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    hmmm. I think thats it but ill check this evening if its the right thing.

    Thanks for the swift response.

    in reply to: Dot Grid Overlay #243429

    Brilliant – Ill give it a go tonight.


    in reply to: Dot Grid Overlay #243411

    thanks but im not sure this is quite what im looking for….

    Have a look at the following two examples and the main images/video playing in background – it has a fine dotted grid/hatchings overlay. Can I replicate this effect in enfold?


    in reply to: Enfold Video Slider – Turn Off Controls #242286


    in reply to: Changing Menu header background colors & social icons #170341

    Hi there,

    Just tried these and the only ones that seem to work are the change in size of the social links and an overall red nav bar which isnt even an individual buton but seems to be most of the center instead.

    I cant get rid of white ruler lines (Horizontal & Vertical) and none of the background color changes do anything. I’ve also added !important too just to make sure im giving it priority.

    Here’s a clipular snapshot of what’s happening: (Email address hidden if logged out) &Expires=1381037315&Signature=5DXTkzrFq8zxMB%2F%2FwC3EqB9TGHDKCi3MvHwM1Nfc305SE5rOkybwaVW0%2FM0D0POLJe8BCsykA9BiY%2FLfQKdt6nWg3rOVgTLK7zbE6Jhx0uHoWgSLWiNmXuUUXiZlzy14DJZPEo9R6h4c2ZxlYyvZTdbsVhy7T%2B1GTi%2BbnRnSPvU%3D&md5=2e222adcb4dbf37fa5aaaa74380e11b6

    and heres a very crude mock-up of the areas im trying to affect: (Email address hidden if logged out) &Expires=1381038493&Signature=W8GUVQMzBSjxm8wEcABcZef6wh0BSs3BD%2FVVpyHanWyLDQraKsyNOEfp5eAyA%2FPehakDRQjTUie1KryjIxqUENIdSef4ypRRq%2BH7XIhAYzLHm%2BB%2B0tOLX7AXw%2FXMUQQt3m8QY5uDl8BLkCAgD6F0A5I%2F9CGsSURnqj524IJAtz4%3D&md5=c71d04f19a526a6fd47649912b36d1c4


    in reply to: Image Management #168172

    Actually… Ive just tried NextGen, OmniGallery, API Flickr and Media Manager Plus and none of them work within your page builder.

    Can you tell me how I can use hosted images (mainly Flickr & Instagram) within the page builder? By this I mean as single, multiple or as part of a gallery or slider?

    i can see how to use them as blog posts but my main need is within my portfolio and gallery sections


    in reply to: Changing dedicated h3 components #138207

    Hi there,

    Im afraid I already had that in my CSS but its ignoring it despite me including !important

    I wonder if I were to use a CUSTOM CSS CLASS with the name custom name being ‘portfolio_grid’. Could this work and if so what CSS should I use. Or is there something else wrong?



    in reply to: Missing Socket since 2.1 upgrade #140189

    it worked a treat. thanks

    in reply to: Missing Socket since 2.1 upgrade #140187

    will try this tonight. Cheers

    in reply to: Missing Socket since 2.1 upgrade #140185

    Great. Thanks. Can you suggest where and what the exact CSS should be please?


    in reply to: Missing Socket since 2.1 upgrade #140183

    hi Josue,

    all the mods i made were contained within my child theme. the only thing thats changed outside of my child theme is with the enfold theme itself. Hence the reason I got in touch. This is deffo an update issue and I suspect that you guys have updated something that no longer requires a line of my css code or requires now some new code to fix whats now broken.

    Any thoughts?

    in reply to: Class creation within a page builder element #140321

    Hi there,

    thanks for this although is it not possible for me to style any section the way I want using the new class attributes? In other questions there has been reference to generating a unique class name (say in the color section) then in CSS I could attribute standard styles like font, color, padding etc. which im assuming I could apply anywhere providing I had put the Class ID in the special section class ID field.

    This seemed simpler and more obvious than me trying to work out the specific unique elements for all the key components throughout the site…. eg. Special Header.

    Also…. if I create a unique ID name like ‘special-header’ why do I need a unique one font h3 and special border? Cant they be encompassed within the overall special-header? What am I missing here?



    in reply to: Making icons into linked buttons #138210

    Hi there,

    That would be fine except I didn’t use the full blown shortcode. For layout purposes I created the icon (with two states) separately from the title. The button and the shortcode plus the rollover icon aren’t linked.

    Perhaps if you look at my website… and then you can either suggest how I can turn the icon shortcode you guys are using into exactly the same look I have on the site. Then I can utilise the linked suggestion you suggested or how I can alter the code I’m currently using to work how I need it instead.

    Happy to change things either way



    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132563

    Thats good news so….

    what happen regarding making the fonts responsive? Once ive added this code will it mean that Google fonts will be dealt with automatically as currently after ive declared fontface fonts I have change sizes with CSS to make them layout properly?



    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132561

    Cheers Ismael,

    Can you explain if this is something I should do to all my fonts (Bebas Neue, Helvetica Neue & Allura) or is this unique to Allura as its a script font? Is this a new feature?

