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    Im sorry but Layer Slider is quite a poor slider. I set up a basic 2 image slide show with only fades between each and then (here’s the important bit) one line of text that needs to fade up over each slide. I have to add a background box behind each bit of text so I use the background text feature with padding of 15px. I then add some text spacing…. letter-spacing:4px and thats it. In the preview it all works fine but immediately its placed into the theme the box border and added css effect (letter-spacing:4px) fails to work. Ive tried recreating it from scratch but still it doesnt work and when I contact the makers of the slider they say its the theme thats at fault.

    Basic kerning and creating a box behind the text is pretty bloody ‘entry level’ stuff so what gives. I understand that there was a reason why Kriesi chose this over the more popular Revolution but surely things like this should work.

    Please help guys as it seems that the slider is really unstable when it works in combination with the theme.

    For the record I have the latest version of Enfold 1.4.4 so I cant seem to work out how to progress without this being fixed

    Check out the slider on (home page – top)




    Sorry, this hit me last night and I was quite animated in my post. Im not suggesting there’s an issue with Enfold at all as I love it but the Slider deffo has problems and whenever I contact them about stuff that most other sliders can do they have two stock phrases… No it cant do that or its your theme’s fault. Frustrating indeed!

    Anyway, the issue outlined in my previous post is still outstanding and quite worrying in as much as it seems that basic kerning cant be achieved when it sits in the theme. It never has, but I have been patient in the hope that it would be fixed and yet it still remains problematic.

    What should I do folks?




    You should be able to use a full width Revolution slider with the latest theme version (1.8.3 or 1.8.4). This post: will help you. You can use the same css code/workflow to stretch the revolution slider.


    Appreciate that I might be able to use Revolution but before I bail on Layer Slider isn’t there anything we can do to fix it. Seems such a shame that basics like keening don’t work once they are placed into Enfold. Any thoughts?





    You can add the missing letter spacing on your custom.css or Quick CSS

    .ls-s-1 {
    letter-spacing: 100px !important;

    To make sure you’re targeting the correct element, add a unique selector for each LayerSlider layer.

    For example, you can enclose “STRATEGIC FOCUS” on a p tag with a unique selector:

    <p class="strategic-selector">STRATEGIC FOCUS</p>

    If some of the embedded css code like letter-spacing doesn’t work, you can override them on your custom.css or Quick CSS

    p.strategic-selector {
    letter-spacing: 100px !important;

    I think LayerSlider is awesome. Thanks to the great minds of Kreatura Media. :)




    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your attempt at helping although im not sure I get what you are suggesting.

    For a layperson could you give me an example of the CSS I should add inside Layer Slider please? I can normally do this stuff but for some reason I can’t make this work in the way you are suggesting… eg. adding kerning (letter spacing)

    Could there be something else that’s wrong with the theme vs layer slider communication because ive spent a lot of time on their (LS) forum and nobody else has mentioned such basic problems. I’m happy to admit that this might be an issue at my end but for once im not so sure?

    Wadda ya think?




    Hey there,

    !!!ALL SORTED!!!

    I knew there was a simple answer to this… I just had a basic syntax error by not putting a semicolon at the end. I really believe that if more help pages included an example bit of CSS code instead of just refering to the fact that CSS is possible then I would have halved the amount of questions ive asked.

    Thanks for trying to help anyway. All works and im happy





    Glad it works now :)

    Best regards,


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