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    Hi there

    What would be the correct way to add Google reCAPTCHA (“I’m not a Robot”)
    to the Enfold Contact form ? in place of the mathematical question.

    Google reCAPTCHA instead of standard

    Thank you for your time.


    Hey waveshaper!

    That would require to do some modifications to apply that change, but we have notified Kriesi if he wants to
    update to the new version of Google.

    Thank you for letting us know

    Best regards,


    Thanks for posting this waveshaper and your response Basilis. I have had a recent jump in spam emails with Enfold contact forms with the math equation. It looks like it’s automated as well. I’d like to ask for the Recaptcha feature as well in a future release, perhaps add under the Google Services section.

    waveshaper, i’ve been moving my contact forms over to Contact Form 7 which has Recaptcha integration and works great in keeping out spammers. The only drawback is that formatting can be a little off with the forms and the recaptcha box doesn’t look great on mobile.

    My preference is the Enfold forms, they look great and are so quick to set up.



    I use contact form 7 and reCaptcha from Google – if my customers definitly want to have more security – all you need is both keys from Google.
    The Form is easy implemented in Advanced Layout Builder by shortcodes.


    Hi Basilis
    Thank you for taking the time to look into this.
    I look forward to future release.


    Hey Keith
    Thank you for your input. I too prefer the Enfold Contact forms, beautifully done and clean. I will try the Contact Form 7 as you suggest.


    Hey Guenni007, thanks a lot, working on it now, Advanced Layout Builder and shortcodes work.


    I’ve also seen a huge jump in automated spam recently and would like to see Google captcha integrated into Enfold.


    A nice thing to have is also the reCaptcha for WordPress Login (by reCaptcha Plugin)


    Thanks Guenni007, will check it out, useful for when the client has to edit their own content, otherwise, I just hide the login area, disable the password reset and error messages.



    thanks guys for helping out here. Much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Hi Enfold,

    Just checking in on this thread to see if there will be any updates to make incorporating Google Recaptcha possible for the Enfold contact form. As it is, the current equation captcha is compromised in that bots can solve the equation. Love the theme — thanks!


    Hey Imagestudios, using Contact Form 7 with Google reCAPTCHA, works great, just style it. Temporary solution :).


    Appreciate that Waveshaper! I’ve actually just started using WP Forms as it’s much easier than Contact Forms 7 (been there before). It allows the Google reCAPTCHA as well.


    Excellent, nice find, thanks for the tip 👍

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    A quick implementation was provided in the following thread.


    Please note that this will only disable the submit button until the reCAPTCHA widget has been authenticated. It’s not going to authenticate the public key from the secret key.

    Best regards,



    Although I thought I was, I’m not 100% getting that solution to work as it is blocking some valid users from clearing reCAPTCHA.
    Have had a number of reoccurring customers say that it isn’t letting them submit their forms and isn’t giving any error, just doesn’t clear.

    Inside I get the following error notification with no way to troubleshoot:
    We detected that your site is not verifying reCAPTCHA solutions. This is required for the proper use of reCAPTCHA on your site.

    I used the code found here
    the only change I made to the value from data-sitekey=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” provided by Google here
    var publickey = 'YOUR PUBLIC API KEY';
    didn’t change anything else or use my secret key at all

    The full code I added is in the private content



    The captcha is working when I test it. It enables the submit button after the authentication.

    Best regards,


    I tried to use the code in the link:

    I get no Google ReCaptcha. In fact, when I use the code as presented, the entire web site breaks and gives an error 500.
    Is there any update to Kriesi adding this functionality formally since there are so many people who want to implement this function?

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    Where did you put the code? Please create a new thread with the site url and the login credentials. We’ll check it there.

    Best regards,


    Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the “quick implementation” client-side only and thus virtually useless for actually preventing spam?


    what do you mean useless for preventing spam?
    You may want to check out the info on the service from Google. It has worked to reduce spam on the sites I’m using it on.

    That being said, it would be way better if it could be directly built into Enfold as this solution has not been seamless.
    You can be totally blocked from submitting using the method above even when you are able to pass through Google’s own tester



    Example: Disable JavaScript in your browser of choice, and you’ll be able to submit the form without seeing the recaptcha at all.

    Google’s setup guide explicitly describes two steps to set recaptcha up, 1. client-side (what the implementation linked in this thread does + enabling the submit button if the captcha passes). 2. server-side, validate the captcha serverside.

    Unless the recaptcha is validated serverside (“never trust the client”), the only thing preventing a form submit is the disabled submit button. And that doesn’t happen with a spam script.



    Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t the “quick implementation” client-side only

    Yes, it was explicitly stated on my previous reply.


    Please note that this will only disable the submit button until the reCAPTCHA widget has been authenticated. It’s not going to authenticate the public key from the secret key.

    virtually useless for actually preventing spam?

    I’m not really sure about that. Maybe it depends on how complex the spam script is or if the script is specifically created to bypass the modified reCAPTCHA script. Do you have Any suggestion on how we can improve the script? Any suggestion or advice is welcome. :)

    Best regards,



    Updated reCAPTCHA script with secret key verification:

    Best regards,


    Kriesi needs to do something to build reCAPTCHA into it’s native theme without having to do all of the suggested things above. I’m receiving spam through my Enfold contact form at a rate of about 10 per day!



    We already notified Kriesi about this option but I’m not sure if he’s going to implement it. Please try the snippet for now.



    The number of spam messages has drastically increased these days (1/5 mins.). At first my hosting provider has even deactivated my website!

    I changed the Enfold form to: “not send a copy to the person” and used the integrated Enfold Captcha – which didnt help at all.

    I have seen the PHP text you offer as a work around to use Google reCaptcha. Implementation is difficult.

    Please provide a native integration of the reCaptcha into the Enfold form, currently Enfold forms are just producing spam!



    Will try your solution with the Secret Key validator, thanks for sharing.
    I also agree with the spam concerns of others as the clients I have with Enfold do get a substantial amount more spam per 1000 visitors than with other forms. Not sure if that is a random thing or a lack of spam filtering/prevention.

    Thanks again for all your work,


    I was having the same problem with a ton of Spam. I switched to gravity forms with a paid subscription and their real Google Captcha form works perfectly, and I haven’t had any spam since.

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