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  • None of the others worked and were flexible enough. It turns out that Tippy 5.3.1 was the culprit all along. I thought I had disabled it when troubleshooting, but must’ve not noticed it being the culprit (was only turning off some plugins and plumb forgot that Tippy might have been the guilty party).

    Anyway, I have reverted to an earlier version of Tippy from the repository. Version 5.3.0 seems to work fine with LayerSlider.

    I’ll mark this as resolved for now as I have another issue with LayerSlider that is being reported on other support tickets.

    Latest update – looks like the Tippy plugin was clashing.

    Would appreciate if someone can point me to a tooltip alternative to Tippy that won’t break Enfold.

    Issue update:

    Have upgraded both Enfold to 1.9.1 and WP to 3.6 to see if the problem exists. Have performed a full uninstall and deleted the /enfold theme directory.

    This is what I found:

    Using the global background instead of per-slide background has resolved the disappearing text issue. This looks like a major bug with LayerSlider.

    The demo Enfold slide uses a different image from slide 1 and slide 2, and the problem occurs still.

    Obviously a global BG isn’t suitable if we’re using multiple slides.

    We need a resolution soon, please!

    Bumping this… we are hoping for a resolution soon.

    in reply to: Wordpres 3.6 – you can update now :) #132675

    Latest WP update seems to have affected the LayerSlider, I inadvertently hit the update button and after seeing the JS error and my main slider not displayed. I forgot to make a database backup before the update, but following the instructions here under “WordPress version archive.”

    I had a previous version of WP which I unzipped and using an FTP program like FileZilla ( I copied the files back over (skipping the wp-config.php file). Refreshing the admin page showed that the database needed to be rebuilt again, which worked OK).

    Hope that helps.

    in reply to: LayerSlider – New layers won't show on page #132098

    Yes, I noticed this issue over the last couple of days, however for us it wasn’t the H1 and H2 text vanishing, but there appeared to be alpha applied to its appearance. Testing using the Enfold default LayerSlider slides shows the first slide OK (as it only has graphics) but the second slide with the multiple animated graphical elements, renders the graphics OK, but the animated text from the left does not appear.

    Funnily enough, I thought it was a setting or styling change I did, but all I was doing was creating a new LayerSlider slide.

    We are using a 1600 x 470px PNG background for the slide, and when I removed that the text content started displaying correctly.

    Per Ismael’s suggestion above, I Increased the memory limit to 256M, re-activated the background, but the problem still exists.

    in reply to: Enfold – Post slider excerpt length #132553

    Works like a charm, thanks for that.

    in reply to: Heading and menu modifications #131888

    Just advising that I’ve solved the issue with the following tweaks.

    I was able to identify the elements that needed tweaking:

    1) Header block with logo and social/contact info above is now static and “sticky” by choosing Fixed heading in the theme settings. Following code was to fix.

    #header {
    position: fixed;
    /* fix the height of the header block and lock it down */
    #header_main .container {
    height: 82px !important;
    line-height: 82px !important;

    2) Text colour was thru theme settings, but had to apply the following changes:

    /* Social Icons & Contact

    /* put the icons on the right */
    #top .social_bookmarks li {
    float: right;

    /* move the contact # left of the icons */
    .sub_menu {
    right: 70px;
    .social_header .phone-info {
    color: #5f5e5e!important;

    Thanks to the tips on the Avia Menu at I was able to place the menu block exactly where I wanted it, aligned to the bottom of the header block in line with the baseline of the logo. A few tweaks were needed to move the menu indicator as well through the .avia-menu-fx tag.

    /* Main menu position
    .main_menu {

    .main_menu ul li a {
    height: auto !important;
    line-height: 20px !important;
    .main_menu ul:first-child > li > a {
    padding:0 7px;

    .main_menu .menu ul {

    .avia-menu-fx {
    bottom: -8px;

    Edit – screen shot of the result after the above tweaks.


    in reply to: Heading and menu modifications #131887

    Thanks for that, unfortunately, no, it didn’t work, the code tweak to “position: relative” made the header non-sticky. They need the header bar to be static, but when scrolling the main menu text starts moving upwards. I need to lock the menu to the header.

    I tried changing the header to “non-fixed with social”, then apply the following code:

    #header {
    position: fixed;
    margin-top: -115px;

    then tweak the main content block to push it down by 115px.

    /* remove the padding from the main content to the bottom of the header (not needed with fixed header)*/
    .fixed_header.social_header #main {
    /* padding-top: 115px; */

    This had the desired effect, and the menu items actually sat where we wanted them towards the bottom (not middle) of the header bar, and stayed static (and sticky on screen) when the page scrolled. However, this had the side-effect of breaking when changing screen resolutions.

    As for 3) – I found the theme styling setting for it and hard coded the colour in the child style.css.

    In relation to the moving menu, I’m hoping it’s a simple CSS override as I’m hoping to not need to mess with the JS or PHP in the backend in case there’s a theme update that breaks any customisation, and as a newbie, if it comes to that, I’m hoping someone just points me in the right direction.

    in reply to: Heading and menu modifications #131885

    Just nudging this as we need to get this issue sorted.

    The line is part of the main content block’s padding. The following is how I tackled it for my page.

    /* remove the padding from the main content to the bottom of the header */
    .fixed_header.social_header #main {
    padding-top: 88px; /* Change this to the thickness of your heading block */

    in reply to: Heading and menu modifications #131884

    In relation to the above, I have uploaded the following screen shots.


    which shows a portion of the fixed header on my screen (info not-for-public-at-this-moment has been blurred)

    When scrolling down, it looks like:


    In another page on the site, the menu indicator looks like:


    We’re ready to go live, but these little tweaks would be nice to resolve sooner than later.

    in reply to: Update, feature and bug fix code in this forum #129992

    Thanks Devin, it should be noted by the support staff who post on here that many of their suggestions seems to be along the lines of “look for this line in your functions.php and make these modifications” – these could be simple things like making a change to how a navigation menu works or something benign like a styling tweak that a few of us might find useful. Support staff should be suggesting the creating of the specific file in the child theme and show how it’s done instead of getting us to tear up the core code.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114729

    I’d like to chip in my vote for the following:

    1) Support for the “read more” markup in pages (not just posts)

    2) A secondary horizontal custom menu for sub-content that we don’t want in the main top menu or its dropdowns.

    3) Advanced layer slider needs to be more responsive. This might not be Kriesi’s responsibility, but it’s a huge selling feature of the theme that drew me to purchase it. The slider’s WYSIWYG editor doesn’t quite reflect “real life” as the layouts in Chrome and FireFox seems to be “hit-and-miss” needing us to manually move slide layer elements around and hope they’re in the right spot on our visitors’ screens. The responsive elements should follow what Liquid Slider had done where instead of shrinking down to a postage-stamp size, it would rearrange or vanish accordingly.

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