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    Hello, Anyone? It’s been nearly 3 days and nothing?

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    I’m experiencing the same problems too. Mega menu / Ubermenu sub menus not working at all on mobile (Apple iPhone) and logo is getting cut off. Hopefully this will be investigated ASAP so a solution ca be found.


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    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the reply and I think I have figured this out. It appears to be the fact that I named the ‘slug’ for my portfolio items as ‘showcase’ and then named the page that contained the portfolio element as ‘showcase’ too. Therefore, it might be an idea to make a note of the fact that you can’t name the page containing the portfolio the same as the ‘slug’ for future reference.

    Thanks for your time anyway and all the best.


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    Yeah but I’ve noticed that some icons now seem to be conflicting with previous ones. For example, the icons we had on some of our original pages are now replaced with a different icon. I hope someone addresses this issue soon!

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    Ok, so Firefox has just installed a new update and ALL the icons now appear to be back again. However, I need to know if they will still show in previous versions of the browser to be safe.

    I cleared my cache and browsing history on all browsers originally many times and this made no difference either.

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    Thanks for the confirmation soapbox,

    I’ve just tried uploading some new icons to the theme using the manager and they don’t show up either!

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    AHHHH, in fact ALL the entypo-fontello icons appear to be missing and as we have tons of iconlists on our pages this is absolutely urgent for us to resolve as our new site now looks terrible!!!!!. When we edit a page containing iconlists and select an item, all the icons are completely missing.

    Please can someone help ASAP, we can send links via email as previously.

    EDIT: This seems to be affecting Firefox in particular here, Chrome seems to display the icons as normal.


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    I can confirm that the icons also appear to be missing for me too since the latest update? All the social icons in the header and even the arrow icon for ‘page top’ aren’t showing. Please can someone look into this.

    Many thanks guys,

    Hi Devin, we’re already using the very latest version of the theme and WP too and the issue remains. Removing the image class attribute helps, but sometimes content below the image still shifts slightly instead. For example, I’ve just inserted an image into the blog and removed the width and height values, and the link values as I don’t want the image to pop up in a lightbox.

    The image class value reads as: class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1211″

    When I publish and rollover the image the text content below it now shifts up and down a little instead? I’m currently testing in Firefox in case that helps.


    in reply to: Enfold Feature Requests #114841

    Ok, so I have used pretty much all the major wordpress themes and think Enfold has the potential to be one of the best if a little more attention is given to these areas in particular.


    1. Please add a section to the Enfold theme where you can easily access and define font styles for ALL the major sections of the site, rather than relying on custom css. Virtually every other theme I use has a dedicated area for this which makes it really neat and tidy and far easier for everyone too. At the moment you have to literally hunt around each page and section of the theme to find individual styles for widget titles and headings before you can begin creating styles for them. Headings also seem far too fragmented at the moment too, meaning styling ALL the headings for an entire site can be problematic and require page specific (local) styles rather than global etc.


    2. These elements spoil an otherwise fantastic theme and are by far the weakest elements for me right now. There just seems to be no real style to any of these areas and there aren’t any specific options for these in the theme settings either. I would really like to see more styling options made available for the blog, posts and sidebars in future releases including settings to customise titles, meta data, padding, column sizes, alignment etc.


    3. Currently when you use the ‘Video’ media element you only get the option to insert a link to the video, rather than any embed code which allows more control of content size and appearance. The alternative is to paste embed code from either Vimeo or YouTube into a ‘Text Block’, but this doesn’t appear to be fully responsive. For example, when I embed a video this way and scale my page or view on a small resolution monitor, the video has scaled correctly and in proportion, but within what looks like a containing black div which doesn’t scale correctly with it. This results in a really tall black area above and below the video content and looks terrible.

    4. ICON BOX:

    4.1 – Add the ability to edit / replace the current icon (including coloured bg area around it too)

    4.2. – Add the ability to set a bg colour for the entire icon box from within the advanced editor

    4.3. – Add the ability to select a heading of your choice for the title area – Currently this is set as H3, which isn’t ideal.

    5. ICON LIST

    5.1 – Option to edit multiple list items in same pop up window – PLEASE, PLEASE consider adding this option as it would save so much time. Manually clicking a list item, entering a title and content for dozens of items can be so time consuming and being able to do it all from one single window would be fantastic.

    5.2 – Option for editing / replacing current icon

    5.3 – Option to export / import content for icon lists – If you have to recreate them for any reason and have created many items it can be very time consuming to do this from scratch all over again.


