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    Yep the code works great and can be closed

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    huge help, thanks Yigit.
    It is simple code but I missing a small piece.

    Am now using your Special Heading padding CSS along with another bit to make my images 100% width on mobile while also adding some padding next to the Specials Headers on mobile since they are not wrapped in a text element. It looks really slick

    @media screen and (max-width: 767px) .av-special-heading h5 .av-special-heading h4 { padding-left: 15px!important; }
    @media screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .responsive #top #wrap_all .container { width: 100% !important; max-width: 100% !important; }
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    Has this been resolved?
    I am having the same problem on my website and have disabled all plugins and updated the theme but it is showing the same error.
    Was on 4.1 when I noticed it today and updated to 4.2 but no luck.
    Looks like a couple dozen other people have asked questions like this in the support forum but there hasn’t been a real fix that I found.


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    Although I thought I was, I’m not 100% getting that solution to work as it is blocking some valid users from clearing reCAPTCHA.
    Have had a number of reoccurring customers say that it isn’t letting them submit their forms and isn’t giving any error, just doesn’t clear.

    Inside I get the following error notification with no way to troubleshoot:
    We detected that your site is not verifying reCAPTCHA solutions. This is required for the proper use of reCAPTCHA on your site.

    I used the code found here (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#post-817676
    the only change I made to the value from data-sitekey=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” provided by Google here
    var publickey = 'YOUR PUBLIC API KEY';
    didn’t change anything else or use my secret key at all

    The full code I added is in the private content

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    AMP uses entirely different markups than old HTML as it avoids tons of JavaScript and usually limits CSS to only 50kb so minification is especially important with CSS. When done properly AMP even strips out things inside tags so having the backend theme optimized would be a lot more helpful. Many of the 3rd party plugins I have used for AMP really make the out of the box experience with Enfold not very good on AMP enabled mobile pages.

    AMP and overall site speed really are becoming huge ranking factors with Google so it is important to future proof as well as create a faster experience. Almost as equally important is switching your sites to https which Google recently called “imperative” for search rankings.

    Some things in the short term I have found to really speed up my sites are to move them away from GoDaddy to WP Engine instead which made a huge difference in both speed and uptime. Can’t underestimate how big of a difference. Another great option for amazing hosting is SiteGround, it and WPEngine are the best. Along with switching hosting, I did the regular maintenance of reducing the number of plugins I’m using and clean up the CSS to be lighter.

    In addition, I used the Imagify plugin to minimize/optimize all of the images which is the only plugin I have found that really works well, a thousand times better than WPSmush. All of my images were already optimized in photoshop but Imagify still on average has reduced the sizes by another 40% without bringing down the quality. For Caching I got WP Rocket which has been great and works well with WP Engines internal coaching as well I my hosting’s CDN. The CDN has made a bigger difference for me by evening out the experience in different cities and countries.

    My site is the most cluttered and busiest I have and while it still has a long way to go speed wise, the tips I mention above have really helped a lot so far in making it faster as I wait on AMP

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    @havi how did you get your Adsense Ad in the Sidebar to load so fast on this website?
    I assume it was something you did in addition to the AMP solution since it isn’t on mobile
    Seems to load Adsense 10-20 times faster than any site I have combo AdSense with Enfold
    I have tried shortcodes and using the recommended asynchronous code


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    Think I figured it out, maybe?
    I copied the contents of my custom comments.php shown above to my child theme
    In that code I replaced the unique identifier and s.src = ‘//’; with the handle related to my Disqus account just like I did before.

    Then I added the code below to the parent theme’s template-builder.php file on line 59 (above the sidebar and footer call code) instead of putting it into the loop-page.php file

    // Disqus
    comments_template( '/wp-content/themes/enfold-child/comments.php');

    This seems to be working correctly on this page using Enfold’s AVIA Advanced Layout Builder for the editor

    Did I do it right?

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    I switched the code in pageloop.php to have the correct file path but it didn’t make a difference
    comments_template( ‘/comments.php’);

    Disqus comments are still working fine on pages using Visual Composer with the change

    But are still not working on pages using Enfold’s Avia Editor

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    I had opened a ticket with Disqus also and they said that the code and set up was correct and that they believed it was likely an issue with the Enfold theme. To test I first disabled all plugins except Disqus however the comments still wouldn’t show up on pages using the AVIA editor. Once I switched from Enfold to the default WordPress theme of Twenty Seventeen however the Disqus comments showed up on every page with no problems.

