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  • in reply to: CloudFlare Flexible SSL (mixed content) #835490

    Fixed it by switching to Full SSL and using the Really Simple SSL plugin

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #797737

    I am waiting for a whole week now, I need to change my homepage!!!! Help please, that’s urgent because of an important change!!

    Where is the promised support? I have done everything you’ve asked me for!!!

    in reply to: ENFOLD VS AVADA speed test #796959

    The theme itself isn’t too bad. Even though you focus on the theme you should consider other options too. Such as using HTTP2 (which will really help when serving that many requests), using a CDN and so on. CloudFlare for example could solve many of your issues at once and if you want to serve users around the globe it will help you a lot. They have also got some paid options which will increase the performance even more, not sure what your requirements and budget is.

    How fast a webpage loads also heavily depends on your server configuration. While you are only focussing on wordpress configurations you forget about the webserver itself (nginx with a decent configuration is recommended) the PHP modules (such as mod_pagespeed which does a lot of minifying for you) and especially the PHP module – 1. Use PHP 7.1 and use PHP-FPM with a decent pool configuration.

    If you don’t have a dedicated server you need to make sure you are using a very decent hoster. Most popular hosters don’t offer that benefits as they prefer serving lots of users for a cheap price instead of high quality hosting. I hope that will help

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #796957

    I have enabled the debug mode, I was able to see the shortcodes afterwards but when I have copied them to a new page the avia layout builder still wouldn’t load. Finally pass this to a developer, I need to edit my homepage!

    The page I’ve created is called “Test”, debug mode is still enabled and admin credentials are still valid.

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #796956

    I don’t want to copy the page’s content to create a new homepage and just to circumvent the bug inside of Enfold. I have other settings (such as SEO settings) which I would need to copy as well. Furthermore the Avia Layout builder issue has happened in the past as well. WordPress is supposed to save work but now it’s just a lot of hassle to make it work at all.

    Why don’t you talk to one of your developers who could easily investigate why the layout builder is not working for me and many other customers too. Then he could fix it and push an update…

    in reply to: Enfold Advanced Layout Editor Not Loading #796780

    I have seen like 10 reports which describe exactly this behaviour and you are throwing random suggestions what to try at anyone who’s reporting it. It’s clearly a bug with Enfold (probably because of the latest WordPress update). When are you finally going to talk to a developer who investigates this bug?

    It’s sad how you are treating the customers and leaving them in the dark. I’ve got multiple enfold licenses but the support experience is really horrible

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #796565

    Rikard are you kidding me? I expect enfold to work properly I don’t want to mess with shortcodes or so. Also this is not a userspecific issue it’s general as you can see in your own support forum here. I expect solutions instead of extensive workarounds.

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #795849

    Can you check if that problem also only applies to the main/homepage for you? I (and other users who reported that issue) are able to edit other pages, but it doesn’t work on the homepage.

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #795778

    As stated in a different topic it’s just about editing the HOMEPAGE / Welcome in my case. It doesn’t seem to be a userspecific issue. Please try that yourself again.

    in reply to: Avia Builder Won't Load – Site Broken #795117

    I am having the exact same issue, I can edit other pages, but I can’t edit the homepage as the layout builder simply doesn’t load the content. I’ve created an own topic and provided credentials to my wordpress installation as well.

    in reply to: Avia Layout Builder won't load #795113

    Same issue again since I’ve updated WordPress. Enfold and WordPress (4.5.7) are both updated. What shall I do? The provided credentials in the intial ticket are still valid. Help is appreciated. To be exactly the layout builder is not loading endlessly but it’s not showing anything:

    View post on

    in reply to: Customize menu #753997

    @Andy that doesn’t make sense to me, watch this screenshot: . Why is an one year old suggestion the only one which is listed as completed?

    Furthermore the feedback system implies that most voted features get the most attention, but my suggestion is a pretty easy to implement feature which will help some users but I highly doubt that I would be able get enough upvote so that it gets attention. It’s most likely just some lines of CSS (even though Mike’s CSS suggestion didn’t work at all). I am still convinced this feature is worth the small effort (approx 15minutes)..

    in reply to: Customize menu #751826

    @Andy the feature request section seems to be a graveyard for user’s suggestions. Only one feature has ever been implemented (PHP 7 support) and I am sure you implemented it because it was necessary anyways. It’s sad that you don’t care much about user ideas.

    in reply to: Customize menu #749116

    what I was looking for was a new option besides these: . Basically: Logo centered, Menu left and right just like this: . I am convinced it would cost kriesi 30 minutes to implement this and it’s worth the time as this is how modern menus look like!

