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    Hi guys,

    We’ve now got most of our new site up on our live server and I’ve very happy overall. However, I have found some pretty major bugs and need some help urgently. For reference, we’re now using the very latest version of Enfold too.

    The most important issues are

    1. Icon List

    The content for these components just keeps disappearing completely and randomly. Many of our page designs include two column layouts featuring a unique instance of the listbox component in each column, not sure if that helps or not here. If I edit a list item and save the page it will usually work as expected. The problem is if I leave the page and then come back to at a later time frequently ALL traces of the list components will be missing from the page editor and interface. If I click ‘Update’ the content is completely deleted too? As we have many pages containing the list items and the site is now live, please can someone help me to find a solution here as I’ve had to rebuild at least three pages twice over information from past page revisions.

    2. Icon Boxes

    Still experiencing weird rollover effects on images added to Iconboxes even though you said this had been resolved? For example, even if you add an image that is exactly the perfect size for the Iconbox and add a link to it, when you mouse over it the image shifts down the page a little.

    3. Buttons just don’t show up in IE8, as in at all? All I can see if a blank space where they should be, could this be because of RGBA colour values which aren’t supported etc?


    Hi designprime,

    What version exactly are you using of the theme right now? Are you also using any plugins or drop-ins?

    Have you already increased or checked your php memory limit for your WordPress install?

    Seeing the issues live will also help to get an idea of what might be happening for 2 and 3.




    Hi Devin, We’ve had our host check all possible causes of the problems from their end and they can’t find any issues. We’ve also got the latest version of Enfold and WP installed and have found similar topics from other members, so there must be something wrong here.

    Can’t really show you this live as it’s a back-end issue and all you would see on a url is that the Icon List isn’t included on the page!

    As I described previously though, the list items just disappears randomly from the advanced page editor and from the actual page itself if you click update. You can spend a lot of time adding list items and content only to return to the page at a later time to find that they now appear as ‘undefined’ or just aren’t in the WP page editor any more.



    I can show you examples of the iconbox or button issue though, but wish you could post private urls here like in other forums as it’s really not practical to keep using the google url service or creating test pages.

    I would imagine that if you add a button to a page though, then test in IE8 you will see that the button just appears as a faint border outline with no colour as I’ve tested with two versions of Enfold on two servers and with two different versions of WP and seen exactly the same thing now. Same with the image rollover on images within Icon Boxes too!



    Please add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS to fix the iconbox and iconlist:

    .avia-icon-list .iconlist_icon {
    background-color: #333333;
    background: #333333;

    .main_color.iconbox_top .iconbox_icon {
    background-color: #ffee38;
    color: #191919;
    border-color: #ffee38;
    background: #ffee38;
    border: 1px solid #ffee38;




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the code but can you explain what this should actually do please as I’m confused a little about the colour values you’ve provided. Is this in relation to the images that move during roll over?

    Any ideas about the buttons in IE8 and disappearing icon boxes in the actual WP advanced Editor interface?

    Many thanks as our site is now looking very nice, just need to resolve these last few issues.



    IE8 doesn’t support the background-color and border-color properties, that is why we added the background and border properties. Can you provide us a link to the moving rollover images within an iconbox?




    Hi Ismael,

    Here is a page I created on our testing server and which shows the issues. This is exactly the same in the most recent version of the theme and WP too. You’ll also see that despite the fact that both boxes should be exactly the same as I duplicated the second one, the second box has actually got a lot more padding between the image and the title than the first too.

    Sorr but just so I am clear, do I change the colours you’ve got in your sample code about to suit my own theme or should I copy that in exactly as I don’t quite understand.

    Thanks again for your time here.



    Please remove the class “align-center” on the image. It will be automatically aligned without the selector. You can change the color value if you want.




    Hi Ismael, will that correct the roll-over problems we’re encountering then please? Many thanks,


    Updating your theme to the most recent version should fix the issue of hovering on the image and it moving.

    For a quick guide on updating your theme take a look at this video on updating the Enfold theme via FTP:


    Hi Devin, we’re already using the very latest version of the theme and WP too and the issue remains. Removing the image class attribute helps, but sometimes content below the image still shifts slightly instead. For example, I’ve just inserted an image into the blog and removed the width and height values, and the link values as I don’t want the image to pop up in a lightbox.

    The image class value reads as: class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1211″

    When I publish and rollover the image the text content below it now shifts up and down a little instead? I’m currently testing in Firefox in case that helps.



    The current version of Enfold is 2.1. Your site is pulling up with just the default Apache server information right now so I can’t check its version but if you aren’t on 2.1 you should first try updating the theme files.

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