    Since using the Visual Composer plugin instead of AVIA lets the Disqus show up and disabling the theme also lets Disqus show up I am inclined to agree with them at it looks like a them/editor issue. I hope your team is able to find a solution as Disqus is the #1 comments plugin on WordPress. This is the last hurdle I have left for moving my popular travel blog over to Enfold as finding a solution for Disqus will allow me to finally ditch Visual Composer for AVIA.

    Thanks again for looking into this!

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    here you go, my PHP edits are on the parent theme as I have been weary of overriding the parent PageLoop.php in the Child Theme

    in reply to: Getting Disqus Comments to work on static pages #890864


    The Null error on the Disqus Embed only seems to be showing up in the pages with the AVIA editor and works great on the other 230 pages of the site`

    I have still been using the method listed above by replacing the contents of comments.php with the code above.
    One tweak to the code above is to replace the s.src = ‘//’; with my own identifier supplied by Disqus (see private comments)

    Then in PageLoop.php I added
    comments_template( ‘/includes/comments.php’);
    right above:
    echo ‘<footer class=”entry-footer”>’;

    in reply to: Favicon for different platforms in header #890367

    will this support just be built into Enfold soon were the standard Favicon under theme settings gets assigned as Android & Apple Touch icons?

    in reply to: Getting Disqus Comments to work on static pages #890336

    I have noticed that this solution for Disqus is still working with the pages that I am using the Visual Composer editor for, but is no longer working for the pages which use the AVIA editor. I just started to convert all my my pages from to AVIA so I can ditch Visual Composer and noticed the issue.
    Is there another change I should make to my Comments.php or PageLoop.php?

    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #888042


    Thanks for your help.

    That method didn’t seem to work as it still broke the container and moved it above the content, but turned the ad into a + sign.
    I will copy the site to a staging area later today and supply you with new log ins and sFTP for the staging.


    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #887134

    sorry I switched from to better hosting and it reset my passwords

    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #885874

    I’m not sure either, which is why I asked
    It doesn’t act like this inside the sidebar/footer widgets or when using the Visual Composer editors, it’s only an issue with the AVIA editor
    The 250 other pages on my site which aren’t using AVIA are working correctly using shortcodes to serve Adsense.


    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #885198


    Thank you for your response.
    Is it safe to assume that it is the AVIA editor that is breaking the short codes?

    I set them up in the functions.php file and they are working perfect in both the side bar widgets and page on the site using the Visual Composer editor. Seems to only be an issue when using the AVIA editor, which is what I would like to do on all pages so I can get ride of Visual Composer.
    Originally I had to build the site with the 3rd part editor because Enfold didn’t have screen size based visibility options, but now it does.

    I can revert back to using the raw script but creates an issue because I have 250 pages and want the ability to change the contents of a short code to a stand alone ad or JPG ad if needed site wide instead of changing all 250 pages one by one.


    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #884545

    here you go

    in reply to: Container Problems Using Short Codes With Enfold Editor #883182

    Here you go
    Correct placement using the standard Adsense code

    Error using the same code inside a short code, pushed it above the content.
    Doesn’t matter how far down the page it is or if it is inside either a Code element or Text element, still pushes above the content.
    This does not happen inside sidebar widgets or in content using Visual Composer as the editor, only happens when I’m using the standard Enfold AVIA editor.

    Thanks again for your help,

    in reply to: Enfold 4.2 #879378

    There is a huge issue with any audio auto play as most of the web browsers will strip it from your website starting in 2018 and it can hurt how your website shows up. That being said always best to not use auto play with any audio anyway

    in reply to: Video size and related video issues #876367

    have you tried to upload said video to YouTube then use the Enfold Video Widget?
    That would probably be your best bet as upload directly to the site isn’t a best practice and can cause issues.
    You can hide related videos with the “hide related videos” plug in

    in reply to: Video size and related video issues #876335

    What is the BNVara thing you used to add videos on the sub pages like this one? (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -rooms/

    in reply to: Video size and related video issues #876329

    Sorry I assumed you had it uploaded to YouTube especially since this thread was about using the Enfold Video widget with a YouTube video while hiding the related videos that show at the end.

