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    Hi there – Ive got some basic changes to make for the following…


    1) From the top down – How do I change the color/background of the “phone number” bar?
    2) How do I make the social icons (on the right) larger, manage spacing between each icon and vertical position for the whole lot
    3) How do i INDIVIDUALY remove the white horizontal lines. For the one below the “phone number” and the one just beneath my logo
    4) How do I change the color/background of the bar/strip beneath my logo. This is the navigation bar
    5) How do I color each of the buttons within the nav as well as change the vertical white lines between each nav button



    Hey andypeck!

    1.) Add the following on the Quick CSS field or custom.css:

    #header_meta {
    background: red;


    #top .social_bookmarks li a {
    width: 40px;
    line-height: 42px;
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0;
    min-height: 40px;
    font-size: 20px;


    #header_main_alternate, #avia-menu {
    background: red;

    4.) You can inspect each menu item then look for the menu list id:

    #menu-item-755 a {
    background: blue;
    border-right: 1px solid green;
    border-left: 1px solid yellow;
    border-top: none;



    Hi there,

    Just tried these and the only ones that seem to work are the change in size of the social links and an overall red nav bar which isnt even an individual buton but seems to be most of the center instead.

    I cant get rid of white ruler lines (Horizontal & Vertical) and none of the background color changes do anything. I’ve also added !important too just to make sure im giving it priority.

    Here’s a clipular snapshot of what’s happening:

    https://storage.googleapis.com/clipular-clips/5811069/5124135428554752?GoogleAccessI (Email address hidden if logged out) &Expires=1381037315&Signature=5DXTkzrFq8zxMB%2F%2FwC3EqB9TGHDKCi3MvHwM1Nfc305SE5rOkybwaVW0%2FM0D0POLJe8BCsykA9BiY%2FLfQKdt6nWg3rOVgTLK7zbE6Jhx0uHoWgSLWiNmXuUUXiZlzy14DJZPEo9R6h4c2ZxlYyvZTdbsVhy7T%2B1GTi%2BbnRnSPvU%3D&md5=2e222adcb4dbf37fa5aaaa74380e11b6

    and heres a very crude mock-up of the areas im trying to affect:

    https://storage.googleapis.com/clipular-clips/5811069/6738630814990336?GoogleAccessI (Email address hidden if logged out) &Expires=1381038493&Signature=W8GUVQMzBSjxm8wEcABcZef6wh0BSs3BD%2FVVpyHanWyLDQraKsyNOEfp5eAyA%2FPehakDRQjTUie1KryjIxqUENIdSef4ypRRq%2BH7XIhAYzLHm%2BB%2B0tOLX7AXw%2FXMUQQt3m8QY5uDl8BLkCAgD6F0A5I%2F9CGsSURnqj524IJAtz4%3D&md5=c71d04f19a526a6fd47649912b36d1c4




    We’ll need to see the site live to see whats going on.

    In general, you can follow the steps in this video to modify individual elements within any WordPress theme:


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