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    Hi guys, you’ll be glad to hear that I’ve now almost finished my site and am very happy overall. I just have another few last questions about the blog, which I’ve only just got around to working with now that all other pages are almost done.

    The blog in Enfold just doesn’t seem to work like any other blog I’ve used in other themes and I need a little help please.

    My problems & question:

    1. I want to have mycompany/myblog/category/postname but no matter what I try the built in breadcrumbs in Enfold seem to completely omit the name of the page containing the blog elements. So I end up with something like: mycompany/category/postname instead! I can get this to work if I implicitly set the blog page but then you don’t seem to be able to access the same amount of layout tools which you can use if you don’t set a blog page and just add the posts element to a standard page etc.

    2. One of the ONLY genuinely annoying things I’ve discovered about Enfold is that blog post titles and featured images remain selectable as links even when you’ve already clicked them once to read the post (in it’s own url) initially. This doesn’t make any sense at all as once you’ve selected a post (by clicking on the title or image from the parent blog page) these elements shouldn’t still be selectable. This wouldn’t be too bad if when you clicked on the links for a second time nothing happened, but they instead act as page anchor and take you to the top of the page or re-load the page completely even on your demo. While we know there would be no reason to actually try to click on these elements again, we all know what the average website visitor can be like and it would be nice if this was resolved.

    3. When you create a page for your blog are you still meant to set this as the ‘Posts Page’ in the WP ‘Settings>Reading’ panel or in the Enfold settings?

    4. My posts seem to be centred on my blog page and no matter what settings I change there doesn’t seem to be any way to left align it or use another layout?

    Hopefully we’ll see some much needed attention given to the blog section of the Enfold theme in future releases as it feels a little rough around the edges when compared with the rest of the theme which is truly fantastic.




    I found a solution regarding problem 2, it will require some coding, can you please create an administrator account and send it to (Email address hidden if logged out) so i can do it quickly?




    Hi Josue,

    Sorry for the slow reply here, but I’ve been away. If you change the code to rectify this issue, would it then need to be changed again if we update the theme files at a later stage? Do you also think these issues may be something that will be considered in future updates to the theme too?

    Many thanks for your time,



    Yes, that modification would break if you update the theme, however it may be considered for future updates, request it here



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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