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    I am using Fullwidth Masonry on the frontpage to show the latest items on a site i am working on. Clicking an item in the fullwidth masonry takes you directly to the item however, the breadcrumbs are wrong. Each item when accessed via the frontpage will appear to belong to the category “Everything else”, which is not the case. If you go to the same item using the main navigation and selecting the category and then the item, everything is fine.

    Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?

    You can see the site here: Site

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    Hey Frostholm!

    I’ve found different categories assign to the same item, for instance.

    You are here:Home / Antiques / Other Tables / Edwardian Fold Over Side Table

    You are here:Home / Antiques / Everything Else / Edwardian Fold Over Side Table

    Please, go ahead and check on the post and see if by mistake you assign this categories.

    Nice looking products you got in there ( in btw ).



    Hi David

    Sorry about the late reply. I have now moved on to work on the clients server and currently setting everything up. I am having same problem here:
    When I click an item on the masonry blog on the front page the breadcrumbs shown on the item site is wrong. ex it will say:
    You are here: Home / Home / Distressed Leather Fireside Chair

    The same happens if I don’t use the masonry blog and instead go through the main nav and click “Antiques” and choose “Seating” and the choose the chair I am using in this example.

    It seems any category name is replaced with “Home” in the breadcrumbs.

    Sorry if this is all a but confusing. Believe me its the same to me:
    basically the breadcrumbs for this item should say:

    “You are here: Antiques / Seating / Distressed Leather Fireside Chair”
    If you use the link in the masonry blog on the frontpage or use the main nav the breadcrumbs should be the same.

    I hope you can help. The site is here




    The breadcrumb does not follow the menu arrangement if that is what you’re expecting. Please add this on functions.php:

    function avia_remove_portfolio_breadcrumb(){

    Best regards,


    Hey Ismael

    Does the code you posted remove the breadcrumbs all together or change it so that breadcrumbs follow the menu arrangement.

    What do you suggest i do here. Of course i want the breadcrumbs to show this no matter which way you take to get to the item:

    You are here: Antiques / SUBCATEGORY / ITEM



    WordPress doesn’t know which “masonry page” is the parent page of a “single portfolio entry” because the masonry grid is actually just a shortcode which is embedded into the content of a page. Kriesi found a workaround and Enfold stores the id of the parent portfolio/grid page into a session.

    I.e. if the user first views this portfolio grid page ( ) the server will save the page id into the session and as soon as the user views the single portfolio entry (i.e. ) Enfold uses the session data and the saved page id to build the breadcrumb (You are here:Home / Antiques / Bedroom Furniture / Edwardian Dressing Stand). If the user accesses the portfolio entry from another portfolio page: i.e. from it does not save the parent page id and the breadcrumb will be wrong. Note that you need to clear the browser cache to remove the session data if you want to test this.

    You’ve two options:

    1) Make sure that the same portfolio items are not part of several masonry grids and remove the masonry grid from the homepage.

    2) Use the code I posted here: – then the breadcrumb will just the portfolio categories of the current entry and by going this way the breadcrumbs will always have the same structure regardless of the masonry gridpage/location. However you can’t show the masonry page link in the breadcrumb because the breadcrumb will just list the categories of the current portfolio entry.

    Best regards,

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