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    Hello, similar question.. I’d like to be able to activate the Avia Advanced Layout Editor in EventOn events.. Any hope this is doable?
    Thanks !

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    I changed it all around and moved the Stripe menu to the bottom, so don’t worry any more they now stick to the top and are not hidden by anything as for you not seeing any ?!? Hello ?!! There is one on the landing page already…

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    What I want is that when the page is scrolled the Avia Submenu that currently has three items in it:
    Menu Item 2
    Troisième année

    remains visibly fixed under the yellow Stripe menu (
    What is happening now is that the Avia submenu scrolls all the way to the top of the window and is thus hidden behind the Stripe menu.

    Makes sense ?

    PS: As for unregistering the main header.. could you still please me code so I can try.. I would put it in my child’s functions.php (as per proper WP guidelines) so even when the theme is updated.. no problem ;0)

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    I gave you the link already in my original question above ?!!

    I will need code for ALL submenus site wide but I guess it will just be a matter or targeting them by ID..

    I wanted to unregister it not just a simplet display: none (I had done that already !!!).
    .. doesn’t just using css to hide it still load it and thus add resources to be processed for each page.
    If I could not register it through php it would be cleaner to me.. I will NEVER use the built-in Avia menu system..

    T H X


    Yes the category box, top left:

    Are you saying this is not an Avia box ?!??

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    To Martin The Wanderer
    Well, UltimatumTheme is the most adaptable as you can create your own templates, as many as you want same with headers and footers (you then decide where to apply what), they call it a framework more than a theme (some learning curve as it pretty much starts as “blank”) .. but it has at least one issue, does not support WooCommerce Brands well with WPML that annoys me these days and have not been able to fix that.. and its WooCommerce support is rather limited.. and I’m no big WC designer.

    Bridge is a lovely-looking theme that does not create a secondary styling area in each language as Enfold does, so far in my experience works well with WPML, has enough possibilities to not be recognizable right off the bat.. whereas Enfold if people keep the menu as is etc is recognizable right away (I prefer a more incognito approach..) and it comes with Visual Composer (I’m weary of all these composers.. over time I decided to follow the herd and use VC.. can make it easier to switch themes later on. Like Enfold it’s “Ok” for WC but not that great.

    For Woo-specific I think I’ll give Woo’s Storefront a spin.. I want to keep my WP toolbox fairly limited, I’m over using a zillion themes..

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    Hello, I have the same issue

    Andy says:

    WPML is working like this with every other theme as well. It’s the way how WPML is programmed. This feature can be quite useful actually, for example when you want to make specific changes only for one language.

    Not true none of my other themes have a separate styling set up area for each language. And yes it is a major annoyance, having to either copy-paste the content of the dynamic_avia in uploads from one to the other after each change or export/import. Adding one layer of complexity I don’t need.

    I think this is due to the way the settings panel used by Enfold is designed.. so don’t say it is like this with all themes. As for this being a useful feature.. well if it were a feature it could be toggled and be a choice not a constraint.

    PS: I’m only using Enfold on one site at this moment (too much work to redo it in another) and moved others to Bridge and UltimatumTheme, my two main themes because of this issue that adds a level of maintenance I don’t care for (and also because I prefer using the widespread VisualComposer as a builder).

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    in reply to: Display issues on your base demo page #438041

    Some elements display on top of each other on my mac on Safari, Chrome and Firefox (everything at the latest version, system and browsers).. ad well as on my Chrome on Samsung Tablet.. am too lazy to prepare a pack of screenshots, I don’t even know how to upload a zip simply on here, and don’t want to spend tome on this, I just wrote you this to inform you.. maybe test it around various browsers.. I cannot believe all my browsers would mess up the same on the same page and that I be the only one.. After resizing the window a few times it sometimes gets displayed correctly.. try it on several configurations.. you might see what I mean. The other pages and homepage samples seem fine.

    in reply to: advanced layout builder #327473

    Hello, why do you not offer that option out of the box (Avia Builder in posts) like say Visual Composer that allows one to decide where it is activated ? Wouldn’t that be easier to have you guys set that up once instead of a whole bunch of people having to hack their install each on their own ?!

    And if I may ask.. what is the rationale for not including it for posts in the first place ? Why should posts be the “poor child” as compared to pages ?!


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    in reply to: Enfold Showcase #275702

    Yes, indeed, this is why I’m a bit puzzled. I thought it’d be fixed by now.

    Hi, why is this still not fixed ? I need to reapply it every time I update the theme..

    in reply to: Check Boxes not working.. H E L P #225959

    Thanks, it works ! Is it something that will be added to the theme in a future release that I will need to remove from my styling ?

    PS to ISMAEL: since you closed the topic after your answer below about styling retained.. I’m writing here.. Sure it will be retained, but shouldn’t Kriesi add this bit of code to the main theme since it looks like a bug to me.. that I need to add it independently to make my checkboxes work ?!?

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    in reply to: create portafolio entry and 404 error #205359

    I had an issue as well, but I think I fixed it… so far.. the other way around, porftolio entries were accessed but pages gave me a 404 error. I was using the “Post name” permalinks option but since 2.4.4 I lost access to my pages.. and only my portfolio links functioned correctly… so I had to use a different Permalinks approach except I like using “Post name”

    The following worked, I looked around on here and did what Ismael said, that is add this at the bottom of functions.php file:
    add_action( ‘init’, ‘avia_deactivate_permalink_rewrite’, 10);
    function avia_deactivate_permalink_rewrite(){
    remove_action( ‘init’, ‘avia_wpml_register_post_type_permalink’, 20);

    PS: I have to admit permalinks confuse me a little, and there is a bit of magic in there that is beyond me.

    in reply to: Theme Options and WMPL.. centralization not possible ? #205076

    Thanks, good move :0)

    :0) Thanks !

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #205016

    Options I’d like:
    • Deactivate Layslider from Theme Options
    • Ability to hide “Reset all options” button
    • Options backup (a template type of approach)
    • Transfer/mirror options to other languages when using WPML

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    in reply to: Still no YouTube icon in Header? #140118

    Yes please add a YouTube Icon.. Easier that the dev adds it once than each person having to workaround on their own.. logical no ? ;0)

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114688


    I wish it were possible to choose 1 column and 5 columns for the portfolio grid..

    in reply to: Meta color change.. #126525

    Oh.. just realized there is a custom.css file.. and it works once input there.. I prefer when I can do this through my own child-theme style.css that way when I update the theme I have no risk of deleting my changes.. Though of course I keep a backup.

    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114663

    Image Link..

    • Ability for an Avia Builder Image block’s link to target _blank instead of opening in the same window.

    Any link anywhere should IMO always allow for target choice..

    Easy Slider

    • Ability to show image caption and/or title..

    • Touch (like RoyalSlider).

    Avia Layout Sidebar

    • Look like regular sidebar styling-wise.. I use them only because they remain visible in mobile-mode, but don’t like the look so much.. The regular ones look better to me.

    Filtering Portfolio Menu

    • Bigger, maybe in boxes piling up one on top of the other like a menu.. the way it is now you need tiny little fingers to access on mobile/tablet..

    Portfolio Grid

    • Ability to choose if the title box of the image (with the little triangle pointing up into the image) “eats away” at the original image or is aligned below the image without cropping it at all so as to respect its proportions.. The way it is set up no it crops the image both at top and bottom (for example here my images that are originally squares get cropped top and bottom

    • More “organic” alignement to allow various heights for grid elements an not look so square/rigid (as seen here: I also like how there is space between the elements in that theme… would be very nice to be able to add a few pixels of space as one wishes.

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