    Please add more style options and most importantly make them responsive as they currently just aren’t usable right now. One of the other themes I use has responsive tables which wrap columns correctly when scaled, am sure it’s Avada.

    That’s the lot for now. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Hi Kriesi, thanks for the update and he did create an installation guide which was all we needed to get it working. Many thanks,

    Hi Josue,

    Sorry for the slow reply here, but I’ve been away. If you change the code to rectify this issue, would it then need to be changed again if we update the theme files at a later stage? Do you also think these issues may be something that will be considered in future updates to the theme too?

    Many thanks for your time,

    Hi Ismael, will that correct the roll-over problems we’re encountering then please? Many thanks,

    Hi Ismael,

    Here is a page I created on our testing server and which shows the issues. This is exactly the same in the most recent version of the theme and WP too. You’ll also see that despite the fact that both boxes should be exactly the same as I duplicated the second one, the second box has actually got a lot more padding between the image and the title than the first too.

    Sorr but just so I am clear, do I change the colours you’ve got in your sample code about to suit my own theme or should I copy that in exactly as I don’t quite understand.

    Thanks again for your time here.

    in reply to: Icon List Malfunction #136796

    Hi Peter, I’ve just emailed you an admin login and sent you a quick email too. Let me know if you have any problems and thanks for looking into this.

    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the code but can you explain what this should actually do please as I’m confused a little about the colour values you’ve provided. Is this in relation to the images that move during roll over?

    Any ideas about the buttons in IE8 and disappearing icon boxes in the actual WP advanced Editor interface?

    Many thanks as our site is now looking very nice, just need to resolve these last few issues.

    I can show you examples of the iconbox or button issue though, but wish you could post private urls here like in other forums as it’s really not practical to keep using the google url service or creating test pages.

    I would imagine that if you add a button to a page though, then test in IE8 you will see that the button just appears as a faint border outline with no colour as I’ve tested with two versions of Enfold on two servers and with two different versions of WP and seen exactly the same thing now. Same with the image rollover on images within Icon Boxes too!

    Hi Devin, We’ve had our host check all possible causes of the problems from their end and they can’t find any issues. We’ve also got the latest version of Enfold and WP installed and have found similar topics from other members, so there must be something wrong here.

    Can’t really show you this live as it’s a back-end issue and all you would see on a url is that the Icon List isn’t included on the page!

    As I described previously though, the list items just disappears randomly from the advanced page editor and from the actual page itself if you click update. You can spend a lot of time adding list items and content only to return to the page at a later time to find that they now appear as ‘undefined’ or just aren’t in the WP page editor any more.


    in reply to: Icon List Malfunction #136794

    Already done that!

    in reply to: Icon List Malfunction #136792

    We’re also experiencing similar problems on a large scale with Icon List too. We set up content, publish page and it’s fine. Then we return to it and randomly (not all the time) ALL the content is missing and each item just shows ‘Undefined’, so there must be a bug in the theme here guys! We’ve reinstalled the theme twice over and have tested with all plugins deactivated, still same problem.

    Hi Devin, Thanks for the reply and I can appreciate your comments as always here. I think it would just be nice to see more information about integration with popular plugins like the Ubermenu available to Enfold users so we don’t have to post so many topics about these type of problems in the first place and especially resort to hiring a freelancer to resolve them.

    I took the time to speak with the author of the Ubermeny before purchase and he was perfectly willing to write a full installation guide specifically for the Enfold theme that would address any likely or common problems if the theme was made available to him to do so.

    Unfortunately I was told this wouldn’t be possible, which is disappointing considering the fact that he told me how many other authors have provided their themes for this purpose. If you take a look at his site you will see guides for almost all the most popular themes including Striking, making it much easier for their users to find the information they require.

    I don’t expect or need help customising the theme to any great degree as I’ve already done that and wouldn’t expect support to cover this. All my questions have been related to features of the theme that haven’t worked as expected one way or another or general compatibility queries. If you’re stating that the Ubemenu is compatible with the theme though, I wouldn’t expect to have to hire a developer to get it to work acceptably and that’s all I wanted. No customisations or styling at all, just installation so that it works.

    Many thanks for your time as always though and obviously I’ll have to look at hiring a developer as suggest.

    Thanks Devin, much appreciated and I’ll take a look. Thanks for your time and for making the tutorial too.

    Hi Devin,

    Responsive Image Width / Height Issues

    Please can you clarify what you mean by ‘ignore it’? Do you mean that it’s ok to remove the width and height values of the image and if so, is this valid markup as I thought you were meant to define a width and height for every image?

