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    Currently I’m trying to setup the Enfold theme and it’s functionality on this website:
    I have stumbled into a few problems with displaying images from the gallery function/feature. This is happening to both blog and portfolio gallery images.

    Blog & Portfolio
    For both the blog and the portfolio I would love to have it displaying as gallery, but when it’s cropping/stretching/zooming the images it doesn’t look as amazing as it should.
    Here are some examples of it either stretching, zooming, minimizing of the images inside a gallery:
    As you can see this isn’t acceptable to display. How can I fix this problem? It’s basically the same it does to the portfolio, because it also uses the gallery function/feature.

    What would make it all appear delicious and beautiful with the rest of the theme would be if the image didn’t lock it’s heights to the first added image. It appears that the first image added locks the height of the remaining images instead of height being automatic/fluently moving with the image to match the box’s area/settings.

    This is the best result I have been able to create so far, but I still don’t find this acceptable either:

    For the blog I have actually considered that it might just be easier to edit it’s structure as currently displayed to. (Problem is if the gallery would only work then I wouldn’t even consider this, because I need this to work even if I have to break it all down code by code.)
    1. Title.
    2. Author info/date, etc.
    3. Featured image.
    4./5. Either thumbnails first then excerpt or the other way around.

    Looked at some posts related to this issue. Tried them, but none of them works. Maybe because I’m misunderstanding it, but looks so simple that it can’t be misunderstood.

    Both basically explains the same, but neither of them works or they both need a better description of “how to do it?” and in which file to insert it into.

    Looking forward to your reply, please make it detailed. :)

    Kind regards,


    I have now fixed the blog and that is now displaying nicely. Buuuuuuuttttttttt……

    Now when looking at the individual single posts their height is locked, not sure where to make the featured image inside the blog original height. It got full width, but the height is locked to 360px for some random reason…. Where can I make sure that any featured image inside a blog post is entirely shown, not cropping, stretching nor zooming on the image?



    Try the following: open includes/loop-index.php and look for line 32:

    $current_post['slider']  	= get_the_post_thumbnail($current_post['the_id'], $size);

    Replace it by:

    $current_post['slider']  	= get_the_post_thumbnail($current_post['the_id'], "full");



    That did the job for getting the original size of the featured image. Thank you.

    But I still got a problem with the gallery that I use for my portfolios. You can have a look here and see how it stretches images:



    Try using that slideshow with this settings:



    That was my second choice, but would have looked better with the gallery, but I see too many bugs with it that needs to be fixed before it’s usable for product displaying. Not all products are in square images.

    * Note: Then you got something to add to your next list for the next update. Fixing cropping and stretching of images within the gallery that response to different heights of images. That would be a great feature. :)

    Thanks anyways.

    Conclusion: Problem not solved, but alternative solution with easy slider instead of gallery feature had to be chosen instead.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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