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    Ok, so we still have some outstanding issues with this theme and would really appreciate some solutions as we can’t go live with our site until these are rectified. I’ve put all our outstanding issues into this one topic and tagged it appropriately to help other users encountering similar problems.

    1. Images don’t appear to be responsive when added using either the text block or image media element. The only solution I’ve found it to use an Image Slider, but this isn’t ideal for single images needed in columns etc.

    2. Promo boxes just don’t seem to work correctly in IE8 as the button just floats out of place and covers text.

    3. When you roll over an image added into an iconbox it expands vertically pushing content down slightly. Think this might be something to do with the ‘span.image-overflow-inside’ class? The highlighted area always seems bigger than the actual image too.

    4. We can’t find any working solution to setting the height (BG colour) of iconbox elements when the browser is less than a certain width. As we also want to reduce text size when viewed on a tablet then this is very important and any solutions or feedback from anyone who has already managed to do this would be greatly appreciated here. This is covered in another topic though and Nick was looking into it.

    5. Vimeo and YouTube embeds do seem to scale but their container doesn’t resulting in a huge vertical black area above and below video in mobiles browsers. This is especially apparent when embedding vimeo content. Some of this was covered in another topic but that is now 6 days old with no reply, so we’ve copied it here.

    Many thanks and I really do appreciate your time and help.


    I may have solved question 3 here, at least as far as I can tell during testing so far anyway. Too prevent problems with the rollovers on imagery added to an iconbox you need to insert an image that is the ‘EXACT’ perfect width for the width of the column. For testing purposes we had been inserting random images and these were being scaled down to fit, which may have caused the rollover issue we were encountering.

    For reference.

    If you’re building a site using the large responsive layout (1210px) and create 3 columns with iconboxes in each, the exact width of any imagery you insert into the iconboxes should be: 315px.


    Hi designprime,

    1 – We’ll need to see an example of what you mean live. The images should all have a max width set on them but that doesn’t work in IE8.

    2 – Seeing an example live so we can see your version and inspect the code live should shed some light on whats happening. May need to do something specific to IE8 if the container is breaking.

    3 – This was a bug fixed a version or two ago so if you have not updated recently, then doing so should fix this.

    4 – You can set css specific to browser size using media queries. In the custom.css file we actually have a desktop specific and non-desktop specific media query already set up for you to add your own css to it. You can then define specific heights for elements only on mobile.

    5 – We don’t have any topics that are over 2 days old with no replies by us right now and typically never have anything over 1 day old. Every single topic asked here gets answered unless the user solves it before we have a chance to answer. See: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/set-size-of-video-content




    Hi Devin, thanks for your time here as it’s very much appreciated as always.

    Ok so.

    1. When we remove image width and height values the images seem to scale as expected for responsive layouts, but this is shown as a negative when running the site through speed tests which tell us to define a specified width and height to prevent browsers from having to scale them? What should we be doing please?

    2. The promo box doesn’t seem to work even in Firefox V22 actually, so it’s not a problem related to IE8 specifically after all. I can send links for testing, do you have an email address for this purpose please? Nick has some links, but they may not contain the promo box. If you add a promobox to a page and view it does it work for you when you scale the page or in the responsinator?

    3. We haven’t updated as we are almost done building the entire site and will be installing a fresh version on our main site and copying all content over, so we don’t want to chance any problems beforehand. Obviously once we’ve done this the theme will be removed from our testing server just in case you’re wondering :)

    4. Think Nicks looking into this for us right now, media queries don’t seem to have ANY effect whatsoever on iconboxes and believe us when we say that we must have tried them all many times over.

    5. I was referring to this thread which had not be revisited in over a week now: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/google-chrome-font-rendering-problems?replies=1#post-127983

    Many thanks,


    1) Ignore it.

    2) I’ve had no issues with it with either 3.5.2 or 3.6 . You can use http://goo.gl/ to obfuscate your URL’s.

    3) Updating now rather than later is probably a good idea. Also copying over data is a bit tricky and can have mixed results if you aren’t used to moving wordpress databases around but even more so if you were trying to move from something like Enfold 1.7 to Enfold 1.9.1 because of the new features that get added.

    5) We don’t all work together or anything so its really pretty hard to share data. Its much better to post your URL’s with expiring or self controlled expiration using goo.gl since right now you would be waiting on 3 different individuals to look into your site on various issues.

    Even more strongly do I recommend you update your theme files as we typically don’t offer support for users who do not upgrade since it means we could be diagnosing and fixing a bug we’ve already spent time fixing.




    Hi Devin,

    Responsive Image Width / Height Issues

    Please can you clarify what you mean by ‘ignore it’? Do you mean that it’s ok to remove the width and height values of the image and if so, is this valid markup as I thought you were meant to define a width and height for every image?

    Promo Box

    There definitely seems to be a bug in the theme as we have problems with the promo box on every page we’ve tested.

    Here’s a link: http://goo.gl/koGM0d

    Scale the window and you will see the text goes over the button and does not respond to the size of the window. I’ve had a number of people test this from IE8 browsers too and they see exactly the same problem. From what I can see, it works fine up until a certain number of characters are added to the button contained within the promo box. When I add the button initially it works as expected with the default ‘click me’ text, but add anything longer and it breaks!


    Sorry, what I meant to say was that we will be completely rebuilding the site from scratch on the final server and won’t be copying database files. Once we’ve installed the theme on our main server we’ll literally be rebuilding every page and then manually copying the content across to avoid any possible problems.

    I don’t want to risk updating the theme as I have only ever done this through the WP panel on previous themes and am concerned that I may do something wrong doing it manually, which seems to be the only way to do it on your theme? If anything goes wrong then weeks of work will be wasted before I’ve even had chance to copy it to the final site etc.

    I can fully appreciate why you want me to upgrade as that’s fair enough with regard to support though, but I’m pretty sure that you haven’t touched the promo box in the latest release have you?

    Many thanks


    The height and width for images is not an absolute necessity. In this instance, the theme does not output it so there isn’t any immediate change we can do to alter that.

    For the promo box issue, you need to update your theme files as I’m not getting the same issue on the current live version of the theme.

    I did a quick tutorial on updating the theme files via FTP which can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/channels/aviathemes/67209750




    Thanks Devin, much appreciated and I’ll take a look. Thanks for your time and for making the tutorial too.

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