    Promo Box

    There definitely seems to be a bug in the theme as we have problems with the promo box on every page we’ve tested.

    Here’s a link:

    Scale the window and you will see the text goes over the button and does not respond to the size of the window. I’ve had a number of people test this from IE8 browsers too and they see exactly the same problem. From what I can see, it works fine up until a certain number of characters are added to the button contained within the promo box. When I add the button initially it works as expected with the default ‘click me’ text, but add anything longer and it breaks!


    Sorry, what I meant to say was that we will be completely rebuilding the site from scratch on the final server and won’t be copying database files. Once we’ve installed the theme on our main server we’ll literally be rebuilding every page and then manually copying the content across to avoid any possible problems.

    I don’t want to risk updating the theme as I have only ever done this through the WP panel on previous themes and am concerned that I may do something wrong doing it manually, which seems to be the only way to do it on your theme? If anything goes wrong then weeks of work will be wasted before I’ve even had chance to copy it to the final site etc.

    I can fully appreciate why you want me to upgrade as that’s fair enough with regard to support though, but I’m pretty sure that you haven’t touched the promo box in the latest release have you?

    Many thanks

    in reply to: Page content missing or broken in browser tests #132389

    Thanks for the replies guys and I do appreciate your points Devin. My initial concern was that none of the media queries we’ve tried seem to have any affect on the theme which left me thinking there may be something wrong.

    Nick, thanks for the feedback and the iconboxes will look much better now as I’ve reduced the number of columns down from three to only two, giving content more space. The icon boxes should all align pretty neatly now because I spent tons of time re-writing the content so that it spanned almost exactly the same number of characters in each box. This will do for now, but it would have been nice if there were some way to specifically set the height and text size for each icon box when viewed on mobile device or tablet.

    Thanks for all the help on this anyway, just wish it could have been resolved for future reference and I would love to see some way to set the height of icon boxes in future releases, dependant on screen resolution etc.


    Hi Devin, thanks for your time here as it’s very much appreciated as always.

    Ok so.

    1. When we remove image width and height values the images seem to scale as expected for responsive layouts, but this is shown as a negative when running the site through speed tests which tell us to define a specified width and height to prevent browsers from having to scale them? What should we be doing please?

    2. The promo box doesn’t seem to work even in Firefox V22 actually, so it’s not a problem related to IE8 specifically after all. I can send links for testing, do you have an email address for this purpose please? Nick has some links, but they may not contain the promo box. If you add a promobox to a page and view it does it work for you when you scale the page or in the responsinator?

    3. We haven’t updated as we are almost done building the entire site and will be installing a fresh version on our main site and copying all content over, so we don’t want to chance any problems beforehand. Obviously once we’ve done this the theme will be removed from our testing server just in case you’re wondering :)

    4. Think Nicks looking into this for us right now, media queries don’t seem to have ANY effect whatsoever on iconboxes and believe us when we say that we must have tried them all many times over.

    5. I was referring to this thread which had not be revisited in over a week now:

    Many thanks,

    in reply to: Page content missing or broken in browser tests #132386

    Thanks Nick, really appreciate it. Seriously! For now I’ve had to resort to writing content that is almost exactly the same length, which is no fun task on a site the size of ours I can tell you.

    In reply to some of the questions I missed above.

    We were really wanting to target ipad2’s as the retina version has enough width to display the columns as they are intended on a full 1310px layout as far as I understand it anyway? I refer to a width of 1310px here as the 1210px wide layout seems to be 1310px when you consider padding etc.

    Suppose that should just mean Safari browser then?

    Unfortunately we don’t have an iPad (not big on apple really) so are using Responsinator exclusively for testing right now, but it’s seems very accurate when we have also used a friends iPad to view the site.

    Thanks again,

    I may have solved question 3 here, at least as far as I can tell during testing so far anyway. Too prevent problems with the rollovers on imagery added to an iconbox you need to insert an image that is the ‘EXACT’ perfect width for the width of the column. For testing purposes we had been inserting random images and these were being scaled down to fit, which may have caused the rollover issue we were encountering.

    For reference.

    If you’re building a site using the large responsive layout (1210px) and create 3 columns with iconboxes in each, the exact width of any imagery you insert into the iconboxes should be: 315px.

    in reply to: Page content missing or broken in browser tests #132384

    Hi Nick, I’ve sent you an email about these issues so please can you let me know if you have received it. Many thanks,

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