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    Issue somehow is fixed now, after a refresh and cache removal. Apparently a plugin (that I totally had forgot about having installed) blocked it from working.

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    any news on this subject?

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    Here you go

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    If you’re at the area of the parallax when refreshing it seems to load the entire image, but not when you start from top and scrolls down. It randomly positions itself. My guess the script for parallax.

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    Nothing I have tried seems to work. Maybe I’m not using the right ID’s or Classes, but I can’t see where else it should be put…

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    That did it. Thank you! :)

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    Could it be something like adding some CSS to ‘shortcodes.css’

    .av-fixed-size .av-masonry-entry.av-landscape-img .av-inner-masonry-sizer{ padding-bottom:40%;}
    .av-fixed-size .av-masonry-entry.av-portrait-img .av-inner-masonry-sizer{ padding-bottom:160%;}

    example: (maybe?)
    .av-fixed-size .av-masonry-entry.av-double-img .av-inner-masonry-sizer{ padding-bottom: 160%; }
    #top .container .av-masonry-entry.av-double-img { width: 100%; }

    masonry_entries.php add:
    if(in_array(‘landscape’, $tags)){ $img_size .= ‘ av-landscape-img’; }
    if(in_array(‘double’, $tags)){ $img_size .= ‘ av-double-img’; }

    Not sure if something like that might work?


    The problem is still there. On the ‘Services’ page between the sections ‘Independent Newsletter’ and ‘Trade Shows & Special Events’. The slider inbetween those two sections has an iconbox with the content of ‘Road Shows’, but when you scroll down it doesn’t display until you have scrolled to the end of the fullscreen slider. When you reach that point it suddenly displays. It’s like ‘Road Shows’ put itself behind the ‘Fullscreen Slider’.

    I think it’s something with the ‘Fullscreen Slider’ that effects the ‘iconbox’. I don’t know how to fix this. The ‘Road Show’ iconbox should be displayed at all times above/on the ‘Fullscreen Slider’, not be hidden until you scroll past the slider.

    Here is an image where you can see the iconbox after it has been scrolled past the ‘Fullscreen Slider’:

    in reply to: Enfold + WPML #260354

    I got a general problem with the WPML plugin. Giving me the mistake:

    WPML is missing some records in the languages tables and it cannot fully work until this issue is fixed.
    Please go to the Troubleshooting page and click on Fix languages tables to fix this problem.

    This warning will disappear once this issue is issue is fixed.”

    I’m talking back and forth with both my hosting service + WPML of how to fix it. I think I have had my host increase about everything and anything that can be increased. But there is no point in having WPML in the first place if it doesn’t install correctly without showing mistakes. It should install without problems.

    WPML is what’s giving me problems with their latest version. I had a demo version of my new website and it worked perfectly with Enfold. But since the demo both Enfold + WPML has had updates.
    WPML: 3.4 to 3.5
    Enfold: 2.6 to 2.7.1

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    On Wednesday the website will go live, so I’ll drop a link on that day, but I have noticed one bug in it. I think it comes from enfolds side though. So maybe someone can help me out to make this iconbox become a 100% reality? :)

    Actually just solved it myself.

    For those that would like to know a solution for this:
    1. Switch back to Default Editor.
    2. Pick the Magic Wand.
    I wanted the Iconbox in 50/50 page layout, so
    3. Picked 1/2 1/2
    4. Picked Iconbox, and choose icon + title + made the content
    (6.) moved it into the second 1/2 (50%), because I wanted that
    7. Copy it all and switch back to Advanced Layout Editor
    8. Make a Text Block
    9. Paste the copied shortcodes
    10. Within the Text Block lightbox/popup pick text view and make a <div> with an ID around it all and end the </div> (Remember to remove <p> tags that might automatically get there by WordPress.
    11. Open your CSS file style.css or what your using (I’m using child theme, so style.css)
    12. Write the positioning you want.
    13. Whitespace will occur so I removed that with CSS also.

