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  • here is a screenshot

    I wouldnt know how to do it? its in the backend text block editor. it’s not a front-end page

    in reply to: Events Calendar Override #1352687

    it worked thank you :D

    in reply to: Attachment Details sidebar in media library #1352686

    it worked thank you!!

    Sweet it worked! I made a slight adjustment because I forgot about a unique product tag, I adjusted and now it works!

    thank you so much for helping me out with this. I truly learned alot!

    I appreciate you!

    So after studying your code and how it’s implemented, I was able to write a little script that I added before your code and it seems like it worked in theory. The console.log shows the create tag and it does apply to the element, but now it only shows “no current projects”.

    any suggestions or ideas let me know

    function empty_masonry_message_script() { ?>
    		(function($) {
    			if( $('body.single-product').length || $('body.anotherclass').length ){
    		var BreadTrail = $(location).attr("href");
    		var BreadTrailx = BreadTrail.replace('', '');
    		BreadTrailx = BreadTrailx.replace(/\/$/, "");
    		BreadTrailx = BreadTrailx.replace(/\//g,"-");
    		if (BreadTrailx.indexOf("porcelain-pavers") >= 0) {
    			var PageTitle = $('.rightside .av-special-heading h1.av-special-heading-tag').text();
    		PageTitle = PageTitle.toLowerCase().replace(/ /g, '-');
    	var MasTag = 'tag-'+PageTitle;
    		} else {
    	var MasTag = 'tag-'+BreadTrailx;
    		$('#av-masonry-1.projectgallery').addClass(MasTag); }
    const allCategoryClasses = [];
    const elementsWithCategoryClasses = document.querySelectorAll("#av-masonry-1[class*='tag-']");
    const elementsCount = elementsWithCategoryClasses.length != null;
    for (let i = 0; i < elementsCount; ++i) {
    const presentClasses = {};
    var tagClass = (allCategoryClasses
      .filter((classname) => {
        const present = presentClasses[classname];
        presentClasses[classname] = true;
        return classname.indexOf("tag-") == 0 && !present;
    (function($) {
    var nocat = $('<div class="nocat">No Current Projects</div>').css({'text-align':'center','font-size': '20px'});
    $('#av-masonry-1 .av-masonry-container.isotope a').each( function() {
    if ($(this).children(tagClass).length != 0) {
    if($('#av-masonry-1 .av-masonry-container.isotope a').is(':hidden')){
    add_action('wp_footer', 'empty_masonry_message_script');
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    Yes, the client will eventually have majority of tags used. The client just didn’t want to show the fallback of all the portfolio items in the masonry since these products are so specific. Thats why I asked if there was a way to not show anything or “No Current Projects” if a tag is empty.

    Youre right!!! I must have saw a different post and I thought different.

    well now Im going to need to figure out how to figure how to put the class on all 200+ products…unless you have some idea. I was going to write a script to programmatically add the classes unless you think that wont work?

    Hi Mike thank you for the solution also sorry for the late response. Crazy busy with other projects as well. I think you know the feeling.

    Thank you for the solution!

    I applied that class to a product that I know definitely has projects associated to it and it showed up as no current projects. I know this one has projects. I pasted the link to a product that I know has a projects. I also pasted the temporary login as well

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    HI Mike. Sorry for the delayed response crazy week.

    Well its not really a category its a portfolio tag if that make sense. I can’t unlock the site because the client has been snooping around without our permission but I will give you admin access and also link to you on example of a page.

    the section where it says projects. that is where I need the message to pop up. I am using the content element: masonry to pull in projects (portfolios) that have used this product. the way it’s done is by tags. the reason being is because the portfolio grid doesn’t allow for selecting portfolio items by tags only it’s categories.

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    in reply to: Template override doesnt work #1327041

    never mind i figured it out… you added an extra underscore to add_acction. it works!!! thank you :D

    in reply to: Template override doesnt work #1327040

    i saw that you made the modification to functions, but it doesn’t work. My modification doesn’t appear in the menu like how it does in the live version of the site. It works only if i apply the modification to the parent file but not child file

    in reply to: Template override doesnt work #1326735

    So i created a staging environment to show you the difference. I am going to supply the working example which is our live site and the staging site which has it broken. I will denote what is live and what is staging on the private section. The modifications is on line 52 of avia-snippet-hamburger-menu.js and it starts with /**** call second menu *****/ and it ends on line 63. I pasted the code also in the private section.

    to briefly explain what is what.

    the live site:
    i have the modification on the parent file because that is the only way this works. to see what the modification does click on the on hamburger menu and it will be the second menu in the navigation.

    on the staging site. I have the modified js file in the child theme folder. As you will notice it doesnt work. but if you go to the functions.php i have a function commented out (//Load child theme avia.js) if you remove the comment, the modification does work, but when you go to try to close the hamburger doesnt retract up. the function starts line 30 and ends on line 37

    in reply to: Swatches Variations on Shop/Archive Page #1270726

    i got this to work! please disregard and close this thing :D

    in reply to: Search Icon on the left side of menu #1253324

    okay thanks!

    in reply to: Search Icon on the left side of menu #1253101

    Hi Victoria and crew…any update on this?

    in reply to: Search Icon on the left side of menu #1252842

    Any update on this??

    in reply to: Search Icon on the left side of menu #1252324

    Hi sorry for the late reply.

    just on desktop. we are gonna hide search icon on mobile which i can do.

    in reply to: Search Icon on the left side of menu #1251551

    link is in private area. as you can see the search icon is on the right side of navigation menu..i would like the search icon on the left or essentially the first navigation item.

    in reply to: WooCommerce Pagination not showing – Please Help #1249481

    it worked thanks!

    I swore i tried this code out too and it didn’t work, but i might used another from another post that was similar to the one above..but all us all works!

    you may close this out!

    in reply to: Pagination Not working #1249106

    please regard this post and use this one for updated support:

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    in reply to: Pagination Not working #1248501

    Any word on this? Anyone?

    in reply to: Pagination Not working #1247990

    i pasted a temporary login in the private notes

    in reply to: Portfolio Excerpt Hook #1246903

    Actually i got it to work! sorry for the back and forth. I needed to add the function to change the theme override path all is well now!

    in reply to: Portfolio Excerpt Hook #1246402

    the child theme override didn’t work

    in reply to: Portfolio Excerpt Hook #1245210

    Damn okay. Well i finally got cpanel credentials but i did see that documentation but I tried to do the child theme override but it didn’t pick up i had it at


    i am not sure if should hve changed the file path or not because ive done other templete changes and it picked up.

    in reply to: Jquery Conflicts #1242267

    I would have never thought of that being the issue! thanks for fixing it <3

    in reply to: Jquery Conflicts #1241306

    please see link provided

    in reply to: Spacebar not working in "Special Heading" #1237607

    Same here!!! S*** IS BROKEN!!! :( space bar only works in visual editor, but everything else that isn’t a visual editor…i can’t put a space!

    Send help! SOS…smoke signal!

    with love!

    Nope i am good now! Thanks though! but i still need this to be answered: :D :D

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