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    Had created a few slides using LayerSlider and at first things were working fine, and as of last Thursday, our slides started losing the text headings.

    1) Have disabled every plugin – no change

    2) Disabled the background – text reappears

    3) Changed to a different file for the background – text disappears again.

    4) Tried Enfold’s demo slide – first page works fine as logo and text is actually a graphic, but 2nd page only shows the screens and screen elements. Text blocks to the left don’t appear – no edits were done to the default demo slide.

    5) Have tried Ismael’s suggestion in an earlier issue to up the memory to 256M – no change

    6) Have asked the web hosts if they made any changes or updates to the server software or settings – they assure me they have not.

    7) Have gotten the web hosts to restart our server – no change

    8) Have checked text content layers – Using <div> as per the Enfold demo, no change, using H1, H2, etc, text appears in the preview, but not on the site.

    9) Have tried removing custom styles – no change

    10) Have deactivated my child theme – no change

    As far as I can tell, nothing has changed from my perspective except the backend PHP tweaks for iconbox.

    Would be nice if there was a fix for this.


    Bumping this… we are hoping for a resolution soon.


    Issue update:

    Have upgraded both Enfold to 1.9.1 and WP to 3.6 to see if the problem exists. Have performed a full uninstall and deleted the /enfold theme directory.

    This is what I found:

    Using the global background instead of per-slide background has resolved the disappearing text issue. This looks like a major bug with LayerSlider.

    The demo Enfold slide uses a different image from slide 1 and slide 2, and the problem occurs still.

    Obviously a global BG isn’t suitable if we’re using multiple slides.

    We need a resolution soon, please!


    Latest update – looks like the Tippy plugin was clashing.

    Would appreciate if someone can point me to a tooltip alternative to Tippy that won’t break Enfold.


    Tbh I never tried tippy or another tooltip plugin but you can try a plugin from the repository: or (maybe even better) use the new html5 abbreviation tag:


    None of the others worked and were flexible enough. It turns out that Tippy 5.3.1 was the culprit all along. I thought I had disabled it when troubleshooting, but must’ve not noticed it being the culprit (was only turning off some plugins and plumb forgot that Tippy might have been the guilty party).

    Anyway, I have reverted to an earlier version of Tippy from the repository. Version 5.3.0 seems to work fine with LayerSlider.

    I’ll mark this as resolved for now as I have another issue with LayerSlider that is being reported on other support tickets.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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