some reason I thought it wouldn’t show the submenu items at all if that box was checked. Sorry, severe brain fade….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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