    If I do need to add all my fonts can you hint at how this should be setup and do I still need the fontface code?



    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132559

    Sorry to nag but any chance someone could look at the above?

    Need your help


    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132558

    Tried it on a PC and it DOESN’T work. Heres a Clipular book showing you how the font should look and a grab of what it looks like in situ on a PC.!posts;search=%255C0allura

    Any thoughts?

    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132557

    BTW. Just tried out the ‘Cursive’ addition to css and it works for IOS so ill try it out on a PC when I get to work.

    I would still like to understand how to tidy this all up and have Bebas established properly as my TITLES, Helvetica Neue as my BODY and Allura as my STYLE FONT. Is there a tidy way to do this as ive been doing it all in my CSS file and its starting to get very long and untidy?

    Also I still dont know what you were referencing in the first two bits of your response… relevant now it works (on IOS)?



    in reply to: Multiple font embedding #132556

    Hi there,

    Allura is the font although I don’t recognise either of the first two lines of code you mention. I’ve got three fonts I’m using…

    Helvetica Neue as the body, Bebas Neue as the title header and then very occasionally Allura as a style font.

    I thought providing I just install them using the @fontface it should work. Clearly not however Bebas seems to work a treat so why can’t I follow suit with the other two?

    So what’s the best way to set these up and how can I establish Helvetiva Neue (and maybe some weight variants like bold and italic) as the body font. At the moment you mention it only for titles but not as a body font. Can I set Helvetica Neau (and variants) as the body font and Bebas as the title without having to write class after class?

    Oh and if a PHP file is in a folder within Enfold and I want to make a tweak to code what folder structure should I use within the child theme? Should it follow the same format or be left loose at the root of the child theme?

    Cheers as always. You guys are brilliant and have the patients of saints.


    in reply to: logo in socket #132483


    Thank you

    in reply to: Flat Button Rollover #131291


    once I had got my head around the language you were using it became obvious. You guys rock man!



    in reply to: Flat Button Rollover #131290

    Ah, sorry Devin.

    I thought it only applied to those replacing files individually, not for a complete re-install. ill go through the thread and see if I cant get back on track. it may fix a few other issues at the same time. Sorry if I should have seen this. genuine mistake.

    will let you know how i get on


    in reply to: Flat Button Rollover #131288

    Ok… getting somewhere now. Your very last line about having re-uploaded 1.8 but not having added that function makes sense however, I completely deleted the theme and reinstalled it from scratch (instead of just updating) so what am I doing wrong? Why isnt it showing up?

    Where and how should I be adding this function? doesn’t it come as part of the theme update?



    in reply to: Layer Slider – Effects failure on basic design #131735

    Hey there,

    !!!ALL SORTED!!!

    I knew there was a simple answer to this… I just had a basic syntax error by not putting a semicolon at the end. I really believe that if more help pages included an example bit of CSS code instead of just refering to the fact that CSS is possible then I would have halved the amount of questions ive asked.

    Thanks for trying to help anyway. All works and im happy



    in reply to: Layer Slider – Effects failure on basic design #131734

    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your attempt at helping although im not sure I get what you are suggesting.

    For a layperson could you give me an example of the CSS I should add inside Layer Slider please? I can normally do this stuff but for some reason I can’t make this work in the way you are suggesting… eg. adding kerning (letter spacing)

    Could there be something else that’s wrong with the theme vs layer slider communication because ive spent a lot of time on their (LS) forum and nobody else has mentioned such basic problems. I’m happy to admit that this might be an issue at my end but for once im not so sure?

    Wadda ya think?



    in reply to: Layer Slider – Effects failure on basic design #131732

    Appreciate that I might be able to use Revolution but before I bail on Layer Slider isn’t there anything we can do to fix it. Seems such a shame that basics like keening don’t work once they are placed into Enfold. Any thoughts?



    in reply to: Layer Slider – Effects failure on basic design #131730

    Sorry, this hit me last night and I was quite animated in my post. Im not suggesting there’s an issue with Enfold at all as I love it but the Slider deffo has problems and whenever I contact them about stuff that most other sliders can do they have two stock phrases… No it cant do that or its your theme’s fault. Frustrating indeed!

    Anyway, the issue outlined in my previous post is still outstanding and quite worrying in as much as it seems that basic kerning cant be achieved when it sits in the theme. It never has, but I have been patient in the hope that it would be fixed and yet it still remains problematic.

    What should I do folks?



    in reply to: Latest Child Theme – How to update #131682

    oh that seems rather lame and straight forward!! lol



    Hey Devin, im getting some odd things going on so ive reinstalled 1.8.4 and will test



    in reply to: Flat Button Rollover #131286

    Guys’ something isnt right here.

    Firstly, Ive reinstalled the latest version of the theme and created a new test page to see if I could find this button css field you are talking about within the page builder/button shortcode and I cant get it to appear at all. Theres nothing under the icon selector if I scroll down.

    What gives?

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