    Obviously I could implement something less beatiful by myself with custom CSS rules, but I would like to avoid that.

    I would appreciate it a lot if you could at least suggest it to Kriesi or to one of his developers who are in charge for Enfold.

    in reply to: Motion Background Slider #749113

    Sure, check the private content. Slider is called “Custom purple space”.

    in reply to: Motion Background Slider #748190

    do I get an answer here at sometime? I have waited for 48 hours already and it is no weekend or holidays

    in reply to: Issues with creating Posts for the Blog #628214

    I have just replaced my enfold folder via FTP with the fresh downloaded enfold theme, deactivated ALL plugins, and I still have the same issue: . WordPress is up to date as well. What is wrong here?

    Deactivated plugin list:

    I googled about this issue and a wordpress moderator said this is most likely an issue with the paid theme if we are using this theme. He recommended to contact the theme developer. Maybe these errors appearing at the google console help?

    Edit: After trying a lot I figured out the solution. I had to add this line into my wp-config.php. A lot users experienced this issue, so I hope you can help other users as well.

    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false ); // <———- ADD THIS LINE

    /** Sets up WordPress vars and included files. */
    require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’);

    in reply to: Issues with creating Posts for the Blog #627445

    What do you mean by “default editing menu” ? <- For me it shows the “Default Editor” button perfectly fine?

    Anyways feel free to deactive the plugins, but we only have 4 very popular plugins activated. I am convinced it’s not caused by one of them. We haven’t changed these plugins for one year now and we haven’t experienced such issues earlier.

    in reply to: Katalog Funktion komisches Layout #614172

    ja genau die meine ich. Jetzt ist aber sehr viel freier Platz nach oben hin und ausblenden wollte ich die Linie eigentlich auch nicht, sondern nur den Abstand verändern, sodass Sie genau den gleichen Abstand hat wie die ganzen anderen gestrichelten Linien:

    in reply to: Katalog Funktion komisches Layout #613377

    Nein, das hat nicht funktioniert. Der CSS code zeigt auch nachwievor margin-bottom: 75px an und nicht die im Quick CSS eingefügten 5px. So wie ich das erkenne liegt das auch daran, dass hier inline css verwendet wird:

    Wäre auch ganz schön, wenn das generell mal grundsätzlich gefixt wird, Absicht ist das ja sicher nicht oder?!

    in reply to: Katalog Funktion komisches Layout #612263

    Kein problem, hier sind sie.

    in reply to: Katalog Funktion komisches Layout #611582

    Ich habe es unter “Allgemeines Styling” im Quick CSS Feld eingefügt und gespeichert.

    Die Seite sieht nachwievor genauso aus.

    in reply to: Links to 404 pages #590720

    Indeed I have a robots.txt which is accessible via , but the file is not located in the root folder of my directory. I can’t find the robots.txt and I assume that this file is generated dynamically because of the “SEO by yoast” plugin.

    in reply to: Links to 404 pages #587556

    I already have SEO by yoast installed and there is not much to change as you can see here:

    in reply to: Links to 404 pages #586677

    You don’t see this error there because this is not a crawler who crawled our whole page. The URL looks like this when you perform a search on our website. and on this page there is a link to the above shown URL, which is nonexistent.

    in reply to: Urgent: CSS lost #579012

    Edit: The reason was a bug / problem with W3 Total Cache as it seems, the thread can be closed.

    in reply to: Htaccess authentication problems #567200

    After googling a lot I experienced that these two lines allowed me to enter the path and enter the htaccess authentication:

    #next two lines allow password protected directories with 404 errors
    ErrorDocument 401 ./error.html
    ErrorDocument 403 ./error.html

    Anyways is this the right way to fix my issue ?

    in reply to: Htaccess authentication problems #567197

    By the way if we change the url structure from post name to something else it will work, so I guess it’s a conflict with the rewriting tool or something, but I wouldn’t know how to fix this.

    in reply to: Htaccess authentication problems #567194

    I am convinced that the path and format is correctly (we used the FULL path for the htpasswd). I pasted the .htaccess into the private section below.

    in reply to: Styling Color not being used properly #529443

    Hello Elliott,
    what is the sense of having a predefined color scheme then? Why are these elements not using the central defined colorcodes?

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