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    Hello Everyone,

    With WordPress 3.6 rolling out today we wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that the current versions of the themes have *not* been tested with the 3.6 yet. We’ll be updating things on test servers then Kriesi will be putting out an update next week starting with Enfold.

    Until then, **we do not recommend updating to WordPress 3.6**



    Update: Themes are updated for use with wp 3.6 now.


    Great thanks for this! I have been testing Eunoia + 3.6 on a staging site and note some issues with portfolio thumbnail images not showing up – some do/some don’t. If you’d like me to send you the staging URL let me know.


    ups… too late ;(

    the whole layer slider doesn’t work…



    You can downgrade to wp 3.5.x. Just download the files here: and upload the files with ftp to your server.




    For me the FTP downgrade wp 3.5 not enough!


    We have to restore the previous data base


    Found this:

    I added it to the child functions.php and the slider kicked back in… pheww.

    Thanks to

    wp_deregister_script( ‘jquery’ );

    wp_register_script( ‘jquery’, ‘’, array(), null, in_footer );

    inside functions.php – in the ” avia_register_frontend_scripts() ” function.


    oh god, I updated and the easy slider on my homepage is not working. I am a total beginner to all of this.. is there an easy step by step method I can follow to get it working like it was last night? Your quickest response would be highly appreciated, my business depends on it! Thanks.

    PS. I don’t know the first thing about ftp servers, I just do it all through wordpress. Apologies for my naivety, but willing to learn.


    If I can just throw a note in there for the developers: Please make sure to test audio embedding for the new version. It’s badly broken with Enfold on 3.6. (I updated before spotting this post.)


    Oh, why “the themes have *not* been tested with the 3.6”? No Beta and RC testing? Your quick post is too late for me.


    Beta and Release Client testing has been done but that doesn’t mean the same thing as live testing on 3.6. With WordPress, it is never a good idea to upgrade unless you have already confirmed all of your active plugins and theme has been updated to support any changes as well.



    please consider the note by by ‘Atnevon’.

    the audio embed codes do not work and the post/page turns just blank and black. was using plugin called ‘flowplayer’ and even that produces the same result as above. just bought this theme and hoping you will fix it at the earliest.


    So lost. This is my first time developing with WordPress and so far its not going well. Made this update before seeing this post. Most functionality seems to be intact after I installed a JQuery updater. My Easy Slider no longer works. I was literally just about to deploy this site for a client. Any help you guys could toss my way in regard to getting the slider working or restoring the previous WordPress version would be appreciated.


    This is probably a stupid question, but would this work as a solution. I originally installed this in a sub directory. Could I:

    1. Create a backup XML file by going to Tools > Export

    2. Use the original download files to install the previous version of Enfold in my root folder.

    3. Import the XML file by going to Tools > Import

    Would this work to deploy the old version of WP and retain all of the work I’ve done over the last few weeks?


    Sorry guys, but if you are a “developer” you should know that it’s never a good idea to update to a new WP version immediately after it’s release…..

    And normally you always should make a backup (data + database) prior to an essential update like this one…


    Hi All,

    Try following the steps in this video to downgrade WordPress to 3.5.2:




    Thanks for the help Devin. I’ll check it out.


    Whoops – too late. I did find though that this is the only way I could get the menu manager to work properly after the last Enfold Update so that was an advantage .


    @ Lol5tar –

    This worked for me, lets just hope no other bugs pop up on my site..!



    @ Lol5tar thanks that script worked.

    I am updated to 3.6.

    Errors with padding/margins with default editor shortcodes. – Fixed by using advanced layout editor

    Errors Layer slider did not load – Fixed with lol5tar post

    Errors with EasySlider – Changed to a gallery :/ (did not test after lol5tar script)

    Error with default layout button position:

    other than that everything seems to work ok.



    Mmmm I think if in the theme page on themeforest specify: Software version : WordPress 3.5, you upgraded on 3.6 at your own risk…

    I took the risk after a backup of all my files and database and… it works fine! I use layered slider, contact form, ajax portfolio, WPML and everything works fine for me…




    I also updated my wordpress right away, won’t do that again! For the slider, I used the jQuery Updater plugin, it fixed the slider with one click. I hope this helps.

    Now I have a problem with my portfolio page. The portfolio items are not showing up. The boxes are there, the titles are there, but no images (the most important part of a portfolio). Can anyone help me with this? The portfolio gallery on my homepage shows up fine. I even tried to create a new portfolio page, no luck.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    PS here is alink to the troubled portfolio:

    And a link to the homepage where the gallery IS still working:


    Hello. Is there an ETA on the update? I would have expected most of these issues to be sorted out by now, since the WP 3.6 release candidates have been out for some time now. If you could give us a date, it would sure help us with our planning. Thanks!


    Right now updates are planned for this upcoming week. Its the second sentence in the initial post by me above :)

    Beta and Release Client testing has been done but that doesn’t mean the same thing as live testing on 3.6. With WordPress, it is never a good idea to upgrade unless you have already confirmed all of your active plugins and theme has been updated to support any changes as well.


    Note for all: You can fix LayerSlider not working in 3.6 by searching for “Jquery update” plugin and install that. It will make LayerSlider work as usual.

    3.6 has broken my Easy Slider and Pricing Table though…

    Downgrading to 3.5.x via method above (FTP > overwrite all except wp-content folder) does not fix. Argh

    Looking forward to your patches ASAP. thanks


    you also have to restore the database (if you performed a backup)


    I updated it to 3.6 without any backup ( i know that was crazy ) but it seems to work fine in my site.


    Latest WP update seems to have affected the LayerSlider, I inadvertently hit the update button and after seeing the JS error and my main slider not displayed. I forgot to make a database backup before the update, but following the instructions here under “WordPress version archive.”

    I had a previous version of WP which I unzipped and using an FTP program like FileZilla ( I copied the files back over (skipping the wp-config.php file). Refreshing the admin page showed that the database needed to be rebuilt again, which worked OK).

    Hope that helps.


    I fixet the slider bug installing jQuery Updater plugin (seems that it works ok now).


    @Nimrodmada – that worked! Cool :)

    yes, we’re all dumb for upgrading before we should have, but we’re more fun that way? :D

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