    Here is the codes for what I did
    Within text block

    <div id="NAME OF YOUR ID">
    	[av_one_half first][/av_one_half]
    		[av_icon_box icon='YOUR ICON' font='' position='top' title='YOUR TITLE' link='' linktarget='' linkelement='']

    Within CSS (style.css)

    #after_full_slider_0 { position: relative; margin-top: -105px; background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.0); }
    #after_full_slider_0.container_wrap { border-top-width: 0px !important; }
    #NAME OF YOUR ID { position: absolute; z-index: 9999; margin-top: -500px; display: block; }

    Anyway, solved the problem myself :)

    in reply to: Templates not correct after wordpress + enfold update #253444

    I updated last night.

    How can i check to see if running 2.6.4?

    Ahh…. Yeah okay! Hehe.

    Thanks a lot for the help, truly appreciated and amazed at how good the support is for this theme. Without you guys I would say the theme would loose 30% of it’s value. Thanks again!

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    Hey Dude,

    I tried out what you said and read the link also. None of those options worked out. It still doesn’t logout the user nor redirect.

    Further more I forgot to mention that I’m also using the plugin “Login Sidebar” to even make login possible in the secondary menu.

    Can anyone help me?

    That was my second choice, but would have looked better with the gallery, but I see too many bugs with it that needs to be fixed before it’s usable for product displaying. Not all products are in square images.

    * Note: Then you got something to add to your next list for the next update. Fixing cropping and stretching of images within the gallery that response to different heights of images. That would be a great feature. :)

    Thanks anyways.

    Conclusion: Problem not solved, but alternative solution with easy slider instead of gallery feature had to be chosen instead.

    That did the job for getting the original size of the featured image. Thank you.

    But I still got a problem with the gallery that I use for my portfolios. You can have a look here and see how it stretches images:

    I have now fixed the blog and that is now displaying nicely. Buuuuuuuttttttttt……

    Now when looking at the individual single posts their height is locked, not sure where to make the featured image inside the blog original height. It got full width, but the height is locked to 360px for some random reason…. Where can I make sure that any featured image inside a blog post is entirely shown, not cropping, stretching nor zooming on the image?

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately we are not using posts for the items. We are using portfolio entries that i can’t change to link ect. like i can with posts.

    I think you misunderstood. The thumbnails are fine, but whenever an image is hovered over so that it appears in the big preview box, the image here is very often stretched. Also changing the settings for the big preview does not change anything.

    / Frostholm

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    Please close.

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    in reply to: Button link: Use url or page? #242791

    Everything is sorted now.

    in reply to: Breadcrumbs not showing correct path #242098

    Hey Ismael

    Does the code you posted remove the breadcrumbs all together or change it so that breadcrumbs follow the menu arrangement.

    What do you suggest i do here. Of course i want the breadcrumbs to show this no matter which way you take to get to the item:

    You are here: Antiques / SUBCATEGORY / ITEM

    in reply to: Link to ebay #242094

    Thanks a lot!

    in reply to: Breadcrumbs not showing correct path #241687

    Hi David

    Sorry about the late reply. I have now moved on to work on the clients server and currently setting everything up. I am having same problem here:
    When I click an item on the masonry blog on the front page the breadcrumbs shown on the item site is wrong. ex it will say:
    You are here: Home / Home / Distressed Leather Fireside Chair

    The same happens if I don’t use the masonry blog and instead go through the main nav and click “Antiques” and choose “Seating” and the choose the chair I am using in this example.

    It seems any category name is replaced with “Home” in the breadcrumbs.

    Sorry if this is all a but confusing. Believe me its the same to me:
    basically the breadcrumbs for this item should say:

    “You are here: Antiques / Seating / Distressed Leather Fireside Chair”
    If you use the link in the masonry blog on the frontpage or use the main nav the breadcrumbs should be the same.

    I hope you can help. The site is here


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