    Typically is it is a best practice to not locally host or upload your videos and it works a million times better to upload them to YouTube or Vimeo then embed them into your website. From load time to compression, reliability, ect this is a much better way to do it. You can upload it as “unlisted” if needed so no one can search for it but you can still use the video url to embed into your website or use with the Enfold Video Widget.

    Either way the way rules apply that I mentioned where using the 100%/auto size rules with embed code instead of the Video Widget seem to get crazy with Enfold and you lose your ability to really control the height as it wont’s maintain the aspect ratio as the width changes. You can get into more complicated stuff and create a new class for the video container using php in in the back end editor but that gets a little messy.


    in reply to: Video size and related video issues #876293

    you might have to just use the Enfold widget for the video then add the “Hide Related Videos” plugin.
    The plugin will also strip out the new Cards and End Screens which YouTube replaced Annotations with this last year, but it does work to hide the related videos.

    Issue with the Enfold video widget is that it is that is still doesn’t allow for Youtubes ?rel=0 code to hide related videos or other options for starting at a certain time ect. Do note that most browsers will disable your your videos if you try to auto play starting in 2018.

    The Issue with using YouTubes embed code in a Text/Code widget inside Enfold instead of the Video Widget is that you have no control or the aspect ratio or height as that is stripped out with the them. Setting them to auto or 100% makes a long skinny video that isn’t responsive.

    Alternatively you can use the Image widget to with a thumbnail of a video/player that links to the YouTube video with the ?rel=0 code on the end and it opens in a lightbox correctly.

    Would be extremely helpful if AVIA inside Enfold both allowed for Youtube’s ?rel=0 markup and also let us as our own custom preview Thumbnail which would help for Lazy Load and gives us more control as you may want your thumbnail to look different on your website than your YouTube Page. Also would let you embed someone else’s public video but have your own thumbnail for it on your website. Other editors that work on Enfold like Visual Composer allow for this but AVIA does not.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Checkout Page Terms and Conditions shown twice #876264

    Thanks a ton, this code worked for sure.
    Had been having the same problem but not until the most recent version of Enfold.
    Any fix coming in the next version?

    add_filter('woocommerce_format_content', 'yanco_remove_inline_terms', 10, 2);
    function yanco_remove_inline_terms( $apply_filters, $raw_string ) {
    	if( is_checkout() ) {
    		return '';
    	return $apply_filters;


    in reply to: Multi-Colored Sticky Line Under Main Header #832993

    should it go in functions.php?

    in reply to: Blog excerpt length in Sidebar & when using Avia Editor #831924


    Thanks, that didn’t seem to work for either issue I am seeing.
    Yes Manual Excerpts is what I am using. It is the only way to populate an excerpt when using the Enfold AVIA editor for a post.

    in reply to: YouTube Video Solution For Enfold #831132

    @laptophobo Thanks Smart Slider 3 looks cool. I use Revolution Slider a lot but it seems that Smart Slider might load a bit faster.
    Do you have a link to your site we can see? Didn’t see it above

    in reply to: YouTube Video Solution For Enfold #830856

    @goldengate415 I think it is because Enfold 4.1.2 restarts the video to pre play mode at the finish instead of allowing related videos to show.
    When you are using the lightbox it is bypassing Enfold’s markups inside AVIA and in that case you need to add ?rel=0.
    If you want to link it with the light box, add an image and link it to your video with ?rel=0 at the end.

    Also maybe add from desktop only padding columns to the huge videos as they are taller than the average screen. You want it to be big but also have the whole video fit in the field of view.

    in reply to: YouTube Video Solution For Enfold #830852

    @goldengate415 went to your site and it pops up in a light box but does show related videos at the end so it’s not working.
    When I put in ?rel=0 at the end of a video url in AVIA’s video widget it breaks the link as it isn’t supported, see suggestions above

    It does also look like in some cases with my websites Enfold 4.1.2 automatically hides related videos now. So try dropping the ?rel=0, make sure your enfold is up to date, and test again

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